Aldactone and Irregular Periods?

i started taking aldactone for my hair loss and body hair since the mid of february and my period was regular before the medication and for two months after it. this month my period is late and am afraid that it might not come and am not sexually active. if i stopped the medication now, will my period come and be regular again ? and how long will it take ?

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Spironolactone can alter your menstrual cycle


Yes, depending on how your body responds to Aldactone (generic name spironolactone) you may notice some changes to your menstrual cycle. I treat many patients with spironolactone at doses up to 200mg daily for female pattern hair loss and I occasionally hear that women have either spotting in between their regular periods or notice a lessening or loss of their period altogether. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as certain estrogenic hormones when taken continuously can also keep you from having your period. I would encourage you to speak with your obstetrician and decide together what you are most comfortable with.  Yaz or Yasmin is another form of birth control which has drospirenone, similar to aldactone, and may help with hair loss and/or unwanted body hair. Most importantly, be sure you are not pregnant, because aldactone is a pregnancy category D drug which may affect the unborn child!

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Aldactone and Hair Loss


You should consult your prescribing doctor and have the opinion of a gynecologist and/or an endocrinologist as well.

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