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Swelling After Facial Liposuction

I had a facial liposuction two days ago. My face is getting more swollen every day, is it normal?

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Facial swelling after liposuction


It is normal to develop significant swelling in the face after surgical procedures, especially around the eyelids. If there is pain or redness, then you must see your physician urgently.

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Facial swelling following liposuction


The facial fat has tremendous ability to retain fluid. You should expect facial swelling to persists for many weeks although you should see the swelling to begin to go down towards the middle or end of the first week post-op.

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Facial swelling


After any surgery, the area affected will swell.  Sometimes the swelling can be tremendous and is the normal body reaction to an injury, which you have just undergone.  Usually the maximum swelling is a post op day 2 or 3, but can vary.  It will take one week for approximately 80-85% of the swelling to decrease.  The remaining swelling will vacillate for several weeks, and in some patients for several months but will not detract from your final result.

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