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Bilateral Congenital Ptosis Repair

I was born with ptosis or 'droopy eyelids' and was made fun of my entire life, which hugely impacted my self esteem and sense of self. I never imagined that I could 'fix' this problem, but after seeing cosmetic surgery procedures on TV, I started researching eye-lift surgery. I posted a question... READ MORE

Can Eyelid Surgery Help Me? - Helsinki, FI

Hi. I use eyelid tape on my eyes to achieve a higher fold on my eye. I think it makes a huge difference and i don't really leave our house without it because i really hate them without the tape. But the tape makes my eyelid dry, and it is really time consuming to apply. I'm considerin some kind... READ MORE

Finally Getting Rid of my Bags! - Toronto, ON

I finally decided to do something about my heavy eyelids. I have had these all my life thanks to my dad and they are getting worse as I age. I have been getting botox on my forehead above my brows to give me a bit of a lift but was getting tired of paying for that. I researched many PS thanks to... READ MORE

61 year old former Medical Assistant and Fashion Model

As I aged my upper eyelids got very heavy. I noticed that my peripheral vision was becoming bad . I saw the eye doctor and they did a visual field test . I failed that. Next I went to a plastic surgeon . She told me blepharoplasty would help that. The insurance covered the upper eye surgery. I... READ MORE

A Bit Scared but Hopeful. Glasgow, GB

After being unhappy with my hooded eyelids for the last 3 years, I have had a consultation for upper eyelid surgery in Harley Street. I was happy with the surgeon I saw and made sure I asked all the questions I needed answering. My procedure is booked in January and although a big part of me... READ MORE

Incredible Results with Dr. Guy Massry, Beverly Hills, CA!!

Superb job, extremely skilled and knowledgeable Doctor! Reconstructive eyelid surgery was a success! I have lived with permanent Bells Palsy from the age of 4. I am now in my 40's and in the past few years my eye had begun to suffer from excessive exposure and dryness. I lived with constant eye... READ MORE

So Happy with my Lower Bleph and Endoscopic Brow Lift! - Toronto, ON

I'm sure like most people, the thought of facial surgery terrified me; it's the last place you want any type of error and after reading through people's horror stories I was determined to find the best doctor to perform my surgeries. I researched for months, asked around, researched some more,... READ MORE

38 Years Old Upper Eyelid Surgery and Closed Rhinoplasty

I'm 38 years old and what they call a bruiser.I have had hooded eyes my entire life and a slight bump on my nose. I figured rather than wait ten years for the eyelids to get really bad I would do everything together. I toyed with the idea of doing lip filers at the same time but I thought it... READ MORE

Hereditary Under Eye Bags and Droopy Lid Fix

I have had droopy right eyelid all my life that I didn't like because most pics, I would look sleepy, or blinky, or high, lol...But as much surgery as I have had, I was really afraid to screw with my face and never really considered fixing it. Until the last few years when the eye bags under the... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Surgery

I had noticed my eyes were feeling very heavy to the point that as the day went on I felt like they were closing and my vision was being effected. Once I decided to have surgery I began to look online and ask friends who had either had surgery or were in the medical profession for information... READ MORE

Fixed my botched eyes perfectly

I've already put a review up . The most adorable highly skilled surgeon . Totally amazed with my results I'm back in front of the camera modelling . After my eyes where corrected by Sabrina . After my first awful result with a diffrent doctor I recommend strongly Sabrina xx READ MORE

Revision Upper Eyelid Repair SUCCESS! - Chicago, IL

Dr. Geroulis far exceeded my expectations in revision upper eyelid repair surgery, done by an occuloplastic surgeon years ago. The original surgeon had left me with asymmetry, a lot of scar tissue, extra skin, and fat that should have been removed. It also appeared one eye didn't close all the... READ MORE

22 years old, Upper Eye Lid surgery

I finally booked appointment for my surgery! After so many researches i decide to contact Formè Clinic in Prague. I sent pictures to doctor Vasek, and he give me his opinion about procedures do be done. He reccomended: Face and neck lift + Upper eyelids blepharoplastic + Liposuction of cheeks ... READ MORE

Bleph+ Laser+Fat Injections: Much Tougher Recovery Than Expected Age 50

I have very mixed feelings. The first three days were awful. I couldn't do anything but lie on the couch, doze and try to follow the recommendations. It's day 14 and I couldn't go to work today. Had to work from home. I am still bruised and puffy (don't care about that). The bruises are uneven.... READ MORE

Upper Blepharaplasty - Cincinnati, OH

I had a Consultation with Dr Mandell-Brown for upper eye blepharaplasty. It went great! The staff were friendly and Dr Mandell-brown made me feel really comfortable. I scheduled my appointment for January 4th 2016. I'm very excited to have this procedure done! I will keep this review updated... READ MORE

Upper Blepharoplasty

The Upper Eye Lift procedure was easier than expected. After the doctor numbed my lids with Lidocaine, I felt nothing throughout. Later in the day after the procedure I took 2 Tylenol with no oral meds since. I iced my eyelids regularly during the first 48 hours. Swelling has gone down daily... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery. Love the Results! -Layton, UT

I went to Dr. Thompson for Eyelid surgery, I am 50 years of age :) and was already seeing droopiness in my eyelids, so I decided to treat myself to a birthday eye lift. Heavy eyelids seem to be in my family. I was not happy with the way my eyes were looking anymore, I just felt like I always... READ MORE

58 Year Old Saggy Eyelids. Wheelchair Bound

I've been going on to my husband about having my eyes done for years the price here in U.K. always a hurdle so done research and Low Cosmetic Surgery came up never looked back excellent from start to finish.Thoroughly recommend and would not hesitate going back for any future cosmetic surgery... READ MORE

So Far So Good - Tucson, AZ

I have had hooded eye lids that just kept getting worse. Over the last year they got so bad (for me) that I started looking into options. It is only Day 9 but I am happy so far! Cant wait to see my final results. I still have more than usual swelling because I caught a cold a few days ago so... READ MORE

52 Years Old and Always Had Extra Skin Never Thought I Would Do Anything About It Tho.

I went in to find out about a TT. Then how to get rid of skin on my eyes. The time and price was perfect for me so I scheduled it and paid 30% so I would not back out!! Lol my eyes are a bit dry right now but everything looks very even. Right eye is a little tight but was told that is normal.... READ MORE

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