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Cellulite is caused by fat pockets protruding between layers of connective tissue beneath the skin. Treatment is challenging, but new technology, like Cellfina, holds promise. LEARN MORE ›

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Verju - 1st visit was given a protein to drink each day. About 3rd treatment I used a vibration plate after treatment for about 5 minutes in the office.also received a massage after one visit. After 9 treatments did not see any results, some weight loss but I had changed my diet and joined... READ MORE

I am pleased to report my results of a remarkable improvement with very little discomfort or downtime. If you have cellulite, this treatment is definitely worth considering. It really does make a difference. I experienced only minor discomfort for a few hours after the procedure and only had... READ MORE

Hi, I have significant cellulite on my thighs and buttock area and I am wanting to do treatments to reduce it greatly. I am a healthy weight of 57kg and feel I don't need liposuction. However something to treat the cellulite will be great. I have been reading about Cellulaze but I can't find... READ MORE

So let me tell everyone about these treatments that I recently have been having to minimize my cellilute on my legs. First though I want to tell you a little about my background. I have two kids and let us just say that since my first my body has changed completely and then I started to notice... READ MORE

I am in love with Dr. Muecke!! My life has changed due to my eye lift. I have so many of my friends comment on the fresh new look, and I look and feel so much younger. I have added Smooth Shape treatments to help my fat on my stomach and thighs. I already see a difference. I have switched to... READ MORE

I did a treatment of Ionithermie last night for the first time. I went to a spa in Boonton, NJ. Overall, I wasn't sure what to expect, but from the research I have done I was hopeful. They were very nice and considering the fact that you are pretty much naked, they were very respectful. The tech... READ MORE

Dr. C used a new cellulite treatment on my butt and thighs. I have struggled with cellulite forever!! It was done in his office under a local anesthetic. I was awake the entire time. I have tried multiple things including liposuction with another doctor. My experience with Dr. C was totally... READ MORE

I searched for alternative cellulite treatment methods/plans for hours the other night as i was becoming frustrated with expensive and worthless procedures that i have meticulously reviewed on multiple sites. Reading the testimonials of women pushing themselves beyond cost/nervewreck borderlines... READ MORE

Today was my first treatment. The precedure itself went quick, only about 10-15 min. It is somewhat painful, but definitely tolerable. It's 3 hours later, I'm fine, no pain and my skin feels smooth. My next treatment is in two days. I'm getting 8 treatments on my posterior thighs. I was giving... READ MORE

Just went for my follow up after having Dr. Cappuccinos SURE cellulite procedure and wow what dramatic results I have. It has reduced or removed deep cellulite that has been an insecurity for years. Finally I can wear shorts that are not just Bermuda shorts again. Thanks Dr. C for bringing my... READ MORE

I have had liposuction and have always suffered with cellulite until now. Dr. Lorenc is doing a new procedure called Celluyte and after the procedure I was sore but went back to work the next day. I am so happy with the results, the area that was treated is smooth and no dimples. I would... READ MORE

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Katz in February for a cellular consult and treatment. I always worked out and did everything I could to get rid of my cellulite that I have on the side of my thighs. Once I found out about cellulaze I was ecstatic and wanted the treatment done. My experience... READ MORE

I've been using Dermarollers for a while and have seen great improvement in my skin but not in the cellulite department. So I want to try out this new ProBody device and see what happens. If I see any sort of noticeable improvement I might just step up to getting professional treatment as well.... READ MORE

I had a liposuction in the past which left me with ugly looking localized fat in the buns and lots of cellulite. I dod not want to have surgery again and since I am thin otherwise I thought of trying the fat-melting injections. Doctor suggested 5 sessions and I've had 4 and I am very happy with... READ MORE

I am 36 years old, 5'-1"and 128 lbs. I exercise but I have cellulite. I went to a consultation, then I gave them the money. They wanted all the money first. After I gave them the money, they cancelled appointments, and treated me different, didn't care about me.They were to busy to see me. I had... READ MORE

I had 8 treatments on my thighs. I was told at the consultation that I would have excellent results. Unfortunately, I did not see any change. I am not sure if any of the pictures that they advertised are the same people. I exercised and drank an increase in water as suggested but it was a... READ MORE

I had 11 treatments on my stomach. Each time they would heat up my lip nodes at the top of my thighs, it burned so bad. Then the treatments would send shock thru my body. I also had hot spots in my tummy. I did everything they told me to do. It was such a waste of money. They will not give your... READ MORE

My husband and I both tried this treatment on different areas of our body. We are both in our 20s and we are healthy and active people. We had a couple special occasions coming up and both felt like we wanted to look our best, even though we were already workout all the time. I wanted them... READ MORE

I have been undergoing cellulite treatment through Zerona technology for almost 2 months. It’s an amazing experience and I am quite happy with the results. Like most of us, I am a perfectionist, so I chose to extend the initial treatment, to reach that perfect 10 so coveted by everybody... READ MORE

I've had 11 endermologie sessions so far. Toning improved. Celullite minor improvement. Have lost 1 inch around my hips and 1/2 inch around my waist. I'm 5'5", 115 lbs so even though these are small reductions they are significant for someone my size. I've been drinking a... READ MORE

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How much does Cellulite Treatment cost?

The typical cost for Cellulite Treatment ranges from $750-$4,700 with an average cost of $1,350. Costs will vary by surgeon, geographic region and the complexity of the procedure. Cost estimates are based on 38 patient reviews submitted on RealSelf. Learn more