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The mid-face lift or cheek lift is a surgical procedure that corrects under-eye puffiness, indentations of the upper cheek, and prominent nasal folds. LEARN MORE ›

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Dr. Taylor and her team were great to work with. The procedure went smoothly and the recovery has been easy. I am very pleased with the results. I knew what to expect going in because Dr. Taylor and her staff spending the time with me to go over the procedure and to answer any and all of my... READ MORE

I was not sure what I needed to have done but knew I wanted to look like I had had a good night sleep and not over done. I have been able to achieve this with my selection of Dr and his approach. I have had both botox and fillers in my cheek and jaw line and no one has noticed I have had... READ MORE

I am so happy with my results from my facelift with Dr. Christopher Cote! I again have a young, vibrant looking face! My wrinkles are gone and I just love how fresh and young I look and feel. I was frightened to have this done but my worries were quickly put to rest with Dr. Cote and his staff.... READ MORE

The left side of my face looks fuller and younger. However, the right side was not lifted properly. Reason for operation: to look younger and less tired. I had a midface lift about four months ago. After four month, the muscle besides the right side of my nose are swollen and tender.... READ MORE

After a number of life changes including a new job, I was unhappy with how old and tired my face looked. I decided to go for a consultation to see what could be done to rejuvenate my looks and was very pleased to learn about the various procedures available to address my concerns. The initial... READ MORE

I am beyond pleased with the result. I cannot recommend Dr. Richards enough. He is the best cheek lift surgeon I know of. That is why I can't understand how his prices are so reasonable considering the expensive DC MD VA location. He is the cheek lift expert on the East Coast. The result is... READ MORE

Oldest woman in the medical group, needing to look how I feel, not my age, had Fat transfer to chin, cheeks, lower lids; chin and neck lift; blepharoplasty to upper lids. Fat removed from axilla, upper abdomen and love handles- in other words, my doctor did body sculpting while obtaining the... READ MORE

I've had a number of operations over the years, but my recent experience with Dr. V was by far the best. The surgery went very well. It was an in-office procedure and she was able to just use local anesthetic as I had asked. I had a similar procedure performed by another surgeon some years ago.... READ MORE

I can't remember how much the procedure, by itself cost. I paid for four at once, which totaled $18,500.00 Cheek lift moving my own facial fat back up is even and seems to have stuck, but it also resulted in bigger cheeks than I had naturally even as a young woman. I don't like it... READ MORE

I was amzed after we talked exstensively about my facial scaring.. I did the cheek lift and ..I was amazed. I am so happy .my skin is smoother and the scarring is realistially much smaller.. I am so happy at age 51 you can imagine how good I finally feel :) . READ MORE

I'd been considering this treatment for some time and had in fact been to two other consultations in the past, however it never quite felt right. The procedure has been a great success and has given me back a lot of lost confidence. READ MORE

My results are fantastic and my cheeks have stayed. 16 years have gone by, and I just need a little neck tightening. Those of you trying to get a shortcut midface lift at a discount price will get what you pay for. READ MORE

Dr. Chatham performed a cheek lift/implant for me several years ago and I was then, and remain, delighted with the results of that procedure as well as with others I have had before and since. I have been a patient of Dr. Chatham's for years, and have been especially satisfied the past two years... READ MORE

I hope this will help anyone who might be interested in having an Endotine Midface Lift. I had my lift in April 2007 in Santa Barbara California in my early 40s. My cheeks descended with age and though I was relatively young, I had deep tear troughs, prominent nasolabial folds, flat cheeks and... READ MORE

I have lost weight and now I am in pretty good shape ,I want my face to reflect my body ,so far I have been to two Dr one says cheek implant with a liitle bit of fat reduction ultra sonic and standard liposuction on neck and face , and the other recommends refresher lift , genioplasty w neck... READ MORE

Ever since I was in my 20s, I have had a sag in my cheek area. After I had kids and put on some weight, it got even worse. My lower eyelids looked droopy and tired, I developed bulldog jowls, and that little fold between my cheek and nose got substantially worse. Well, I thought I needed fat... READ MORE

Beyond my first surgery which was upper eyelids, I've had a string cheek lift and ebrium laser resurfacing. I wanted to look as good on the outside as I feel on he inside. The cheek lift is minimally invasive and done through the mouth. It's amazing with no down time. There was no... READ MORE

Along with the cheek lift, I had eyelid surgery. I am in my 60's and felt like my face was drooping. READ MORE

I have sagging cheeks and didnt want to have a facelift yet at a young age. The procedure was under sedation little pain but not extreme. Pros: great alternative if you dont want surgery yet. Says it lasts around 3+ years (I'm in my 5th and although it sagged a bit it's not as it... READ MORE

I decided to go for the mid-face lift because I had deep nasolabial lines around my nose. The surgeon explained that he would do an endoscopic lift through the brow, which would gently lift the cheeks up and leave approximately 1" scars on my head. What I actually got were 8" scars... READ MORE

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How much does a Cheek Lift cost?

The typical cost for a Cheek Lift ranges from $750-$12,000 with an average cost of $6,550. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 48 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more