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Whether metal, lingual, invisible, or ceramic, braces use a wire device fitted in the mouth to straighten teeth. They change the position of a person’s bite and work to improve overall dental health. LEARN MORE ›

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Preface: in about 14 months I am getting married. I have always wanted to straighten my teeth, but couldn't afford to until I started my new job in November. I immediately spoke to my dentist about straightening, and she indicated I would need to have my wisdom teeth out before starting. Had the... READ MORE

I have an open bite i.e there is a gap between the top and bottom row of my teeth Additionally, I have a tooth that is "out of line" and is noticeable whenever I smile. I am more concerned about having this tooth "fall into line" than I am about closing my open bite ;-) I had a free... READ MORE

I had braces as an adult already. But I didn't eat my retainer and my front teeth have moved. Most noticeably my front bottom teeth. The Inman Aligner is like a retainer and Invisalign but only for the front teeth. It's a re-treatment for people who have had braces with some relapse. I'm excited... READ MORE

I'm going through all of the necessary steps to get my braces. Step 1: have all cavities filled, step 2: have all 4 Wisdom teeth removed (I'm currently at this step). It's been 7 days post surgery. I'm having a very hard recovery time. I originally planned to have my braces put on two weeks post... READ MORE

Till the age of 31, I wondered whether to go with braces or not. My teeth we popping out of my mouth every time I smiled/laughed with huge gaps. I wanted to opt for braces but after reveiwing online articles & few consulatation with different orthodontics, I wasn't ready to bear braces for 2... READ MORE

After wanting to have braces all my life but never having the courage to, I finally decided to fix my smile at 40 years old! I have crowding in my teeth and have neither an overbite nor underbite or crossbite, but my upper and lower front teeth protrude in a bridge like position where they touch... READ MORE

I have had a gap since birth. It's a family trait and somewhat admired (Notably not by me). I have never in my 34 years of life smiled with my teeth showing on purpose! I have been snapped mid laugh and i always felt warm inside seeing the unadulterated joy in my eyes; but a quick glance south... READ MORE

About how long do you think it would take for my Fast braces to close my spaces? I got them November 5 2015 and I had the space at the top but the space below just opened up.I reall dont want to wear braces for a very long time. Also are dental assistant a suppose to put braces on patients? My... READ MORE

So as I mentioned in My last review I had traditional braces as a kid, then a few years ago I got Invisalign but they stopped my treatment and now I'm back in traditional brackets. This time around as an adult I'm going to be more responsible. I'm not sure how long it will take because I need a... READ MORE

I'm finally getting braces after many years of being self conscious of my teeth, and having jaw pain. I've had severe crowding in my bottom teeth because of my wisdom teeth, which I finally had completely removed December of 2014, so now my bottom teeth(and top) are all kinds of crazy looking.... READ MORE

I noticed over the last few years that my mouth was getting smaller. I went in for a consultation for Dr. John Graham's office (Sugarhouse Orthodontics.) Dr. Graham advised me that I had a cross bite, which means my upper teeth were narrower than my bottom. I originally thought I would be... READ MORE

I started my braces on may 2014 , my upper teeth have a dental protrusion , they are inclined outwards . my lips also don't seal on rest. my ortho told me i will have from 18-24 months treatment . we started first to align my teeth , with no extractions till now . he begin with a very thin wire... READ MORE

Motivation was to get teeth fixed to increase self esteem and to smile more. Eliminating the fear of being judged or thinking everyone is looking at my teeth when I speak. I had numerous challenges with getting braces because so many insurance agencies did not cover adult orthodontics. They... READ MORE

It took 30 years but I finally found the right dentist. Dr. Hubert Ng was the first one to tell me I have nice big great looking teeth that just needed to be aligned, he was also the first that didn't want to pull out my fangs for braces. I went with DaVinci metal braces and completed and ortho... READ MORE

I have always hated my teeth, after years of wanting to get it done I now am! I used a clinic in southampton uk, I have gone for a more discreet ceramic bracket, slightly more expensive but has smoother edges to help prevent sores, my check ups are every ten weeks with this brace, can pop back... READ MORE

I originally had perfect teeth from orthodontic treatment in college. I had 4 pre-molars extracted and he worked magic to get them to look awesome. I LOVED my smile. It was a huge asset as I modeled & performed in additional to my daytime profession. I had finished graduate school recently... READ MORE

It was a great experience. I was suppose to have them on for 18 months and had them off in 15 months. I was committed to 18 months mentally so when he told me he was going to take them off early I just about died. They have been off over two months now and I love my teeth!!! I had an overbite... READ MORE

When I first came in to see Dr. Partovi I thought to myself it was going to cost an arm and a leg. Once I came in the staff was very friendly made me feel at home and I felt super comfortable. They explained to me exactly what was going to happen through out the exam ( did i mention it was... READ MORE

I've always had gaps, but they only recently bothered me. Invisalign is simply not an option at $5,500 up front. Crystal Braces sounded perfect for me, especially after their staff answered all my questions and consulting pictures over e-mail. The program is affordable and can be paid monthly... READ MORE

I am in France (GRENOBLE) and I never braces in my life and so when I came to France to study I saw a classmate who had braces and he told me his story and that's when I started to see that my teeth weren't in their right shape. I actually crooked and an open bite due to a tongue thrust. I also... READ MORE

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