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A body lift combines various procedures—frequently a butt lift, thigh lift, and tummy tuck—to lift and remove excessive skin. The procedure is typically performed following massive weight loss that has left skin stretched and saggy. LEARN MORE ›

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new me inside and out!!!!! soooooo happy and grateful! - Beverly Hills, CA

I am a 21 year old female who had an arm lift and back lift 7 weeks ago by Dr. Katzen and i'm ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY!! My results exceeded my expectations, i didn't even think my body could be this transformed, COMPLETELY! I look in the mirror at least 50 times a day(literally) to make sure it's... READ MORE

My Journey is Just Starting! Connecticut, CT -LBL, BL, Arm lift, Medial/Bilateral thigh lift

I have been following quite a few ladies and their journeys after weight loss here and now I am starting my journey next week! Almost a year ago I just got fed up with myself and decided being so heavy was not who I wanted to be. At the time I was 227 pounds and only 5 feet tall. I qualified... READ MORE

Transforming Me (38yo Busy Working Mum)

I AM SO HAPPY WITH MY CHOICE TO HAVE CIRCUMFERENTIAL ABDOMINOPLASTY or LOWER BODY LIFT!!!! After years of yo-yo dieting to lose weight gained from thyroid cancer in my mid 20's. Plus two c-sections delivering my amazing little boys aged 8 and 6, my 38 yo body was looking more like that of a 58... READ MORE

36 year old LBL: 9 years in the making.

I have just made my first consultation on April 3rd for a lower body lift. 9 years ago a doctor told me that I would be a diabetic in 2 years if I didn't lose some weight. So, I started eating low carb. I have lost about 150lbs over the course of about 5 years. At my heaviest I had a 54 inch... READ MORE

180 lb weight loss and Body Lift- El Paso, TX

I'm super excited about getting a lower body lift! ????????In 2013, I got the gastric sleeve and lost 180 lbs. I've been pretty good about keeping the weight off and continue to eat healthy. ????? ????????Problem: -Im sick and tired of living with excess skin. -I am a walking muffin top and... READ MORE

38 Yer Old, Gastric Sleeve, Lost 120lbs

I was overweight my entire life. In July of 2014 unmade Tempe decision to take my life back. I was tired of living on the sidelines, always too tires or too embarrassed and self conscious to get out there. I have an amazing husband me daughter, it I wanted to make the lot of every moment with... READ MORE

Saying Goodbye to Some Skin, and Hello to a New Me! - West Orange, NJ

I am less than 24 hrs away from saying goodbye to a kangaroo pouch and sagging boobs it seems like I've had for a lifetime. This forum has been invaluable in helping me come to my decision. I've never been so nervous and excited all at once! I look forward to sharing an update as soon as I can... READ MORE

Upper Body Lift and Thigh Lift - Melbourne, AU

I was left with a lot of excess skin after major weightloss when I left school 13+ years ago (approx. 35kg). I am only been 6 weeks post opp but I'm already so pleased with my results. The scars on my upper body are neat, well hidden / placed and healing so well. It's completely evident this... READ MORE

32 Year Old Male, Full Body Lift - Following Weight Loss

Hello all, I'm a 32 year old male, at the end of a long journey spanning the past 5 years. I've always been overweight my whole life starting as a small child and continuing well into my adulthood however I was never unhappy or suffered any medical concerns and as such I made no efforts to... READ MORE

Bra Line Back Lift Needed After Weight Loss

Had a TT done 8/2016 by Dr Cochran and lost 12 lbs so back to see him for the excess skin on my back. Upon researching this procedure, it's not as common as TT, BL, or Mommy Makeovers but has a very high success rate with instant results. The down time is not as bad a TT since there's no... READ MORE

Body Lift/Arm Lift/Lipsuction - Scottsdale, AZ

Getting nervous about my upcoming surgery. Completed my pre-op and added liposuction to my upper back to ensure a beautiful turnout. The pre-op consisted of a run through of paperwork, prescriptions and what to expect. Then Dr. Olson came in and we took pre-op photos, went over questions and... READ MORE

Waiting for My Swan Moment

I am currently awaiting a lower body lift and arm lift following major weight loss. My surgery is scheduled for 1/24/17, and I've been told it's an 8 to 10 hour procedure. I'm looking forward to seeing the culmination of all my efforts to revamp my life in terms of diet and swan... READ MORE

Body Overhaul! 44 Yr Old Completing Journey After 112 Lb Weight Loss - Charleston, WV

After struggling with my weight my entire life and a failed Lap Band (I was the 1% with a band defect!), I had a gastric sleeve 6/2015 when my weight was at 253.4. What a journey it has been! Even with my Lap Band, I had lost about 80 lbs but grew so despondent over the loose skin that I didn't... READ MORE

I am a 51 Year Old Mother of 5. I had a lower body lift after a 90 pound weight loss.

90 pound weight loss, and needing some skin removed, difficult areas taken care of, and muscle repair. I did about 2 years of thinking about it and after much research of docs, surgical facilities, and recovery I decided on Dr. Cardenas. It was an amazingly positive experience that I would do... READ MORE

Lbl, Arm and Breast Lift! End of my Weight Loss Journey

After losing 140 pounds in 2011 and having a child which is now 2 I was left with a lot of gross skin! I decided to take the step and finally get it removed. I found the best dr in okc and just decided that there is no perfect time and just booked my first procedure in august which was an breast... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old 5’5 180lbs Going to Dr. Alvarez Mia Anesthetics 2017!!!! –Miami, FL

Hello, and well we all have a story, Here is mine, my WLJ started in 2012. I was 420lbs, at 21years old that’s good enough reason to have surgery. Well would you believe me if I said my life has been hell. Having gastric bypass and losing over 200 lbs has truly taken a toll on me in every way p... READ MORE

33 Years Old, No Kids, 160 Pound Weight Loss - Dominican Republic, DO

Removal of the fat-skin excess from the lower back and use it to improve the buttock area shape (lower body lift). LipoSculpture so we can reshape the body and transfer the fat to buttock and hip area BBL. Also a cruroplasty and Lipo to the legs to remove the saggy skin and get a better... READ MORE

38 with One Child , Got Lower Body Lift with Fat Graft to Butt

I was skeptical about going to Mexico to have my surgery but after hearing good things about Dr. Louis Andres Gonzalez -Herrera I booked my trip to Nuevo ,Leon and it was the best thing I ever did. I stayed in the facility or two days . I do not speak Spanish but the staff Mr. Andres was very... READ MORE

49, 5 kids, Body lift, lipo, fat transfer to breast, breast lift

26 DAYS TO GO!!!!! I researched and looked at thousands of photos and reviews before I decided on Dr. G. They made me feel so comfortable at my appt. and I'm truly hideous. I'm so excited I can hardly sleep! I've waited 32 years to have this skin removed. I know this will improve my self... READ MORE

I'm Hoping to Get Some Help with Surgery Recommendations. I Lost 170lbs and Now That I'm 205 Lbs, I Need Help - New Orleans, LA

I hope that someone can look at my body and recommend what procedures I need. I'm hoping that my penis will be better showing and unrestricted. It's small but itch the skin overlapping, it looks even smaller that it actually is. I want to just look somewhat normal. I'm 28 now and I hope to be... READ MORE

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