Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Ever heard of having your stomach stapled? Sleeve gastrectomy is that kind of surgery. By permanently reducing the stomach to the size of a banana, this procedure aids in weight loss. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn’t change digestion. LEARN MORE ›

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277 lbs Pre Diabetic with Neuropathy... I AM DONE... Well so far I have had my orientation with the Bariatric Medicine Institute. They sent me for quite a few tests and lab work, I was all excited thinking that I would qualify to have the surgery done right away until the institute called me... READ MORE

Hi everyone, I'm 47 years old & have been overweight all of my life. I've only struggled with it for the past 15 years, because I felt it was my norm & ok to be overweight. Now that I'm much older, I'm very concerned about my overall health. I know how to look good even at 255 lbs, but I want... READ MORE

Weighing in at almost 350 my pressure was unstable, and I was tapping on diabetes door. My legs ached all the time and my energy level sucked. Uncontrollable periods my health was becoming a mess. Being slapped on a second pressure medicine, including a cholesterol medicine I became depressed.... READ MORE

I went to a weight loss class 8 years ago and the only thing available was bypass and lap band. I said Nevermind. I can do it on my own. Fast forward 8 years. Add in 60 pounds, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep issues and I had to do something. 8 weeks out from my pre surgery diet 6 weeks... READ MORE

My primary care physician recommended my bariatric surgeon when I found it impossible to lose the 40 lbs required to have hernia surgery. The hernia caused a lot of pain whenever I exercised even a little. I started the two week preop diet at 331 lbs on July 8, 15. By September 3 I had lost... READ MORE

I have always been a little bit on the chubby side but once I move to the states permanently I blow up to my current weight of 307 lbs. I can't control myself if I get mad, sad,happy, nervous or any other emotion I eat????. I'm in love with food but it doesn't love me back so now I've decided to... READ MORE

In my early adult years I was thin, fit, healthy and happy. Life happens and all that disappeared. Now at 47 I am finally taking control and becoming what and who I was at 27. The past 20 years have been up and down on the scale, each attempt at losing weight lasted only short periods of time... READ MORE

I am a candidate for the Verticle Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery(Gastric Sleeve Surgery) and have already attended the Weight Loss Seminar for Bariatric Surgery(March 6, 2014), I've had my Initial Consultation(April 6, 2014), my Gallbladder Ultrasound(April 11, 2014), Blood Work, 2 years Weight... READ MORE

After months of research I nervously approached my husband to float the idea of having a gastric sleeve. He (skinny man) didn't understand and told me he loves me the way l am. I explained to him that this has been a burden for me since I was a small child and reminded him that my whole family... READ MORE

I've been on this site for years and I found so much info and now I'm ready for my sleeve. I've been over weight for about 20 years and now I'm so tired of carrying around this weight so I decided to have the sleeve done. I've narrow it down to two doctors in Mexico and that's Dr. A. Ortiz or Dr... READ MORE

I've been reading about everyone else's experience on Real Self and it has helped me decide to have my surgery at the obesity control center in Tijuana MX. I can say that I was curious about going out of country from the start because I am privately paying for the procedure and the local... READ MORE

My motivation for doing this surgery was I wanted to lose weight and be healthy and possibly have my knees not hurt so much. I have always been a little overweight. I have 5 grown children and over the years as they were growing up we ate out alot due to the fact that they were all in sports and... READ MORE

Hello group I am new to the group. I have not had my surgery yet. I am having the sleeve done October 5th. I am excited and scared all in one. I am on my liquids for 2 weeks until the 5th. I have need reading all the comments and they were interesting and helpful. Any advice u can give will help... READ MORE

I've been over weight my entire life I was born weighing nearly 10lbs. I never really had a problem with being 'fat' until my teens , I would get boils in between my thighs & under my arms ... By the time I was 19 I would get bumps /boils on a daily basis EVERYWHERE , under my chest , my butt,... READ MORE

Feeling on top of the world! Starr weight 15st11lb, current weight 12st 6lb. The best this g I've ever done, I'm still losing 5-6lb a month. Target weight 11st. I'm 5ft6ins. Loving life & still experimenting. Hard at first & sometimes I thought was it worth it & now here I am - I ain't never... READ MORE

So I am a 42 year old female who has always struggeled with her weight. I was always a size 20 or up until my mid-twenties when I decided to go on weight watchers, and run up to 5 miles a day. However, after having my daughter at age 33 and more responsibilities when my career started developing... READ MORE

I wasn't always overweight. Growing up I was a very competitive athlete, playing basketball 10-12 months out of the year from the time I was in fourth grade through high school. Then comes then a bunch of grief and trauma along with quitting all sports. I ended up finding myself spending time... READ MORE

Everyone has been very kind to me at a TN BeLightweight. I has a million questions and they let me ask more. I have investigated, researched, questioned others before me and I am convinced this will be my last fight with fat! I can forget losing 20llbs and gaining 2 back in a week or going... READ MORE

I hate hospitals, needles, doctors and medications, so it's a big deal for me to even contemplate this, but I am so desperate to feel normal again,..I think I have long forgotten what that even means! I have tried everything, and in the last three years have worked at eating rich, nutrient... READ MORE

Hello RS, I've been stalking this website for some time now. Trying to make up my mind about what procedure to do first and how to do it. Well my first interest was BBL, that was before my 3rd child. Well, that went out the window because now, I'm at a weight I don't want to be, never never... READ MORE

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