Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Ever heard of having your stomach stapled? Sleeve gastrectomy is that kind of surgery. By permanently reducing the stomach to the size of a banana, this procedure aids in weight loss. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn’t change digestion. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm ready, I don't have date just yet, but I'm on the road to making better choices. Better Health. I;m schedule for a couple of surgery clearance procedures, then Ill be able to get a surgery date. I have the psyche evaluation coming up on 7/21, the EGD scheduled because I have a diverticulum... READ MORE

Before gastric sleeve Started @345lbs as of today: 6/12/15 wt. 230lbs . It's been long journey, but da fight isn't well over yet.... At age of 24yrs weight started packing on. I was always self conscious of my flat butt. Got teased a lot high school through out my school years. After having... READ MORE

I went to a weight loss class 8 years ago and the only thing available was bypass and lap band. I said Nevermind. I can do it on my own. Fast forward 8 years. Add in 60 pounds, high blood pressure, diabetes and sleep issues and I had to do something. 8 weeks out from my pre surgery diet 6 weeks... READ MORE

I'm 32 years old, married with a daughter. I've struggled with my weight all my life. Early adulthood is when the weight really started piling on and it became harder and harder to get it off. I've toyed with the idea of WLS for about 10 years now. I made the decision to go through with it... READ MORE

I've always been slim until the passed two years . after having my youngest I am unable to loose the weight but boy have I tried. I've done met the qualifications set by my insurance to be approved all that's left is the physic evaluation and a nutrition visit(mines tomorrow) then I should have... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I have decided to take the plunge as I have struggled since giving birth to my kids to get my weight under control. Friends and Family think I am out of my mind to have my surgery in Mexico. I want this to be a place to help others with this process and document my journey. I... READ MORE

I've been reading all of your posts for the last month and thought I should introduce myself and hopefully (eventually) help others in this journey as many of you have already unknowingly helped me. Let's see....I was a very active child and teen, swimmer, ballet dancer, runner. I didn't have a... READ MORE

I am 39 years old and a married mother to 3 kids (19,16,&14). Numerous times over the years I have researched bariatric surgery. Each time I stop short of actually attending a seminar. Well..... I went to the bariatric surgery seminar on 06/30/15. After listening (with my very supportive... READ MORE

Hi. My name is Rhie. Im 26 and I suffer from Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I was always quite petite as a child, but it seemed that as I hit puberty, I also begun to gain weight, I also developed tiny patches of hair in areas that only men got hair but it was just 5 or 6 odd hairs so I guessed... READ MORE

My name is Ise Conerly and I have struggled with my weight over the past 10 years, after the birth of my first child. I am 5'4 and currently weighing 228. I have tried every weight loss program out there including Metabolife, HCG, grapefruit diet, cabbage soup diet, Lipozene, Herbalife,... READ MORE

Hi, I'll try to make it quick. Is vert hard to make the decision to go through with surgery. I'm only 5 days post surgery , but I feel assured I've made the correct decision. My weight had spiraled my life out of control, I had become a yoyo dieter. For the first time in a long time I feel free... READ MORE

I have extensively researched doctors, looked at numerous reviews, talked to different offices, and through all of that, I've decided to choose Dr. Ortiz for my surgery. I'm nervous about it, to be sure, but this is the right thing to do. I'm currently at 205 lbs, 5'5", and though I'm not as... READ MORE

Hello All, Today I have started the journey to a healthier lifestyle. I am currently the heaviest I have ever been, 355 lbs. Years of neglecting my body has finally caught up with me. I was always decently fit and athletic until I blew two disks in my back playing football. Since then my weight... READ MORE

I struggle with my weight after my divorce which was 11 years ago. I was emotional eater. It's amazing how you allow your self get this far of gaining weight over the years. One day I began to lose weight but it was more a challenge than I bargain for. 2014 I got very sick from diabetes, I lost... READ MORE

I'm 5"5' and currently 202lbs. I've struggled with my weight my whole life and I have a family history of obesity and diabetes. I'm getting sleeves my Dr. Martinez at The Obesity Control Center in Tiajuana Mexico on April 21, '15. My goal is to avoid a diabetes diagnosis and lose the knee and... READ MORE

This is my first post.. My surgery is scheduled in under 48 hours, and yes I'm worried. I even considered drafting a will. I hope this is normal :) I am 49, BMI 39 and I have been type 2 Diabetic for the past 15 years. While I am generally doing fine, the combination of age, weight and blood... READ MORE

Hello I'm 31 year old , my current weight is 197 , my surgery is in 4 days, I'm very nervous and anxois, I'm so ready to be slim, heathy happy but have so much fear, today I was talking to my sister and she asked me to leave a will , and she said don't get the surgery I'm scared you won't make... READ MORE

I have found that this realself site is so great for anyone that is having a gastric sleeve surgery because you can get so much information and help from the experience. I have had a weight problem ever since I had my daughter 43 yrs ago. I only weighed 115 when i got pregnant with her and I... READ MORE

Hi all! Nice to meet you. I'm 30, no kids, just bought a condo, I have a dog and I work full time and I've been jumping through the hoops of trying to get this surgery done for the last 7 months. My last step is just being approved by my new (as of Jan) insurance and then setting a date (hoping... READ MORE

I had gastric sleeve surgery on July 6, 2015 with Dr. Steven Thomas at West Houston Medical Center. He is hands down the BEST doctor I have ever dealt with and I am extremely difficult to please. As of today I'm 20 lbs downs since surgery and entering my 3rd week post op. My energy has... READ MORE

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