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This surgical process can help get rid of excess skin around the abs left behind after a massive weight loss LEARN MORE ›.
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I am beginning this journey at 38 years-old, try to get a tummy tuck (the fancy word actually being getting a "panniculectomy.") I can no longer stand the apron of a stomach I have in front of me. I lost half my body weight over ten years ago, I had a daughter four years ago, and this hanging... READ MORE

I'm so excited that I had my consultation with Dr. James Edwards from the Providence Medical Group today for a panniculectomy. He was fantastic and I look forward to working with him. He has great reviews on here. It's been a rocky road getting to this point but so happy to have made it. I... READ MORE

Less than 2 weeks before my panniluculecotmy. I'm very nervous how my results will turn out. My ps does only the lower part without billing for a full TT insurance will only cover lower. I have 3 wonderful daughters ages 19,12&3y/o. I had lapband 6yrs ago and have maintained my weight for the... READ MORE

I don't see many reviews from the over 60 group, so I thought I'd chime in. I had a gastric bypass procedure 4 years ago (at age 64). I lost 100 lbs in 10 months. I have only gained 15 lbs back and I'm working to take that off. I'm on Medicare so they will only cover a panniculectomy, but... READ MORE

A little about myself. I am 33 years old and a mother of three little girls. For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight. I finally reached my breaking point in September of 2013 when I started the gastric bypass procedure. I am 5'2 and had ballooned up to 240 pounds. How... READ MORE

Hi i had gastic sleeve done july 3rd 2013 i m 100lbs down and have hanging skin every where arm,leg,tummy,sides,ext.... i have my first plastic app on Oct 22nd 2014 can't wait going to see Martha Matthews, MD she was referred by my favorite GYN Dr Mama love him so i m hoping to love her too.... READ MORE

I have lost 60 pounds so far.down to 313. The more weight I lose, the lower my bowling ball hangs. Embarrassed, legs, knees and back hurt, rash. Life us rough. I am on month 2 of 6 month paper journal for insurance. Can not wait, all I think about. I know it will change my life. Had friend get... READ MORE

Tomorrow I have a consultation. I'm so excited. I'm mainly excited to have my nasty-hanging-belly-thingy photographed. (Um, no...) I'm excited to get the ball rolling. It's been 20 years since I've lost 120 pounds. Time too feel good. Time to be able to look at myself without extreme... READ MORE

Ever since high school I've I always had a gut. Five kids later my stomach has lost its elasticity. At one point I weighed 270 pounds and got down to 188 pounds. Currently I'm back at 245 pounds and I also developed a skin condition called hidradenitis suppurativa. It's very painful and... READ MORE

I am 22, 5'5" and currently weigh 164 lbs after losing 130 lbs (my starting weight was 290+ lbs). My surgery is booked for June 05 2015. It will remove the excess skin apron/pannus that hangs on my stomach. The Medical Services Plan (MSP) is covering this procedure, as it is considered a... READ MORE

I had a lap band placed 8/25/2008. I was very successful for the first 8 months after the procedure and lost 65 lbs. I started out at 260 and am 5'8" tall. I would have liked to lose another 30 lbs or so but it did not happen. My original surgeon for the WLS moved out of state after my first... READ MORE

My story.... I am a mom of 3 and a Military Wife. My husband and I have been together for 14 yrs and married for almost 9. Our kids are 14, 11, and 5. I wasn't always over weight, I am 5'9 and was usually between 175-190lbs however, durning my second pregnancy in 2003 I developed pre-eclampsia... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass back in 2000. I have maintained a 150+ lb weight loss and now need hernia repair and a panniculectomy. Been having issues with my pannus since a hysterectomy in 2012 leaving me unable to get much physical activity in. I have platued at my current weight for over a year... READ MORE

I have lost over 100 pounds in the last 19 months (down 150 pounds since 2004). I have been morbidly obese my entire life and I have a huge amount of excess skin. I am one week away from four procedures: extended abdominoplasty with public lift; panniculectomy, buttocks lift and lateral thigh... READ MORE

So here's me...Im a 30 year old female. I have always had somewhat of a weight issue but throughout high school I was very athletic, played basketball, ran track, etc. In my early 20s I experienced significant weight gain, due partially to depression partially my (not so fantastic) diet habits... READ MORE

Currently my weight is at 200 pounds I have lost well over 80 pounds 22 a gastric bypass which was done 3 years ago now I was approved last year October for an Pannilectomy however I chickened out so now I got reapproved and I'm going to go to the surgery my insurance carrier is UPMC for you and... READ MORE

I have lost approximately 75 lbs over ten months from 230-165 and remained steady the only thing standing in my way is approximately 15 lbs of stomach fat that goes down below my pubic area. I'm 5"6 and after two children I literally haven't seen my waist line in about 10 years. I'm covered... READ MORE

I had panny with muscles repair , my insurance cover for the panni but I paid extra for the muscle repair,pain was not bad But I don't feel good with my results. A lot extra skin hanging. The Dr said he can't make me revision. Not agree.I don't have any complication, 4 month later... READ MORE

Hey I am a 29 yr old mother of three I've had three c-section after my last c-section in august 2007 I weighted in at 218 pounds before my pregnancy I was 145 pounds do to preeclampsia & Gestational diabetes I gained well over the recommended Weight. Do to natural weight loss I developed what's... READ MORE

My panniculectomy is scheduled for Dec12th. This is the day I will regain my health and emotional spirit back. Lord, I truly thank YOU for giving me the opportunity to his this surgery. He gave me favor with my insurance company. I will be responsible for my deductible. I will be welcoming the... READ MORE

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