Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Ever heard of having your stomach stapled? Sleeve gastrectomy is that kind of surgery. By permanently reducing the stomach to the size of a banana, this procedure aids in weight loss. Unlike gastric bypass, it doesn’t change digestion. LEARN MORE ›

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Hello everyone! I have decided to move forward with the sleeve surgery. This was not an easy decision but one I felt was the right decision. I am 44 years old 5"4 257pds. I have struggled with my weight fluctuations since leaving high school. I never thought much of it in my 20'schedule but as I... READ MORE

I’ve been in this forum for almost a month now. I had decided to wait to visit my surgeon for the first consultation on 4/2/15 to tell my story. I am currently 51, 5’ 3 ½” and 245 lbs., BMI= 43. I used to be a small thin girl when I was little and so flexible I could put my leg behind... READ MORE

This website and the inspiring stories women have shared here have been such an inspiration for me. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, but at 5'7" and 246lbs I've finally realized diet and exercise alone isn't ever going to be enough to get me to my goals. I'm at the very... READ MORE

I’ve been struggling with weight my whole entire life! I’ve done about 7 different diet and although a couple have worked in the end i end gaining the weight back and if anything MORE. I just had a baby last year after i had lost so much weight and here i am again with DOUBLE the weight. Im... READ MORE

First of all, just wanna say how happy I am that i found this page :-D. Also i am not showing my face coz only me and my husband know, dont want people to know what i do....its private. Lil history, Im 30 but allways been a Thik girl as far as i can remember...20-30 pounds more than my friends... READ MORE

I decided to get the VSG last year but when it was time for the surgery I found out I was pregnant with my son. I had my son Feb. 12 2015 and decided to schedule the surgery once he turned 6 mths. I am currently in my 2 week pre-op diet, I can only have liquids and I only have 4 days left to go.... READ MORE

Hello RS , I have been lurking around this site for the last year. It started with reading about women of similar body types like myself getting a TT (because that is what I thought I would do). As I considered all that went into a TT, I decided to get more of this weight off my "morbidly... READ MORE

After multiple attempts to loose weight I finally am ready. 4 years ago I started the process of getting Gastric Bypass (originally). I went through the Psychiatric evals, swallow studies, nutrition consults... even had a surgery date. Only to back out literally 3 weeks before. I wasn't ready,... READ MORE

I was motivated to have the gastric sleeve done because I was twice the size I was in Highschool , on 4 blood pressure pills and 2 cholesterol pills. My liquid diet start date weight was 425 and my surgery day weight was 400. I am 3 months out from surgery and have lost 126 pounds!! I've gone... READ MORE

I have been thinking about gastric sleeve for about 2 years now. I have been on many a diets and always seem to rebound then some. Much like all the others I had read many stories researched and researched the procedure. Finally it was my turn, August 15 2015 was the beginning of the rest of my... READ MORE

I've been following RealSelf and all your stories for a few months, and been thinking about a sleeve for about a year. In high school I went from 140-150, graduated at a size 8, which is overweight for my height, but I was always athletic and never felt fat, just a little thicker than most of... READ MORE

My first step was to join a support group with others who have been through or getting ready to have the sleeve done.. I can say it hasn't been easy.. Those close to me haven't been supportive like I hope they would have been.. My doctor had their on personal opinion on why I shouldn't do this... READ MORE

Hi there realselfers, I decided to create another blog for my upcoming Gastric Sleeve surgery. For those of you who has not followed me, I'm zaria63. I wanted to originally have a tt, bbl, and lipo done by the waiste slayers in the Dominican Republic. But unfortunately,life happens and... READ MORE

I love my new tiny stomach! It's the best weight loss tool I could ever hope for. I lost 98 lbs in nine months! What a fantastic ride that was. Now two years later I'm eating normal smallish portions and couldn't be happier. I'm finally ready to get rid of the extra skin and am considering... READ MORE

So I'm a 29 year old male in Boston,MA scheduled for Gastric Sleeve surgery Wednesday October 7th 2015. I have been heavy since the age of 14 and have always spent so much time taking care of others (family,friends, my work involves taking care of others) but never making any time to care for... READ MORE

My name is Dawn and I am 26 years old. I have 1 daughter who will be 2 in April. I am 5'6 tall and weight 285 pounds. A little quick history about my self: I wasn't always overweight - I was a cheerleader throughout middle school and also in my first year of high school. I was dating someone... READ MORE

I'm ready, I don't have date just yet, but I'm on the road to making better choices. Better Health. I;m schedule for a couple of surgery clearance procedures, then Ill be able to get a surgery date. I have the psyche evaluation coming up on 7/21, the EGD scheduled because I have a diverticulum... READ MORE

I was always kind of on the chunky side as a kid and teenager, but as a young adult, I went into the military and got myself in shape. But two years after I went in, my metabolism inexplicably slowed to a crawl. Neither my doctors, nor the dietitian and personal trainer assigned to me by the Air... READ MORE

Hi Everyone, I have decided to take the plunge as I have struggled since giving birth to my kids to get my weight under control. Friends and Family think I am out of my mind to have my surgery in Mexico. I want this to be a place to help others with this process and document my journey. I... READ MORE

Today I went to a seminar on the "sleeve"; and I'm working to see if my insurance will cover it. If it doesn't I will pay out of pocket. The seminar really helped ease my fears of it all. Many of the staff were former patients and very sincere! Looking forward to doing this! Hopefully my... READ MORE

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