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Butt augmentation refers to any procedure that increases size or restores volume to the behind. These procedures include implants and the Brazilian butt lift, which uses a person's own fat to enhance the buttocks. LEARN MORE ›

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Tummy Tuck and Butt Augmentation with Liposuction. Atlanta, GA

I will give more details in the upcoming days but I just wanted to say thanks to all of the ladies that shared thier experiences, good and bad. I had a full tummy tuck, butt augmentation, liposuction and fat transfer to my hips with Dr. Jimmerson in Atlanta. I'm almost two weeks post op and here... READ MORE

A detailed review of my BBL experience

I've been researching this procedure for over a year now and finally got motivated to do it. I hate how low my but sit but always have been told that I have a nice ass. It looks good in some clothes and some not so good. Im happy that I found this site and im looking foward to the reviews of... READ MORE

Dominican Republic, 34 Year Old Mommy of 2. Lipo, Bbl, Breast Augmentation

I've been stalking RealSelf for about 2 years. I'm ready to take the plunge into surgery . I've chosen Dr Tania Medina. She has been so great so far with communications. I can't wait. I was going to stay in the States , I feel there is not enough after care support for me. I'm getting a breast... READ MORE

21 Year Old Bbl and Implants

My outcome has been amazing so far and I can't wait until my next future round ???? From when I arrived to Marbella I was instantly happy. I knew my life was going to change !! Xx:D The recovery was really hard, I did cry I think for the first 2 days lmao! and at this point I was regretting it... READ MORE

37 Year Old Mother and Wife Who Wants Bring Sexy Back

Dr Baez is doing my surgery in the Dominican Republic. I'm getting muscle repair tummy tuck BBL Lipo back, bra roll flanks and arms . As you can see in the picture I am in much need of all these things. I have been wanting to get my tummy tuck since . I have my last child 2004 but never could... READ MORE

23 YR OLD, IN NEED of Some Support!

3 years, its been 3 years that Ive been thinking about getting my body done. I have had a child 8 months ago and think its a perfect time to start making moves to do my body. All my life Ive been bullied because I have big breast and not so much ass. I love my body dont get me wrong, I love... READ MORE

Silicone Butt Injections

In 2014 I made a terrible mistake and got silicone injections. I had asked a coworker if she ever had bbl because her butt looked round and curvey. She said she had silicone injections done and referred me to an unlicensed person who works in her apartment. I had the injections done in 2014 then... READ MORE

Decided to Do BBL

Well at 51 yrs young, I've finally decided to do BBL. In fact, not for anyone but myself. My husband on the other hand is in the dark, he wouldn't be to happy about it! He loves me just like I am, yet again it's my money and about me. At any rate, had some complications on last surgery TT. So... READ MORE

Supercharged BBL- Spain, ES

Going for a supercharged BBL in Marbella with Dr. Aslani. Happy with my body but I want more curves and I havent been able to get that through exercise. To be more detailed I want a bigger rounder(but natural looking butt), smaller waist(as small as possible????), more rounded hips (not that... READ MORE

The Amazing Dr Gordon!! (Brazilian butt lift)

Hi Stephanie!! Just wanted to tell you that I'm doing good just a lot of pain lots!! My pain meds are helping!! Dr. Gordon really really went above and beyond his call of duty as a surgeon not only did he give me the desires that I was asking for he just made me look exquisite and sexy!... READ MORE

34 Year Old Mom of 2! Mommy Makeover in Full Effect - Atlanta, GA

I'm a 34 year old mother of two.. I had been searching for over 3 years for the right Doctor to give me back my pre pregnancy body. After my last child I had to have a hysterectomy. So I thought this is the best time to go through with the surgery. I was thinking about going to DR but then I... READ MORE

Butt injections removal

Hello All, I had my first consultation regarding removal of PMMA butt injections. I met with Dr.Ryan Stanton, he was very thorough. Since I am experiencing an out break of red blemishes, he prescribed "Singular" for 30 days to see if this will cure the rejection before taking removal action. He... READ MORE

In Love with my New Body and Booty Thanks to Dr Guray❤️

I have been wanting my butt done for a long time now, i wasnt sure where to go and i had heard so many mixed reviews! I am from the uk and had consultations in the uk but none of them had much good feedback so i carried on to look abroad! It was quite a big thing for me to do this but i found my... READ MORE

Fisher Doll to be

I am 34 with 1 child and need a boost in my esteem! I've been researching off and on for 3 years and I just scheduled my appointment for next year with Dr. Fisher. I'm so super exited to do this for me! READ MORE

34 Years Old 124lbs 5'5" - Murray, UT

I'm doing this review to help others in this process. I'm two weeks post op today and I like many have spent hours doin research and searching every question possible almost obsessing in fear. I know that's not healthy but I think that's what most of us do after surgery. Relax and be patient... READ MORE

Gluteal Implant Revision - Beverly Hills, CA

I had gluteal implants done in March 2015. They were rounds and didn't fit my body properly. I went with rounds because of the fact I lift weights and had heard the ovals tend to spin. Well, with the rounds I have a double bubble. This is incorrect and isn't going to settle into the proper... READ MORE

25, brazilian butt lift

Talk about amazing results, sitting in the mirror admiring yourself and just wanting that extra boost of confidence. Dr. Cortes did that for me, he has amazing work & his results are better than i could have imagined. The team is professional and the journey was definitely worth every penny.... READ MORE

Mini-Make over

New Review butt augmentation, inner and outer lipo. The process was extremely smooth while in foreign country I felt like I was at home. My doctor make sure I was happy with results. He and his wife along with his staff checked on my recovery every day. I am still recovering but I can see the... READ MORE

38 Yrs Young Mother Wife Fashion Whore But Not Confident in my Clothes tt, lipo bbl- Dominican Republic

Hiiieeeee dolls!!!! I am an 38 yrs old African American woman, wife and mother of 2. I guess I have never had a booty but because I have never been over 135lbs I didn't really pay attention... cause ya girl slayed, ok. But after I hadon't my daughter 9 years ago I just can't not get it right! I... READ MORE

19 Years Old, Boyish Hips + Hank Hill Butt - Los Angeles, CA

I've been looking forward to getting a BBL since I was 14, now that I finally can I'm so excited! My butt has never grown much no matter how much exercise I did. Even when I regularly squatted 150+lbs my butt was only average sized. Both of my parents have completely flat butts and narrow... READ MORE

Tired of Being Boyishly Shaped! - Chicago, IL

I've been contemplating surgery for almost 10 years!! I've finally decided to do this. I've had two consultations with two different surgeons and I have to say Dr. Shifrin was awesome. The first surgeon didn't seem very knowledgeable, his before and after pics were not that great. So, I believe... READ MORE

I Have Found my Best Plastic Surgeon! Dr Charbel Medawar! - Dubai, AE

I would like to talk about my butt augmentation and Rhinoplasty and recommend by a first hands experience Dr Charbel Medwar! Not to brag... But i had no major faults that needed immediate action but I am a plastic surgery freak and strive for physical perfection. Ive had my fair share with... READ MORE

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