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Ear lobe surgery! No more stretched ears!

I went in today to get both my ear lobes done. I used to stretch my ears and went up to 00g before I accidentally blew them out and I just let them heal and never put plugs in again. The result of that was shrieked down holes but ones that will never return to normal to wear earrings. I left... READ MORE

Great experience

I had a very positive experience with Dr G and his entire staff. Everyone was very friendly and professional. They made me feel very comfortable and explained everything. Very clean and beautiful office, short wait time. I had an earlobe repaired. It has healed so nicely, you can barely tell it... READ MORE

Earlobe Reduction Surgery in Bangkok, Thailand

I came to Thailand with the intentions on having Rhinoplasty and/or earlobe reduction surgery. Held off on the nose part. Why Thailand? I'm from the United States, but living overseas temorarily; I was going to wait to have it done in the USA, but I rather knock it out while I have the the... READ MORE

10 Years After Stretching Earlobes - Finally Getting Them Fixed! - Plano, TX

Made an appointment a few months ago for just a consultation and it was finally the day! Got to the office a little early and was so excited. Was checked into a room where they brought me a binder with many before and after photos of ear surgeries. Not to long after Dr. Friedman was in the room... READ MORE

32 Yo with 3/4" Earlobes, Had a Consult with Dr. Andrews

The date isn't set for November because I want to wait until after summer due to planned float trips/boating (we live on the Mississippi). Also, I am not having surgery because I regret stretching my earlobes. I've just lived with them for almost 15 yrs and I want something new. I wanted to wear... READ MORE

Made my stretched ears beautiful again!

My experience with Dr. Parikh has been great. My ears were stretched to nearly 2" and I was able to naturally shrink them down to about an inch on my own. I didn't expect to have totally normal lobes after surgery, because i've never seen anyone with such big ears have normal lobes after surgery... READ MORE

Amazing Experience

Dr Joshua lampert has reconstructed my ear lobes. Dr lampert & his staff have been so amazing with me I'm so grateful for his work and his dedication. Highly recommend dr lampert he cares about his patients. READ MORE

WOW! That was easy :)

Thank you Dr. Wood and team at Davis and Pyle for making my procedure a breeze! The staff is extremely welcoming, professional, and personable. So happy with my decision to do the bilateral earlobe repair at the one and only D&P. I would highly recommend this office and Dr. Wood. READ MORE

20 Year Old, Stretched Ears Up to 1 and 1/8 Inch - Puerto Rico, PR

I started stretching my ears at the age of 14 and ended at 1 and 1/8 inch. I downsized to 3/4" after having to take them out for a week in the hospital and eventually just got tired of them and decided to let my earlobes close up as much as they could. I was finally able to save up the money to... READ MORE

Earlobe Reduction - Australia, AU

Saggy earlobes no more.... only got the after pic, were very droopy before (like my mum's except she is 86 and i'm only 55). From wearing ear rings when younger, big crease in the middle. Can get them repierced at some point but I like them now and my 16yo son told me AFTER that i look really... READ MORE

Bilateral Earlobe Repair and Repiercing - Knoxville, TN

In addition to his calming manner, Dr. Smith has excellent clinical skills. He completed four residencies in order to fully prepare for his current practice. The surgery was pleasant, and I had no pain whatsoever. I appreciated the nurse's presence. She contributed to the calm environment. The... READ MORE


My earlobes were stretched to an inch and I never thought they would look normal again. I was wrong! Dr. Pearson did an AMAZING job; there is hardly a scar and it’s practically unnoticeable. When I tell people my ears were once gauged, some don’t believe me because they look like they’re suppo... READ MORE

Woman Who Likes Using Big Earring Much Needed Ear Lobe Repair - New York, NY

Easy fast procedure, no pain and no down time and it was done under local anesthesia. To me the recovery process was very easy and I didn't experience any pain, which was great because I hate to be in pain. I saw my doctor today I will be able to re pierced my ears in three wait, I can't wait!!!!!!! READ MORE

Had my Earring Ripped out by Playground Bullies. 15 Years Later It Got Repaired - Houston, TX

My earlobe was torn in a fight. I was very bullied at school so my earrings were an easy target. I was wearing small silver hoops that day. And out it came with a yank. I remember my aunt putting peroxide on my ear and using butterfly stitches to glue to back together. It never healed right and... READ MORE

Got my Self-esteem Back! - Santa Barbara, CA

I chose Dr. Mackenzie to perform an earlobe surgery to correct a deformity I was born with. It bothered me for my entire life and I obsessively kept it covered for over 20 years. Dr M did 2 procedures to get the shape looking like a normal ear. I am SO happy. If I ever consider any other... READ MORE

Need to Get my Unsightly Torn Earlobe Repaired - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I came across Bella Vou clinic via a Google search for split earlobe repair surgery. I called the clinic and spoke to Stevie the receptionist who was friendly and efficient. I made an appointment and all the information I needed was promptly emailed to me. On the day of the procedure, from... READ MORE

Best Experience Ever! - Newport Beach, CA

After saving up enough money to fix my ears, I called around to many different surgeons and asked about pricing as well as when I could be scheduled. I, like many others, was trying to find the best deal around as well as something I didn't have to wait forever to get taken care of. After... READ MORE

Bilateral Earlobe Reduction - Seattle, WA

In office procedure, quick and painless. Day of and the swelling has diminished significantly/almost completely gone in right ear. My left ear is slightly more swollen, but that's due to the fact my left earlobe was slightly larger than the right one. Both Dr. Sattler and Ms. Cooper made sure I... READ MORE

No More Holes from Gauges - Plano, TX

Dr. Ho did an excellent job repairing my ear lobes! I had 2 inch gauges/plugs for 4 years and finally decided it was time to sew them up. After a lot of research, I found Dr. Ho, and he literally couldn't have done a better job! I had a blowout in both ears, and he fixed them no problem! They... READ MORE

Best Decision - Nashville, TN

I've had my plugs for 15 years an have been an inch for a long time. I was ready for a change and really nervous. I called around to so many places all over the city and the first thing that sold me was how amazing and nice and helpful the staff was. I scheduled. Best decision ever. Great bed... READ MORE

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