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Braces are used to straighten teeth, and improve bite, appearance, and overall dental health. Several versions include metal, lingual, invisible, or ceramic. LEARN MORE ›

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Adult Braces Worth Every Dollar - Sydney, AU

With a growing concern over how my teeth had changed from my early 20's to newly marked 30's, I researched and eventually got adult braces. Worried about the new restricted diet I would need to avoid staining my braces, being mocked, and not being able to talk properly, I nervously visited an... READ MORE

Getting InMan Aligner - Willimantic, CT

I had braces as an adult already. But I didn't eat my retainer and my front teeth have moved. Most noticeably my front bottom teeth. The Inman Aligner is like a retainer and Invisalign but only for the front teeth. It's a re-treatment for people who have had braces with some relapse. I'm excited... READ MORE

Slanted Smile

I've had braces for 3 years now, and it seems to me that the orthodontist can't fix my smile. Every appointment I go to, they give me the same look and reaction of "Man, her smile is still slanted." This worries me since it seems like it can never be fixed. Now, I found out that they're taking... READ MORE

Got Them On, but No Where Near Done ! - Worcester, UK

Okay, so I got my braces put on, on the 4th of July, although I'm only about two months into braces I LOVE my results ! there's so much more to do to them but so far so good, before I had them on I had to get two teeth removed due to crowding... But heck I'd do anything for strait teeth, here... READ MORE

Quick Straight Braces - Fixing my Smile :) - Australia, AU

30 year old female finally getting her smile fixed using Quick Straight Teeth brace system in Australia. I love smiling and my crooked snuggle tooth is my biggest insecurity. After years of saving I'm finally putting me first and getting my teeth Straighten. Thank you for sharing the journey... READ MORE

24 Braces in Preparation for Jaw Surgery - Oklahoma City, OK

I never had braces growing up because my teeth were pretty straight but after a car accident I have to have them to position my teeth where they need to be before I have surgery. I found out I have tongue thrust but that is something I am working on. I hate them but I know long term my jaw will... READ MORE

31 Years Old, Working Professional, Lingual and Ceramic Braces to Close Excessive Spaces - Reston, VA

I've always wanted to treat the excessive spaces between my upper teeth. After visiting multiple orthodontist and dentist, I decided to get lingual braces (behind my teeth) on my upper teeth to close the upper spaces. On the bottom, to improve my bite, I decided to go with ceramic braces on... READ MORE

Low Paying Job Want Some Work Done - Burlington, NC

I want to find a dentist to get braces for crooked teeth and a nicer smile.. Looking to find recommendations for great prices for procedure. As well as a breast reduction............ As for breast reduction i will have my insurance pay for surgery but I don't know whether or not they get the... READ MORE

26 Yr old On a Journey For PERFECT TEETH - Carmel, IN

I've always had horrible teeth, but growing up my parents weren't really in a good financial position to buy the me braces. But now I'm grown with incredible insurance! will be starting my treatment this coming Thursday (6/16/16) Well if you count getting the spacers installed as the beginning.... READ MORE

Cant Wait. North Augusta, SC

I have always had crowding and even as a child would not smile, so now I am in a position to get braces for myself I've decided to get them. I am a 28 year old male and was never able to convince my mom to pay for them as she was afraid of dentist. My sister has always had pretty food teeth. I... READ MORE

Six Month Smiles - Harrisburg, PA

Let me just say, Dr. Patel and his team are amazing. I've been to tons of dentist in the Harrisburg area and no one comes close to Hershey dental care. I got 6 month smiles and so far my teeth have popped out dramatically. Still have some time to go for more improvement but so far loving it!... READ MORE

Plan to Get Braces, but Jaw Surgery? - Sydney, AU

I have always wanted to get braces to fix my teeth as some of them are crooked and I have an overbite. My parents couldn't afford them when I was young so now at 24, I have decided to get them on my own. I have been shopping around a few clinics in Sydney to get quotes and an understanding of my... READ MORE

Inman Alinger Braces - Boston, MA

Before getting my Inman Alingers I did lots of research, I also met with a orthodontist to get his opinion. He wasn't too similar with the appliance, but when I explain to him he told me it wouldn't be worth it. But I'm a pretty stubborn person and don't usually let down easy. So I decided to... READ MORE

BRACES at Last! Cure for OPEN BITE

I have an open bite i.e there is a gap between the top and bottom row of my teeth Additionally, I have a tooth that is "out of line" and is noticeable whenever I smile. I am more concerned about having this tooth "fall into line" than I am about closing my open bite ;-) I had a free... READ MORE

Wisdom Teeth Removed Before Braces Can Be Put on (Ouch!) - Washington, DC

I'm going through all of the necessary steps to get my braces. Step 1: have all cavities filled, step 2: have all 4 Wisdom teeth removed (I'm currently at this step). It's been 7 days post surgery. I'm having a very hard recovery time. I originally planned to have my braces put on two weeks post... READ MORE

Married, 31 Years Old & a 3 Years Old Son - Mumbai, India

Till the age of 31, I wondered whether to go with braces or not. My teeth we popping out of my mouth every time I smiled/laughed with huge gaps. I wanted to opt for braces but after reveiwing online articles & few consulatation with different orthodontics, I wasn't ready to bear braces for 2... READ MORE

5mm Diastema + 2 MIA Permanent Teeth + 10 Y/o Extractions = Hello Ortho - Lakeland, FL

I have had a gap since birth. It's a family trait and somewhat admired (Notably not by me). I have never in my 34 years of life smiled with my teeth showing on purpose! I have been snapped mid laugh and i always felt warm inside seeing the unadulterated joy in my eyes; but a quick glance south... READ MORE

22 years old, after 14 months of treatment I have the smile I always wanted! - Saint Marys, GA

I'm finally getting braces after many years of being self conscious of my teeth, and having jaw pain. I've had severe crowding in my bottom teeth because of my wisdom teeth, which I finally had completely removed December of 2014, so now my bottom teeth(and top) are all kinds of crazy looking.... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Always Wanted Good Teeth, Headed into my 13th Month of Braces - Salt Lake City, UT

I noticed over the last few years that my mouth was getting smaller. I went in for a consultation for Dr. John Graham's office (Sugarhouse Orthodontics.) Dr. Graham advised me that I had a cross bite, which means my upper teeth were narrower than my bottom. I originally thought I would be... READ MORE

Dental Bimaxillary Protrusion Clear Braces - 27 Years

I started my braces on may 2014 , my upper teeth have a dental protrusion , they are inclined outwards . my lips also don't seal on rest. my ortho told me i will have from 18-24 months treatment . we started first to align my teeth , with no extractions till now . he begin with a very thin wire... READ MORE

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