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WORTH IT RATING based on 87 reviews
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This surgical process can help get rid of excess skin around the abs left behind after a massive weight loss LEARN MORE ›.
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So i read about a pannicutomy on this site , made appt . with doctor on 8-8-14 and got approved through my insurance on 8-22-14 so I took the step to get the ball rolling im .scared of the pain... was told I will be coming home with a wound vac., im not paying extra to keep my belly button,if... READ MORE

Hello, Well I got my approval for my panniculectomy found out they submitted approval for abdominalplasty they got the insurance to approve both thank God, im scheduled August 20th im very excited so ready to get it done and want to see how all my hard work from 120 lbs loss has paid off with a... READ MORE

52yrs old mom of 3 , all c-sections....lost 161lbs back in 1996, no surgery just working out at YMCA 3-4 times a wk. No diet ate normal food and deserts. My decision to get a panniculectomy was one of the best life changing experience I've made. No regrets Good experience all the way round.I... READ MORE

After five years of diet and exercise I've gone from 435lbs down to 215lbs. I feel amazing, except for back pain. Although the pain is more manageable now, it's still persistent. I carry a large pannus around me like a worn out deflated tire. The flap is heave and strains my lower back. The more... READ MORE

I am having a BR because i have been experiencing neck back n shoulder pain along with rashes. I am having a Panniculectomy because I have sagging skin on my lower abdomen that causes lower back pain as well as leg pain. I am So excited , can't wait til the day of surgery. I welcome my new look... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass back in 2000. I have maintained a 150+ lb weight loss and now need hernia repair and a panniculectomy. Been having issues with my pannus since a hysterectomy in 2012 leaving me unable to get much physical activity in. I have platued at my current weight for over a year... READ MORE

I'm very impressed with how Dr. Zirwen, changed my life. It motivates me to keep losing. I feel a lot better about myself. I never thought I would look as amazing as I do. He really have changed my life for the better. During the surgery, the doctor took off more than I expected. The down time... READ MORE

In January 2014 I visited perfection makeover and laser center to get a better understanding of what I wanted done. At that time I met with Robyn the patient care coordinator. We talked about my best options for cosmetic surgery and about Dr. Mario Alfonso Gonzalez cepeda and his background in... READ MORE

I have had three cute sons and have come to the realization that I have ZERO elasticity in my stomach region. It is shocking to see that I have the exact same mid section that "severe weight loss" people have! It's crazy! I was 210 in April '14 when I gave birth to my youngest son. At 5'2" that... READ MORE

Over the last 9 years or so I have changed my lifestyle completely and have lost 145 lbs from my heaviest (I could have weighed more at some time but honestly never used to weigh myself because I didn't want to know how bad it was). I was 349 lbs at my 6 week check up after my first son was... READ MORE

I had gastric bypass in 2010 and exercised everyday. I have lost 145 lbs and kept it off for 2 years as of date. But I could not get rid of that fatty part above my vagina. I worked out faithfully at the gym even with a personal trainer. It just got where they told me that I lost the elasticity... READ MORE

I hope by the end of all this I will be able to lose my spare tire look and feel more comfortable in my own body. I'm currently 5'8 and weigh just about 200lbs. My surgery is July 10 and just had my pre op appointment yesterday. I'm having a panni and circumferential liposuction. I had... READ MORE

I had Gastric Bypass in 2003 at the age of 23. I lost over 120 lbs or so. I was left with a lot of loose skin but by the time I was able to get the skin removed I had lost my insurance. So I waited. And soon life became too hectic to even think about getting it done. I was already a mom of... READ MORE

This surgery has changed my life so much. I'm 5'0 and before having children weighted 95 lbs. Ten years, three kids and much added weight later, my body was a nightmare. I hated the thought of my husband seeing me naked. I hated seeing myself in the mirror even with clothes on. I'm only two... READ MORE

Hi everyone! My name is Lori and I had a lap band in 2009 and have lost approximately 60 lbs. I have a Grade 4 (hangs mid thigh) pannus that I plan on having removed. I am having to write to my insurance company Cigna to see if they will grant prior-authorization, if not I will have to pay... READ MORE

Hello everyone! This is my first post concerning my journey. I have had 2-c sections and on my 3rd hernia Repair Surgery within the last 8 years. I'm having the hernia repaired ( component separation technique) and a Panniculectomy. I'm excited and can't wait! I have my pre op visit next week... READ MORE

I have lost over 100 pounds in the last 19 months (down 150 pounds since 2004). I have been morbidly obese my entire life and I have a huge amount of excess skin. I am one week away from four procedures: extended abdominoplasty with public lift; panniculectomy, buttocks lift and lateral thigh... READ MORE

In need of a panniculectomy. My back hurts when i exercise i Dnt know if she to the hanging skin. Iwent to a ps and she went the papers to the insurance co. Now i have to wait. Does anyone know how long i have to wait? I been needing one since my last baby i get really bad pains where the... READ MORE

After 2 consults, I've decided to have a panniculectomy with lipo to abdomen, waist, back and upper buttocks. The first PS suggested a full TT with no lipo because he thought my love handles were great..NOT. His statement made my decision much easier. So I'm scheduled now with the 2nd PS! My... READ MORE

I have been In fear for so many years and after 11 years I decided to get the procedure done, since I was a candidate! I had two C-sections, both Vertical and horizontal. My babies where so big and caused me to stretch so much and loosen more after eating right and working out! I may not had... READ MORE

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