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A combination of ultrasound and massage therapies, VASERshape is used to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite on the abdomen, love handles, back, arms, hips, buttocks, thighs and knees.
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I spent $1500 on a package of 3 vaser shape treatments for my stomach. So far there has been no noticeable results and I'm terrified that I have just wasted $1500 on absolutely nothing. I will post pictures at the end of this week and see if anyone can tell but I cannot see any difference. ... READ MORE

I have had 4 kids and needless to say I have some extra skin in the belly region. I was able to lose all of my baby weight but the loose skin was not pretty. I decided to try Vaser Shape because is was non invasive and from what I read it out performed other similar machines. I did a total of 8... READ MORE

I try really hard to stay active and eat right. For some reason I couldn't get rid of the excess belly fat and it really bothered me. I read about Vaser Shape online and saw that a place in Tempe had a machine. I was skeptical because it was kind of pricey but it was way cheaper than surgery. I... READ MORE

Three hour relaxing treatment in a comfortable office with great staff to chat with. My belly skin was a bit tighter, but no other immediate results. They tell me I will see more in the next week. I had my belly and thighs treated just yesterday. I will get photos taken again at my one week... READ MORE

I am a 30 year old healthy and active mother of two. Over the past couple years, despite my efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle and after having a couple of kids, I've become quite self conscious about my belly. Albeit I am relatively slender, I definitely have a little extra in my... READ MORE

I received a Vaser Shape treatment instead of Zeltic as I read Vaser Shapes results are immediate. Fingers crossed if Zeltic will work or not...not worth putting up that cost without seeing results immediately. My stomach is finally comfortable sitting at my desk in my work pants all day.... READ MORE

I had 7lbs of fat removed from upper/lower abs and flanks two days ago. I can't believe how much smaller I look. It is very lumpy and painful. I am in my compression garment with additional foam padding wrap. This afternoon my leaking finally stopped. I am most happy and surprised that... READ MORE

I had 7 Vaser Shape treatments on my stomach. This procedure is not worth the time or money. Actually I felt as if I was ripped off. The nurse would measure my waist on each visit before starting the procedure. Once done, she would measure it again. It would always show that I lost at least one... READ MORE

Wendy is amazing and so is Vaser. I lost 4.5 inches in my abdomen and 2 inches in my waist! Can't believe it but so glad in did this. I totally recommend this is non-invasive, no down time, takes about 1 hour and so relaxing. Get this treatment!! I noticed a difference after... READ MORE

After losing 100+ pounds I had hpes that this non surgical procedure would help. Had six treatments on my upper legs. Unfortunately there were no noticeable changes in the appearance of my legs. Pictures taken before and after showed no difference. I am quite disappointed and feel that I... READ MORE

Paid for 5 Vaser Shape procedures lasting 50 minutes each for a total of $1,500. The last procedure was on 6/18/13. Very little loss in the stomach area and I am at my ideal weight before the procedures. At times the heat became very intense during my appointment. My main concern was a small... READ MORE

I am 5'4" & 117 lbs. I am satisfied with my weight but have always had disproportionately large thighs. At 41 my thighs have even more cellulite than ever. I asked a very trusted plastic surgeon about some options and he convinced me that Vaser Shape would really work for me. I was very... READ MORE

First of all, this is far more effective and far less invasive than other cellulite treatments. This one treats the core of the problem, so unlike other procedures, you actually get rid of cellulite, plus it has super long lasting results. I was able to do all sorts of activities immediately... READ MORE

I am a 43 year old man, I was pleased with the Hopkins Clinic-aesthetic medicine in Brentwood. I had 6 sessions and lost 4.1 inches from my love handles (side area) great office, very nice doctor. I paid $650 for each treatment, I should have paid for 5 treatments and saved money, but is was... READ MORE

I have always had large upper arms, and as I've aged, they've sagged--it's unappealing and doesn't match the rest of me. I'm not thin, but I am fit and my arms just looked out of place. I bought a three pack of Vaser shape and began treament last week. Well, the first session was a... READ MORE

I started belly dancing about 2 years ago. Recently I was asked to study with the "professionals" and would be performing. We meet for 2 hours a week, at which time I got to stare at myself, in the mirror, while being surrounded by beautiful slender women. I'm 36 years old, 5'10" tall, and I... READ MORE

I have had 4 treatments on all my problem areas. Thighs, abs, flanks buttocks. I spent $5000.00 on the series and have lost 10 inches overall and 5 lbs. It's the best noninvasive treatment I have ever done. My technician is excellent. I will do this treatment forever and you should too. I saw... READ MORE

I am 5'7, 140 lbs. I have a lower stomach pooch, always have. I had four sessions and I notice visible results 1.5 months after my last treatment. My last two treatments were performed by a more skilled technician. I could tell by the duration, pressure, heat, and lymphatic massage... READ MORE

I had two treatments for 2 areas so far (inner thigh and outer thigh). The tech measured me before the treatments and so far I have not seen the circumference reduction. After reading all reviews here I was hopeful that I would lose at least 0.25-0.5 inch from each thigh after each treatment.... READ MORE

I met with Dr. Lynam for a consult for my stomach pooch. He told me my options were lipo or Vaser Shape. I discussed with him that I did not want surgery, so he told me that my best option would be the Vaser Shape, because there was no down time. I met with one of his nurses and they did my 4... READ MORE

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