After-care for Lip Augmentation Using Juvederm?

I am wondering how much post-op care you need after getting Juvederm Lip augmentations (assuming one syringe). I am wondering if you can go back to work and not look like a duck, or if you should take a few days out of site of the public eye while icing, massaging (as I have read some people do), etc.

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Most can go out in public the next day after lip fillers

Juvederm or restylane are great for the lips ($550 per syringe) and have very little down time. If you are making your lips look really large compared to their normal size then 1-2 days off is needed.

You can do the injections in 2 sessions, putting a little each time about a week apart, then there would be no down time. Eventually you should switch to lip implants for permanent results. They are easy to put in and easy to remove for $1500-2000 per lip and save a lot of money in the long run.

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Plan a personal day when getting a lip injection

Both Restylane and Juvederm work in part by drawing your own fluid to their injection site. So they have to swell. My experience is that Juvederm swells slightly less here, which is reversed when we inject around the eye. So the day of the injection, a characteristic pattern of swelling occurs. The swelling generalizes, to the white lip, between the nose and lip, so you look a bit full. And the swelling puffs the red lip away from the teeth, giving a duck like projection that is unnatural. It also tends to hang over the lower lip the first day, if the lower lip is not simultaneously injected. So I always tell patients to wait a day for an important social event, in order to let the normal details and contour of the upper lip return.

I don't require any special post op care, other than to refrain from massaging the lip. The product can be a little malleable after injection, so I make sure all irregularities are addressed myself, before sending patients on for the day. We also have little peel pack ice compresses that we utilize, to give a little help on the ride home. After that, some lip moisturizer only for comfort.

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Lip augmentation

Using hyaluronic acid  for lip augmentation, using one syringe by a plastic surgeon and icing the lips befoe and after there is very little if any after care.

  • ice compresses, for few hours
  • refrain from excessive lip movement for 24 hous
  • you may bruise and have minimal swelling, if any.

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Lip Augmentation After Care

You should not look like a duck after lip augmentation, if you do then it wasn't done correctly or you had too much put in. You will be swollen however for a few days. Icing for 24 to 48 hours on and off will help reduce the bruising. Avoiding aspirin and aspirin-like products (like Aleve and Advil) for at least a week before the procedure help to reduce bleeding and subsequent bruising after the treatment. You should not need time off from work.

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Juvederm and recovery

There should be little or no down-time after Juvederm is injected into your lips.  I usually have patients ice in the office for several minutes but you should be beautiful immediately after the injections and able to return to work.

Juvederm injections and lip augmentation - Los Angeles

Lip augmentation is an excellent treatment that I regularly perform in my Los Angeles office. I would anticipate some swelling, but ask patients to begin Bruisestick application immediately after treatment with some ice packs. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Juvederm dermal filler swelling

All fillers can cause swelling which typically lasts 1-2 days. It is not very noticeable, though I do often recommend fillers be done on a Friday so you're good to go for Monday. The other main risk is bruising which can last 7-10 days.

Sleeping on an extra pillow the night of the injection helps reduce swelling. Take tylenol if there is any pain (not common), rather than aspirin or ibuprofen which increase risk of bruising. Also minimize intake of alcohol, vitamin E, ginseng, green tea, & gingko biloba which all make you more prone to bruising (& thus swelling).

Applying pressure and ice packs right after treatment can be helpful in reducing swelling as well. The vast majority of my patients have no problem going to work the next day.

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Recovery after Juvederm lip augmentation

Normally, there are only 2 things that would limit your return to totally normal activity. One is bruising. This can be reduced by not taking any anti-inflammatory products for a week before the injection, as well as drinking pineapple juice or taking Bromaline and using Arnica Montana. Also, any bruising that occurs can be covered with make-up.

The other possible problem is swelling. Juvederm (or any hyaluronic acid product) is hygroscopic and causes some swelling. Using ice will reduce this some. It is not usually enough to cause a major appearance problem and does tend to resolve in several days.

For you, one syringe is not a lot, and should only enlarge the lips moderately. Most people I treat return to their normal activities, including work, immediately.

Aftercare from lip augmentation with Juvederm

Typically, there is minimal aftercare after a Juvederm treatment session. We recommend some icing of the area for an hour afterwards. Other than that there is no other post op care recommendations.

You may be bruised following treatment for a few days and some suggest that arnica type products work well for this.

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Time off for Juvederm Lip injections

These are called lunch time procedures and intended to be administered with virtually no downtime. If, however, you prefer that no one know you had it done,, then 3-5 days are typically a reasonable amount of time. Some individuals prep themselfves with Arnical Montana bu tht evidence supporting its clinical use is weak.

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