Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Sleeve gastrectomy ("stomach stapling") is a surgical procedure that permanently reduces the size of a patient's stomach. Can be combined with other bariatric surgical procedures, such as gastric bypassLEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $9,900

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Healthy indivial, better life quality, healthy body And mind, some of my relatives feel comfortable to take on the procedure, my brother already went trought the process and his in great shape, his selfesteem is much higher. I was never into gym And never realize how much fun I was missing with... READ MORE

Mi nombre es Lina Vargas tengo 27 años de edad , en mi infancia y adolescencia fuí delgada , el año 2009 salí embarazada y llegue a pesar 211 libras , después de dar a luz en 2010 hice muchas dietas sin resultados , hasta que el 2012 comencé averiguar sobre la manga gástrica y di con el... READ MORE

I'm 340 lbs hoping to get down to get to no less then189! I have had my first apt and go back for my second on the 11th of Sept. I'm super excited has took me 2 years to finally go through with it!! I am hoping that with this surgery and a change in my life style that I will become a happier... READ MORE

I was miserable and at my highest weight at 245 lbs and 5'4" joined program in April 2014 and surgery July 24, I chose the sleeve and I'm now 10 days post op! Weighing in at 215lbs and have been there a couple days but every day I'm getting smaller! Went and purchased my first dress in forever!!... READ MORE

In life there are things that can not be described with mere words, since for this we must feel them and experience them, since obesity is a fatal disease to humans, remember when I was 11: AM and did not take my pill pressure, tremors came around me, I had to come to my house, tomármelas, rest... READ MORE

I spent 10 years of my life fighting with my obesity using and trying lots of conventional methods. So I had a lot of ups and down in my young life...It was so hard to live in DR where you cant even find nice clothes to wear or people who doesn't look at you and laugh at you and make offensive... READ MORE

I'd always been shubby, but after i went off to college i gained a lot of weight. When decided to go through with the procedure i was 215 pounds and going up. Today i know this was the best decision i could've ever made. I'm know 157 and im still missing 17 pounds. After 4 months ive lost 58... READ MORE

I have always been a big girl my whole life. My joke when people start talking about what size they were in high school is I went from 4T to plus size...unfortunately its not much of a joke. I always remember my dad saying "you would be so much prettier if you just lost the weight". I have... READ MORE

I am seeing the doctor on September 8th. I Have had all preliminary screenings done. I have to admit. ...I am scared to the 20th degree. I have a 8 month old and I have to get home to her. So as you can tell I am terrified of dying on the table. So far all encounter have been pleasant. I have... READ MORE

I have never been small. My weight has been like a yoyo constantly going up and down. I will lose weight then I'll gain it back. My breaking point was when I gained 15 pounds after being switched from one blood pressure med to another. I think I felt disappointed in myself for even allowing... READ MORE

Hello Everyone! My name is Ebony and I am embarking on a long but well worth it journey. After much research (years) I have decided to get the gastric sleeve. I am 28 years old and I weigh 382 lbs. Honestly up until recently I really didn't think of myself as being that big until I actually... READ MORE

I am 23 years old and I am a hospice nurse. I have had issues with my weight my whole life, even while being very active in sports in high school. I am at my highest weight ever if 298 pounds. I recently finally was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS. I am married and my husband and I really... READ MORE

Hi my name is linda. I haven't had the op yet but I'm interested in hearing your reviews. I'm a little scared at the unchangability of this op so I hope you guys can give me some encouragement . I currently weigh 113kg and have severe osteoarthritis in my knees. This means hard exercise is out... READ MORE

I thought about going through with a bariatric surgery two years ago and put it on hold to attend school. Until I realized I couldn't stay awake after working 45+ hours, being a single mom of two and attending school on the weekends. My obesity had a major impact on my sleeping pattern and would... READ MORE

Post-Op: 254 lbs. 5'7.5" 43 years old female I decided to have the Sleeve Gastrectomy in February of 2013, after attending an information seminar on Bariatric Surgery. I didn't even know the Sleeve was an option. I didn't want the Bypass and figured I'd have to have the Lap Band even though I... READ MORE

First let me say I hate taking pictures, even with the weight loss. So this review will not have many pics. *Sorry* I am currently looking into getting a BBL *hopefully* within the next few months but I am having a hard time finding a surgeon that does not want me to wait a year until I lose... READ MORE

I'm 44 yrs old and weigh 255 pounds. The most I have ever weighed. I've tried the diets, weight meds, exercise, bootcamps, you name it. I'm getting ready to have the gastric sleeve done in August. I'm really excited to start this new chapter in my life to be thin again. I've had the blood... READ MORE

I am all set for surgery... again. I was scheduled to have it earlier in the year. However, bronchitis put that surgery off and now I'm just 3 weeks out! I'm really anxious, but more excited than anything. I was starting to pack away my summer clothes in totes to go in the basement when the... READ MORE

Hi. My name is Rhie. Im 26 and I suffer from Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was always quite petite as a child, but it seemed that as I hit puberty, I also begun to gain weight, I also developed tiny patches of hair in areas that only men got hair but it was just 5 or 6 odd hairs so I guessed... READ MORE

At this point i am 9 days post op worth it. I was tired of being fat couldn't run and play with my kids without having to sit down. Not being able to go into a store and find something that would fit to wear. Quality of life wasnt where i wanted it. I have no regrets about this procedure. Its... READ MORE

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