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Cellulite is caused by fat pockets protruding between layers of connective tissue beneath the skin. Treatment is challenging, but new technology, like Cellfina, holds promise. LEARN MORE ›

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Dimple Reduction on my Butt from BodyFX!

So I'm fairly young (25 years old) and noticed a couple years ago that I started developing a dimple on one of my butt cheeks. I was freaked right out because I figured this would gradually get worse and eventually lead to some bad cellulite. I figured it's better to prevent than reverse.... READ MORE

Anti-Cellulite Leggings Challenge - California City, CA

Like most women, I've always suffered with cellulite, but never really wanted to spent a lot of money with treatments. I've seen a few reviews here about the Crystal Smooth leggings and thought the price was reasonable, so decided to try. I received the delivery yesterday and I plan to wear it... READ MORE

Drybrushing Followed by Oil and Retinol

I am incorporating drybrushing into my daily routine to increase skin thickness and improve the appearance of cellulite. So far it's so worth it. Just be realistic. 1 am 45 with a history of big weight swings. One week results: 1. I brush in the morning and follow with a good application of... READ MORE

BodyFX - First Reaction and Before Pictures - Toronto, ON

Like many, I debated on whether I wanted to try yet another cellulite treatment. I had Cellupulse done and really didn't see much difference. Last night I had my first BodyFX treatment. I was told that I won't see anything really until after the 3rd treatment so this picture below was from... READ MORE

Macom Crystal Smooth Anti Cellulite Leggings. Bryan, TX

I just received my first pair of Macom Crystal Smooth Anti Cellulite leggings today. I am a 5'4", 130 lb, 44 year old woman and I have had cellulite since high school on my butt and thighs. I HATE it! I work out 4 - 6 days a week including cross fit, boot camp, running, yoga and weight lifting... READ MORE

Macom Crystal Smooth Leggings. Boston, MA

Well, I finally received my leggings today. It took a while to be shipped to the US and was an extra $60 for shipping. I hope I'm not a sucker. I've tried mesotherapy which was so damn painful and expensive and not worth it. I tried another laser therapy TriActive. It was temporary and I had... READ MORE

Anti Cellulite Leggings That Really Works!!! - London, GB

I have tried many treatments for my cellulite, like velashape and combined with lustra and achieved good result at the time of having the treatments but found that the cellulite ALWAYS come back after a few months.. So a lot of money and time spent on something which is temporary. During my last... READ MORE

Cellulite MIRACLE

I have been using the Macom Crystal Smooth leggings now for about a month and I am absolutely gobsmacked at the improvements that it has already produced. I really don't understand how they work so well but I'm not going to question it :) Has anyone else tried the leggings? I have got the... READ MORE

5'4" 106 Lbs, Bad Cellulite on Front of Thighs. - Oakville, ON

I wanted to post my experience here to help others in making a large financial investment into the latest cellulite treatment. I am 47 years old, 5'4" and 106 lbs. Needless to say, I'm fairly thin. In the last 7 years, I've noticed the skin on the front of my thighs getting saggy and... READ MORE

Synergie - Scottsdale, AZ

I am 47 years old, 5' 7" and 153 lbs. with a lot of cellulite. After reading the rave reviews about Synergie I decided to give it a try. It's easy to do. You wear a full body suit and the therapist uses a vacuum massaging machine. She vigorously rubs it all over the hips,... READ MORE

I Saw Instant Results After Only 1 Use of the Galvanic Spa

The galvanic spa really works. The only negative feedback on this device is from people who have not tried it or have little or no knowledge of how it really works. Any nuskin distributor out there will be happy to give you a free demonstration so you can see it for yourself. Of course Doctors... READ MORE

Cellulite Treatment/THERMItight Journal (photos)

I've had Cellulite since I was teenager. Sometimes when I would wear shorts people would ask me how I got that scar on my leg? It was actually a Cellulite indentation. After I had children my cellulite got worse. I finally decided to do something about it. After much research, I chose to go with... READ MORE

Work out Like Crazy but Can't Rid my Abs of the Cellulite - Beverly Hills, CA

I recently had a consultation with Dr. Schwartz about a cellulite treatment for my abdominal area. I am in very good physical shape but my abs are a constant problem area. Dr. Schwartz was so full of information and advice as to what would be needed to get the results I am looking for. I... READ MORE

Body FX Was Very Painful and the Treated Areas Look Worse Now - Denver, CO

In past for cellulite, I’ve done Endermologie and Tri-Active. Tri-Active worked best. However, after I stopped monthly Tri-Active maintenance sessions, the cellulite came right back. These treatments only work if you keep doing them. Body FX is supposed to remove fat permanently. I doubt t... READ MORE

Easy to Trust Doctor - Cambridge, GB

I wasn't very ken on trying any cosmetic treatment but I noticed my cellulite was affecting my confidence and sometimes not letting me enjoy my holidays or my time with my friends or my partner. So I gave it a go and I got what I think amazing results after just 3 sessions. I'm still a little... READ MORE

38 Year Old Mother of 2 - Sugar Land, TX

I went in for the cellulite treatment to my thighs front & back. It was hereditary cellulite. I heard that Dr. Shel's office offered a treatment for the the cellulite. I was a little hesitant because my cellulite was really bad & thought nothing would work for me. After signing up &... READ MORE

A Life Saver - Istanbul, TR

So thankful I found Dr. Bulent! He performed many surgery on me in the past few months and the results are very good Dr. Bulent he is very professional and he was there to answer every single question I had about both procedures. I've been happy about the process thanks to Dr. Bulent, his... READ MORE

Cellulite Removal - London, GB

Please, can someone suggest an effective treatment for cellulite removal in London/ Cambridge Uk? I've tried metho, 3D lipo, radio frequency and dranage , but to be honest was a waste of time and money.. Methotherapy gave me terrible bruises for the whole summer and skin discolouration..... Thanks. READ MORE

30 Year Old, Fit with Cellulite. London, GB

I am 30 year old woman who is incredibly active (Gym 4-5/week). I have always had great muscle tone in my lower half but over the last 3 years have started to notice cellulite on my thighs. I have been wearing CrystalSmooth for the last 2 1/2 weeks and I am over the moon with my results. No more... READ MORE

Crystal Smooth Leggings Macom - London, GB

I've been wearing my crystal smooths for around a month now, everyday to work also under my work uniform/to the gym/at home (every opportunity all day if poss) and I've really noticed a result in my thighs/problem areas. My skin is definately smoother and seems firmer. I love the feeling of them... READ MORE

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