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Butt augmentation refers to any procedure that increases size or restores volume to the behind. These procedures include implants and the Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person's own fat to enhance the buttocks. LEARN MORE ›

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Bbl with Yily Scheduled for 2/25/16. Dominican Republic, DO

So I did this so list min . I called today and got the quote , booked and scheduled. I am going to start taking my vitamins today . I scheduled my blood with my regular doctor today you was totally against me going lol . I hoping all goes well. I will keep you all close through this journey . I... READ MORE

Single Mom of Three, Ready for Change!!!!!! Atlanta, GA

I am a single 30 years old mom of three. I have always wanted to enhance my butt and hips.i live in Atlanta GA. I have always felt some type of way about my body. And now I wanna do something to make me feel good about myself. am still looking for the right doctor to do the procedure. Also I... READ MORE

*Beware* of Mr. Wiener Buttock Implants. Chicago, IL

I was self conscious about my body, especially after having 3 kids. I met with Dr. Gregory Wiener and he explained to me what I needed done. A breast lift with implants and a tear drop oval buttock implants. I wanted the round buttock implant because it felt more softer and the oval ones was... READ MORE

33, Beautifully Complexed - Houston, TX

Want to be confident, comfortable, happy about the woman i see in the mirror. Not married yet but i want to be his trophy wife. Want to turn heads when i walk into the room, want to be the show stopper. For once in my life i want to be truly happy with my body, not for vanity, but for confidence... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old. 4 Kids . Time to Do Something for Myself!! - Miami, FL

I have been researching bbl's since 2014.... Havent had the courage to just do it..... BUT after having my 4th baby.... Im ready now! I started with Dr. Jimmerson to Cortez, to Fisher, then Duran, then Cabral. Back to Fisher, then Hasan and FINALLY WITH DR. OSAK smh!! This journey is REAL!! :) I... READ MORE

34-year-old Wanting Fuller Butt Volume - Raleigh, NC

The surgery was a lot easier to come back from than expected. I went to walmart the evening of the surgery and was out and about. Only complication is trying to sit comfortably on your side for the first two weeks. There was a small discomfort but nothing unbearable. I am happier than expected... READ MORE

Butt Augumentation - Sunset, LA

Uneven butt cheecks. The left one is lower than the other about a cm. This is 6 months post surgery and I am unhappy with my results. Not only are they uneven and too small, but I can feel the implants. There is no pain. This is embarrassing for me because I am often In my bikini. How do I fix this? READ MORE

3days Post Op - Beverly Hills, CA

I got 1200cc in each butt cheek my start weight was 150pounds I'm not for sure how much I weigh now.... my swelling is going down I'm starting to see more of my shape that dr. Hazani has made and I'm loving it ... but I'm still pretty sore .. one question ladies what's an easy way to put on a... READ MORE

Team Stanton: Butt Implants W/ Flank Lipo - 5'4 140 Lb. Beverly Hills, CA

Surgery booked, flight purchased, looking for a hotel or recovery center... Undecided on what pillow to buy for flight: bbl pillow, booty buddy pillow, or what??? My flight is 5 hrs... Also any advice on essential items I will need? I am flying alone and I am terrified. Any recommendations to... READ MORE

28, 2 Kids, Ready for a New Me....

So, I am new to real self and this would be my first post. I am soon to have my procedure November 14 with Dr Valls, and I was wondering has anyone else had work done with him and how was it because I can't find any reviews or photos of his work. The day is almost here and I am getting a little... READ MORE

32 W/one Child Needing to Feel and Look Good - New York, NY

So I've been wanting to do liposuction for a long time but was always afraid because I see a cardiologist but once my doctor told me there would be no issues as to any other patient. I decided to start my research. I'm 145lbs 5'5. I have a small frame but my issue is my stomach and flank area. I... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old No Kids, and Ready to Get Snatch - Dominican Republic

My goals is to be shapely just like Porhsa williams from Atlanta House Wives my dream shape and I know that I can accomplish this . We are the same height. I just need to lose weight to get upmost desire results after surgery. I know tat Dr. Cabral the king his self can give me this look. At... READ MORE

49 Years Old, 5 Foot Seven, 115 Pounds. Las Vegas, NV

I lost 25 pounds because of stress, recently separated, but now I have no butt. I what that fine figure again to find the perfect man. At least as perfect as possible to treat me right. I'm in a lot of pain right now so I don't know if the procedure was worth it yet or not, probably so we... READ MORE

Butt Injections Nyc - New York, NY

I am 26 years old and from my late teens have been insecure about the size of my butt. Being a minority most women desire the full round butt and hips because that's what are men like. I've known about and had a connect to injections since 2008 but for various reasons I didn't. I finally decided... READ MORE

Was thinking on Dr. CORTES I might go with Dr. NEWALL

Lately I seen a lot of bad reviews about dr cortes work and unprofessional staff, so now am a little scared to go with him. Am now looking into Dr. NEWALL he still in the houston area and his work looks good, he looks like he deals with more women of my body type. I have an appointment with him... READ MORE

Kiubo Pues Parcero!! Cali, Colombia 2015 - Cali, CO

I'm super excited!! Just a little scared.. I'm going with Dr. Villalobos for a BBl and liposculpture.. I was schedule for September but thinking of going sooner in July so if anyone is going in July let me know !! I still don't know what Recovery house to go to .. I'm waiting for the Plane... READ MORE

I Need Revision, Please Advise. Remove or BBL?? Philippines, PH

I need to do revision after butt augmentation. I think this doctor doesn't know how to do butt augumentation. At the beginning he gave me small and pointy one looks like i habe boobs on my butt.. He change it but still look horrible. I don't know what should i do now. It looks horrible, left one... READ MORE

Abdominalplasty with Butt Augmentation. Mayfield Heights, OH

I originally was just going to get the butt augmentation, however after extensive thought I decided to just go ahead and get it all done at once. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. I never realized how much my abdominal weight was holding me back. I was so nervous, I was referred by a friend, and I AM SO... READ MORE

2days Soon to be Fisher Doll - Miami, FL

My surgery date is near.I am excited to the max.I haven't told my husband yet.as he is currently out of the country until next year. I don't know how to tell him.November I'm getting my breast done.I hope I'm not expecting to much. I am 5'3 1/2, 158 pounds, measurements are 36c,30,39.can anyone... READ MORE

Much Needed Butt Augmentation - Southlake, TX

So I have seen Dr.Obaid for butt augmentation and I loved him and his staff.. I have 3 kids and just feel like my body went to crap once I had my 2nd child and lil by lil I want to start getting my self back together ...I have paid and scheduled my surgery for July 31 I wanted to hurry up before... READ MORE

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