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Hope This Will Be the End of the Chicken Calves (Pre-surgery) - Toronto, ON

Genetically I inherited extremely narrow bone structure on the ankles and lower leg area which makes my calves horrible looking chicken calves. I have over the past years made an effort to compensate for the chicken calves by doing all sorts of calf exercises however even when they would grow if... READ MORE

Woman with Calves Now!!

I had calf implant surgery almost 3 weeks ago and am sooo happy! The surgery recovery was not too painful- even in hospital I only needed basic pain relief. I was advised to wear flat shoes and was able to walk out of hospital. For the first week I rested up as much as possible- walking was ... READ MORE

Finally Doing Something About my Chicken Legs

I've always been embarrassed by my skinny legs. I have a muscular upper body but my calves are very under developed. As a kid, I was teased relentlessly. As an adult, I never wear shorts. At the gym I wear pants even during hot summer days. After reading reviews on RealSelf I decided to... READ MORE

I'm permanently disabled

Dr. Sam Gershenbaum performed calf implant surgery on my right leg on June 4, 2015, due to atrophy resulting from a congenital condition. I suffered severe complications including Compartment Syndrome which is an extraordinarily serious condition. I’m now permanently disabled (no feeling in my l... READ MORE

39 Years Old Calf Implants

I am 39, 5'8" and 220 lbs lean. I have trained my entire life in the gym and my calf genetics were just not comparable to the rest of my body. I have wanted to have this sergury for 15 years but never felt comfortable with a Dr. Until i meant Dr. Beck. I live in LA and researched every doctor in... READ MORE

27-year-old Man Got Calf Implants - Long Beach, CA

I'm a 27-year-old man and I've been hiding my calves with wearing long pants all my life. I feel like I'm the only guy wearing long pants at gym. I worked out my calves a lot but it seemed not working. So I decided to do something. I first searched for fat transfer. Unfortunately, I don't have... READ MORE

Finally Going To Get Those Shapely Legs! - South Africa

After years of hiding my legs in jeans, long dresses and skirts, I've decided to do something about my chicken legs! I've never liked my stick legs for as long as I can remember. I'd even wear wear leg warmers under my jeans and stuff them with socks for girth! Funny thing is I still do! That's... READ MORE

25 Year Old Body Builder

Got around 160cc calf implants in each leg. Looks completely natural. Bigger and wayyy better symmetrical shape of leg. Could not of been happier. I went in for a consultation. He was very nice. He answered all my questions. Took measurements of each leg to make sure he would get the perfect... READ MORE

Calf Implants - Almaty, Kazakhstan

I had my calf implants surgery 18 April' 16 (two calves on each leg). I know it is only fiths day, but I am frustraited by the minimal difference between before and after. They say the final result is only after a few months, but I do not expect any dramatic change between now and future. I will... READ MORE

42 Years Old Male, Calf Augmentation. Vienna, VA

I’m a 42 year old male that’s very physically active. My whole life, my calves were small with no shape. I was always self- conscious about my calves and I never wore shorts. For several years I tried very hard to get my calves to grow with weight training, but I never had positive res... READ MORE

My New Legs :) - Golden Valley, MN

I had skinny legs for my entire life! So glad I found Dr Gervais and his amazing staff! I had two implants done in each leg and a huge self-esteem boost! Recovery time was great, I followed all instructions and used a scar gel religiously. Scars are barely visible if at all, calves have nice... READ MORE

Bodybuilder Double Calf Implants - Toronto, ON

I have been a bodybuilder for 24 years, my calves were not in proportion to my quads and upper body due to genetics, no matter how hard I trained I could not make them any bigger. It prevented me from wearing shorts in public and made me feel very self conscious. After meeting Dr Marc Dupere, I... READ MORE

36 Yr Old Male, Active and Athletic. Minneapolis, MN

I am a mid-30's male who has been on active duty in the military for 17 years. I am physically active and athletic, and my activities include hockey, softball, running, and weight lifting. My entire life, my calves were very small and out of proportion with the rest of my body, to the point... READ MORE

Not Happy and Worried - Georgia

I had my calf impl surgery more than a month. I decided to do because i had a thinner leg and decided to correct the difference. My doctor promised he would be fine and more self-confidence. The postoperative period was very HARD, i have lucky to have my mother and girlfriend to help me! not... READ MORE

Muscular Calves and Toned Abdomen, Thanks to Plastic Surgery -Beverly Hills, CA

I always hated my skinny calves. I work out seriously and routinely and having muscular calves which match the rest of my body was always important to me. I just could not get my calves developed no matter how much I worked out. I started researching about calf enlargement on google and later I... READ MORE

Calf Implants for CMT Muscle Loss - Wilmington, NC

I did a lot of research before making the plunge! The total cost was around $6400!! My calf muscles had wasted away due to the neuromuscular disease CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth.) I did not expect a huge change, but I admit that I was hoping for a more desirable result. There is only a small change.... READ MORE

Never Feel Your to Old to Improve Your Self Image

I was 64 years old when I finally decided to do something about my thin legs which had bothered me for a lifetime. No matter how hard I tried to improve my calf muscles with intense workouts at the gym they simply didn't respond. This a common problem area for a lot of people with genetically... READ MORE

Calf Implants by Dr. Beck - Dallas, TX

As mid 40's male who could NEVER get his calves to grow, I elected to have implants. After much research trying to identify a highly qualified surgeon in Texas for this specialized procedure, all signs pointed to Daniel Beck. It was the best choice I could have made. Im harsh on physicians and... READ MORE

I Am 45 Years Old Sales Professional

Doctor Widder made me feel comfortable and the results are very impressive. This is who you should choose . Dr. Widder was available before and after my procedure and was very caring and even called the day I got home and the next day to make sure I was doing well. Just EXCELLENT . My... READ MORE

Life Changing Calf Implants - 33 Year Old Male

I am an athletic, 33 year old male who loves to play sports and work out. My entire life I struggled to build my calf muscles no matter how hard I tried and no matter which fitness program I was on. It made me very insecure to wear shorts in the Summer because my legs were never proportioned to... READ MORE

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