Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Ever heard of having your stomach stapled? Sleeve gastrectomy is that kind of surgery. By permanently reducing the stomach to the size of a banana, this procedure aids in weight loss. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn’t change digestion. LEARN MORE ›
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After my failed results from my lap band I have decided to get the gastric sleeve done. I am nervous but anxious to start my new healthy lifestyle and the new me ???? Even though I'm a nurse I have always helped others recover and become healthier but have neglected myself. The crazy schedule of... READ MORE

Hi everyone!!!! I am so excited right now. I want to first thank all of you who have so bravely presented yourselves to us in sharing your stories and weight loss adventures. It has been and is so inspiring to me. So here I go I went today for my pre-opt appointment, I am so darn excited I... READ MORE

I've been on this journey since last September. I agree with those who say its not an easy journey. By no means. Mostly, its taking many doctors visits because my cigna insurance has a strict criteria before they approve the surgery. I had to see a sleep doc and undergo sleep lab test and was... READ MORE

I'm looking forward to having Gastric Sleeves surgery this Spring if God permits. I'm tired of this weight and all the yo-yo diets. It's time to change my life, this time for good. I've been on "Real Self" for about a year now, man I love it. It helps me with my decision on choosing my surgeon... READ MORE

At my highest weight 320 i got down to 267 before surgery in a six month period please Help me get through this stage feeling really regretful wis h i would've just worked out on my own these first few days have been hell ive been here in the hospital since Monday its Wednesday 630pm... READ MORE

I first remember when I was 8 yrs old seeing stretch marks on my thighs. Then as puberty came along stretch marks on my breasts and hips. I was never a large kid just a little chubby. My mother was always obsessed with her weight so I remember being 11 yrs old doing crazy starvation or green... READ MORE

Tomorrow will be 1 week that I have had my surgery. I'm feeling great. I can't wait until Wednesday for my post -op and those staples out. I haven't had any problems at all. I was a little nauseous when I got into my room, but it passed in a hour. I never got sick. I was up walking 6 hours... READ MORE

I'm hoping for relief from my back pain I'm in the injection they give me for pain have made me gain so much weight that they don't work any more. I have had 5 foot surgeries so can't walk very well and fell in my tub after one of them and messed up my back. Relief would be great. I will be so... READ MORE

Hi there realselfers, I decided to create another blog for my upcoming Gastric Sleeve surgery. For those of you who has not followed me, I'm zaria63. I wanted to originally have a tt, bbl, and lipo done by the waiste slayers in the Dominican Republic. But unfortunately,life happens and... READ MORE

I have always been overweight since childhood. In high school I weighed 265 lbs and was able to maintain this weight until my twenties. I have always been told I carried my weight well but i would rather not have to carry it at all. " your so pretty for a big girl" comment is getting old.. and i... READ MORE

My name is Deb White. I for some reason have been leaving comments on forums and it comes up as Travus. I have a son named Travus but for the heck of me I cannot figure out this so instead of just commenting on other posts I decided to write one. I just now came from the hospital from my... READ MORE

So I had a breast reduction back in August and I am still pleased with that. It has made working out easier but unfortunately I have been working out hard in the gym 4x a week and eating better and I am not seeing my weight budge so I decided to self pay for the sleeve because I have no co... READ MORE

Had a band 3 years ago was 19 st went to 12 St but now 13 st , with the band I hate throwing most of the time , can't eat meat it gets stuck , hate that if I'm out need to see where I can throw if needed before I even sit down , fills and defills every time we go on hoilday , so in a week and a... READ MORE

277 lbs Pre Diabetic with Neuropathy... I AM DONE... Well so far I have had my orientation with the Bariatric Medicine Institute. They sent me for quite a few tests and lab work, I was all excited thinking that I would qualify to have the surgery done right away until the institute called me... READ MORE

Cant wait for procedure sleeve on 2-16-15..just nervous about pain n diet post op any suggestions? Most people in support group had bypass do i feel there journey wont benefit me much....needing some support....i have been reading everyones post and so far they are all positive. Any helful... READ MORE

Hi all! Nice to meet you. I'm 30, no kids, just bought a condo, I have a dog and I work full time and I've been jumping through the hoops of trying to get this surgery done for the last 7 months. My last step is just being approved by my new (as of Jan) insurance and then setting a date (hoping... READ MORE

After reading all the reviews and enjoying how much they have helped boost my confidence, I decided that sharing my story may help others. I am a 30-year-old mother of three and have been married for 10 years this June 2015. I never had any weight problems as a kid and have always been a... READ MORE

I’ve had a wonderful life thus far but like many others, the weight needs to go!! My gynecologist told me two weeks ago I weighed 241 and I was 5’5 and I replied “No Dr. V, I’m 5’6 and 220”. She just shook her head and I said “you do realize you just called me short AND fat”... READ MORE

I started this journey in October of 2013. I went to Dr. T and he had me go to do an Upper GI, some blood work, and a few other appointments. I was a little leery of doing this during the holidays, but I figured there would be more holidays to come in my future that I would need to eat healthy... READ MORE

I'm 61 and I've been yoyo-ing between size 12 and 18 since I was a teenager. Up and down this same 65lbs about 10 times in all. Every day is a battle and although I've won many days, the only inevitable loss I have at the end, is in the battle. I've hit 61 and I just can't battle again. I... READ MORE

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