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54 Year Old Ironman. - Mount Airy, MD

The chin lift was painless and convenient. The procedure was performed in the office under local anesthesia. I got to watch Netflix during the procedure. We took a break after one cheek was finished. I had Instant results. Did not see any blood. The magority of the stitches were hidden behind... READ MORE

Natural results. Excellent experience after multiple procedures - Beverly Hills, CA

Fantastic experience overall. I came to Dr Moelleken after a friend (who had a 360 Facelift 4 years ago) highly recommended him. I really could not afford to make a bad choice of surgeon because of some previous surgery that went horribly wrong and has taken 2 years of waiting to get fixed.... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Face - Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Vallecillos did an outstanding job by correcting my face asymmetry. Naturally my cheeks are totally different from each other and he used fillers to correct it. It looks natural and "perfect". My close friends were amazed at how good it looks. He also has the best bedside manners. He called... READ MORE

Worth It! - Seattle, WA

He really takes the time to listen to what you want at the consultations. I highly recommend him! He is the one and only Doctor that was able to meet my expectations. Thank you! His staff was extremely helpful and very friendly. They went over everything you need to know and then some! This... READ MORE

Dr. Shapiro is Not Only an Amazing Doctor He is an Artist - Paradise Valley, AZ

My dermatologist previously referred me to Dr. Shapiro, but since I have used his services. This was an additional visit where I had a bilateral cheek lift. It is obvious that Dr. Shapiro is an artist. He knows and explains exactly what you need to have done. He is brilliant and I highly... READ MORE

Seeing my Age - Windham, NH

The filler in my cheeks and tear duct I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. I was afraid of bruising when I got my tear duct done but the procedure was done in such a delicate way I had NO bruising it also helped with my dark circles and smoothed out my fine lines. I just wish the five... READ MORE

Revision of Peevious Procedure - Fayetteville, AR

This is my first time writing a review for a doctor. I felt I needed to let people out there know what a great doctor I found in Dr. Robert Taylor (plastic surgeon) of Fayetteville, Arkansas. I went to Dr. Taylor cause I had a previous procedure out of state of a cheek lift that produced... READ MORE

39 Year Old Sun Lover, Elementary School Teacher, and Mom - Kansas City, KS

My motivation has been people asking me what's wrong because they always thought I looked mad. As a teacher and mom, children can be very real critics. Also each day when I applied my makeup I noticed new lines. It was time to refresh my look before turning 40. I am very happy with the results... READ MORE

fully ablative laser | fat transfer to face | upper body lipo | revisional cheek lift - Beverly Hills, CA

MY REVIEW - ( P.S. I am getting all the pics together, hang in there they ARE coming shortly, but in the meantime, read the review, it's very telling). You can call me super paranoid. I must have read every single bad review of fat transfer and lasers that exists on real self. I went deep, I... READ MORE

D.Jeanette Graf is the One and Only! - Chelsea, NY

Dr Jeanette graf THE BEST dermatologist/injecter ever! I felt like my face was getting saggy and loosing the volume on my cheeks until dr.graf injected me with Voluma and gave me great looking cheeks . I absolutely love it and besides the amazing job she is super nice and great energy and smile... READ MORE

Suture Cheek Lift with Fat Transfer. Edison, NJ

At the age of 57 I was bothered by hollows under my eyes and worsening lines from my cheeks to my mouth. I felt like my cheeks had fallen down! I was afraid of having any serious surgery done as I have an older sister who almost died after a facelift. I read about Silouette suture cheek lifts... READ MORE

Deflated Cheeks and Under Eye Dark Circles. Miami, FL

My under eye dark circles got worse after two pregnancies. Tired of people telling me I looked worn out. I have had some bone loss which has caused my cheeks to deflate slightly. He injected me with a HA filler under my eyes and Radius to my cheeks. I look well rested and natural. Excellent... READ MORE

Worst Cheek Lift Ever - Houston, TX

I had Juvadrm filler by Caroline and Dr loys on my cheeks , and I end of one side bigger than the other side :( I was depressed for a full year , I never ever think to there agane :((((((((((((( I spend $2000 for depression:((( so sad , very sad ....... And I had botux on my forhed with Caroline... READ MORE

26 Years Old, a Fall While Ice Skating, Collapsed Cheekbone and Factured Orbital Socket - San Antonio, TX

I found Dr. Barrera to be the best facial plastic surgeon I could possibly hope for. He compassionately took time to explain how he would fix my injuries. He patiently took the time to allow me to ask questions and understand the procedure. During the surgery his staff kept my family informed... READ MORE

Certainly NOT Worth It at 4 Weeks Postop! (Endoscopic Cheek & Brow Lift) - Pennsylvania

I scream "bad plastic surgery" -- even though a well-respected, highly experienced surgeon performed my procedure. I look severe, contorted, and asymmetric everywhere. My mouth and nose are now crooked as well (even though I did not have a lower facelift). I've lost most of my vision in my left... READ MORE

53 Yrs. I Had Terrible Bags... I Desperately Needed a Bleproplasy and Cheeklift.. - Spokane, WA

It was a no brainier for me to know what I need to do! Every time I looked in the mirror I would just cry, my bags under my eyes were so bad I would avoid going out in public whenever I could... I looked up Plactic Surgeons, Dr. wheeler stood as the best! My first impression of Dr. Wheeler was... READ MORE

42 Yr Old, 2 Kids & Wanted to Improve the Drawn Look of my Face - Livingston, NJ

I absolutely love it & Dr. Karolak did amazing job. I didn't have any discomfort or pain. I was a little swollen for a few days but once it settled I was extremely pleased with the results. I didn't tell my husband when I was getting it done and he didn't even notice I had anything done. He just... READ MORE

Michael Angelo of the Scalpel. Delmont, PA

I went to dr johns in oct who gave me a FT under eyes after i had a terrible lower lid bleph from a different ocular plastic surgeon in pgh. i was very pleased 99.99% with the FT but still i had alittle issue, that only i could see. after looking at a pic from 10 yrs ago he gave me a cheeklift... READ MORE

66 Yrs and "Aging Gracefully and Thankfully" - Newport Beach, CA

Thanks to good genes, I've always looked 10 yrs younger than my real age. Still, at 66 yrs, there was some loose skin around my mouth and neck area. I never thought I would ever be bothered by the signs of aging, but I didn't like it. Do you? I don't know how you are 'supposed' to feel at... READ MORE

Cheeks - Sugar Land, TX

I don't like the outcome at all. Overall mediocre results....they claim this guy to be a "body artist", personally....I don't see it. Surprised there are not more negative reviews. I wish I didn't found out about this place cause there are hundreds of more plastic surgeons in the Houston area. I... READ MORE

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