Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Ever heard of having your stomach stapled? Sleeve gastrectomy is that kind of surgery. By permanently reducing the stomach to the size of a banana, this procedure aids in weight loss. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn’t change digestion. LEARN MORE ›

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A little bit about myself I'm 26 years old 320ish lbs at 5' 9". I've always been on the heavier side of the weight scale, at least that's what I felt. I was a very athletic teenager I played several sport including but not limited to softball, track, basketball and volleyball. I grew up on a... READ MORE

My journey began on November 18 of this year. I was scheduled to have surgery over a year ago and chickened out about a month prior to surgery. I know it has only been a short period from surgery but I feel incredible. I had struggled prior to surgery how I would feel and had read so many... READ MORE

I've been over weight my entire life I was born weighing nearly 10lbs. I never really had a problem with being 'fat' until my teens , I would get boils in between my thighs & under my arms ... By the time I was 19 I would get bumps /boils on a daily basis EVERYWHERE , under my chest , my butt,... READ MORE

I have decided that in order to get the results I really want, I need to get the weight off. Losing 10lb here and there and then gaining it back will not work. My BMI is 35 and I would like it to be around 25-27 BMI. After doing a ton of research and learning that there are actually weightloss... READ MORE

Hello all, This is my first post here, although I've read probably every single review of this procedure on here! I am currently 5'4" and approximately 240lbs. I was about 244 when I started this journey last July, quickly lost 10lbs or maybe a few more with diet and exercise, and then just... READ MORE

I started my process a couple of weeks ago. I have insurance paying for almost everything so my part might be $450.00 at most. My procedure date is a made up date but I am hoping for December! !! One of the reasons I am having WLS is to live the rest of my life healthy. I am almost 150 lbs... READ MORE

Since the birth of my daughter 25 years ago I have been overweight, but I have always been a very positive person and I believe you should love yourself no matter what the outside package is. I have always tried to remain trendy with clothing and active. But l need to make a change not for... READ MORE

First of all, just wanna say how happy I am that i found this page :-D. Also i am not showing my face coz only me and my husband know, dont want people to know what i do....its private. Lil history, Im 30 but allways been a Thik girl as far as i can remember...20-30 pounds more than my friends... READ MORE

I am just starting the process of getting gastric sleeve surgery done ???? I am doing it through dean insurance so I have to go through a loooooot of steps but I absolutely believe it will be worth it. I had my first apt with the weight management program Dr and my first apt with the... READ MORE

I've been here for a while I've read many reviews many replies.and never thought I'll write one myself but after 6 months of doing the necessary to better my health and getting one step closer to maybe one day being of all kinds of medication. It really feels good and I was not always like this... READ MORE

The gastric Sleeve saved my life! I was 23 years old and 400 lbs and even after exercising everyday and eating healthy i just couldn't loose any weight. That's when I started to explore my options. I found an amazing doctor and booked my procedure. Its been 2 years since my surgery and I am now... READ MORE

277 lbs Pre Diabetic with Neuropathy... I AM DONE... Well so far I have had my orientation with the Bariatric Medicine Institute. They sent me for quite a few tests and lab work, I was all excited thinking that I would qualify to have the surgery done right away until the institute called me... READ MORE

I went to a weight loss class 8 years ago and the only thing available was bypass and lap band. I said Nevermind. I can do it on my own. Fast forward 8 years. Add in 60 pounds, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep issues and I had to do something. 8 weeks out from my pre surgery diet 6 weeks... READ MORE

I've been reading about everyone else's experience on Real Self and it has helped me decide to have my surgery at the obesity control center in Tijuana MX. I can say that I was curious about going out of country from the start because I am privately paying for the procedure and the local... READ MORE

I am just a few weeks from surgery date and having the ups and downs of nerves. I went for my pre op testing today at the hospital and was pleasantly pleased with all of the staff members. They were all friendly, kind and supportive in every aspect. The same way I feel at the surgeons office. I... READ MORE

In my early adult years I was thin, fit, healthy and happy. Life happens and all that disappeared. Now at 47 I am finally taking control and becoming what and who I was at 27. The past 20 years have been up and down on the scale, each attempt at losing weight lasted only short periods of time... READ MORE

I'm scheduled to have my Gastric Sleeve on November 6, 2015. I'm having my procedure done at the Obesity Control Center with Dr. Ariel Ortiz. I've been working with the nutritionist at OCC to reach my pre-op weight. I've lost 6lbs and need to lose 2 more lbs. So far communication has been great... READ MORE

Weighing in at almost 350 my pressure was unstable, and I was tapping on diabetes door. My legs ached all the time and my energy level sucked. Uncontrollable periods my health was becoming a mess. Being slapped on a second pressure medicine, including a cholesterol medicine I became depressed.... READ MORE

I am a 38 years old with twins that are now 11 years of age. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer last year and both of my thyroids were removed at seperate times. I have always been overweight and have tried every diet you can name. I was successful in 2009 and lost 75 lbs but regained it back.... READ MORE

I'm 5"5' and currently 202lbs. I've struggled with my weight my whole life and I have a family history of obesity and diabetes. I'm getting sleeves my Dr. Martinez at The Obesity Control Center in Tiajuana Mexico on April 21, '15. My goal is to avoid a diabetes diagnosis and lose the knee and... READ MORE

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