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Braces are used to straighten teeth, and improve bite, appearance, and overall dental health. Several versions include metal, lingual, invisible, or ceramic. LEARN MORE ›

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27 YOF With Clarity/Traditional Metal Braces

Welp, I was a thumb sucker for the first 13 years of my life.???????? I've struggled with my self-esteem and my smile for basically since I knew what self-esteem was. (Currently fighting back tears typing this lol) I finally made the leap and got braces! I'm scared to see how this will go, but... READ MORE

Incognito Lingual Braces- Front Teeth Straightening for my Wedding! - United Kingdom, GB

Yes it may be vein but having straight teeth for my wedding has always been something that's been important to me however, after having regular front fixed braces when I was 15, I really didn't want to go through those again- after all, I'm now 29 and with a career as a wedding planner, I didn't... READ MORE

33 Years Old with Braces!

I have always wanted to fix my smile, however, I was quoted ($7,000) USA currency and I was not able to afford it. So for over 17 years I was very ashamed of my smile. Last august I was working at a local company here in Texas, where I live and I while talking and complaining about how much I... READ MORE

Got Braces at 25, it's worth it though...

I had wanted this smile all my life, but one thing keep crossing ways, so did not get time to see an ortho doctor, I took a bold step one day to go see an ortho doctor all because I have problems with smiling and it was becoming obvious that people know i dont open my teeth, I just smile... my... READ MORE

Braces at 28 - Columbus, OH

Preface: in about 14 months I am getting married. I have always wanted to straighten my teeth, but couldn't afford to until I started my new job in November. I immediately spoke to my dentist about straightening, and she indicated I would need to have my wisdom teeth out before starting. Had the... READ MORE

32 year old getting braces tomorrow excited but anxious

I am going for my brace fitting tomorrow afternoon. This really has been a long time come and I am certainly excited but a little nervous too. I was a thumb sucker till about 11 I think. Unfortunately this has left me with my two from teeth sticking out and my bottom teeth don't meet my top... READ MORE

Third Time the Charm

So as I mentioned in My last review I had traditional braces as a kid, then a few years ago I got Invisalign but they stopped my treatment and now I'm back in traditional brackets. This time around as an adult I'm going to be more responsible. I'm not sure how long it will take because I need a... READ MORE

Ceramic Uppers Metal Lowers. #Bimaxillary Protrusion and crowding - Bicuspid extraction

After wanting to have braces all my life but never having the courage to, I finally decided to fix my smile at 40 years old! I have crowding in my teeth and have neither an overbite nor underbite or crossbite, but my upper and lower front teeth protrude in a bridge like position where they touch... READ MORE

braces off and this is happening

I've had my braces off for a year and mind you I have a bonded bottom retainer since I was told having a retainer bonded only on the bottom is better. I notice slight tooth movement...how would this be corrected??? I also wear clean retainers EVERY NIGHT. I've never missed a day since having my... READ MORE

My Life with Fast Braces

Hello all, I decided to document my journey with fast braces on here because I love the honesty on this site. I did have braces as a youngster but I never picked up the retainer. Dumb kid, I knowS. I received my fast braces consultation on 12/13. I think it was that day atleast. The reason I... READ MORE

Closing all these gaps, finally! - Madison, WI

I was born with alot of diastemas. Our family was big (5 kids) and poor. We barely went to the dentist. I expressed desire to get braces as a young teen but alas it was purely cosmetic so my parents didn't let me. Burn! So, I lived my youth and into adulthood hating my gaps when apparently... READ MORE

Ceramic Braces/ Crowded Teeth/ 23 Year Old Adult with Braces - Pembroke Pines, FL

I've always wanted braces as a child but my parents could not afford them. With the help of my boyfriend, I was able to get insurance in 2014 and begin my dental work. I was told that I would have to take care of my teeth first before putting on braces so I went to Dr. Socher in Pembroke Pines,... READ MORE

Cross Bite after two years with braces.

So I've had braces for one year (1 more month for it to be two years.) and still have a cross bite! I don't know how long it's going to take because my treatment is two years. I know I trust my orthodontist and all, but is it normal to still have a cross bite after two years? I will be telling... READ MORE

Metal Braces 26yo

Hi! I'm finally going to fix my crooked teeth next week. I'll be wearing metal braces for about a year and then a retainer. I'll be waiting for this for so long, tired of feeling ashamed every time I smile. I have overcrowding on upper and lower teeth and alway been self conscious about it. hope... READ MORE

Fast Braces Question - , AR

About how long do you think it would take for my Fast braces to close my spaces? I got them November 5 2015 and I had the space at the top but the space below just opened up.I reall dont want to wear braces for a very long time. Also are dental assistant a suppose to put braces on patients? My... READ MORE

Young Professional Looking to Correct Smile - New York, NY

Originally, I wanted to go with Invisalign to correct my overbit and spacing. But after speaking with an orthodontist, I don't think I'm the perfect candidate for this. The only thing he said Invisalign could do is straighten my teeth and bring both canines forward to remove the gap from infront... READ MORE

My Review for Braces

I started seeing an orthodontist at age 6. My teeth were already crowding at a young age, so I had to get spacers to help make room in my mouth for my adult teeth. By age 10, I had braces. They were painful but at that time, kids my age were already getting them so it didn't bother me. I was... READ MORE

Almost 33 and Just Got Braces!

So I'll b 33 in 2 months & I'm finally able to take the steps I want towards a better looking & feeling me....starting with the thing I'm most self conscious about, my smile. I have an overbite with gaps in between both sides the two big front teeth! No dental insurance so I had to hope... READ MORE

Braces Finally - Austin, TX

Finally got my braces put on. After a month in a half of extractions and fillings. I've been wanting braces since I was a kid. It sucks I have to pay out of pocket until my insurance kicks in, but it's worth it. I'm really excited! I will keep y'all posted with my progression....................... READ MORE

28 with Severe Anxiety Disorder and Finally Got Braces for Severly Crowded Teeth.

I am writing this from my mobile, so this first update will be the highlights, I will come back with details in the update section. I have always been embarassed by my smile, now that I am an a financial position to fix it, I decided to finally fix my teeth. ( Due to my fear of anethesia and... READ MORE

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