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You can get fuller lips with implants made from saline or silicone. LEARN MORE › 
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I just had my permalip implants put in 4 days ago, and I'm having such mixed feelings about it! I've wanted fuller lips for years now, and finally decided to do it on a whim. I've never had fillers or even any other surgery, so I wasn't sure what to expect, and I still feel extremely unsure... READ MORE

I decided to get a permalip implant after trying Restylane and feeling it did not give me the desired look. The procedure was very straight forward and my Doctor (Dr. Roy Ng) was extremely helpful and clear explaining everything he was doing as he did it. During the consultation he explained the... READ MORE

This is my second surgery with Dr. Lee, this time involving Lip implants with Surgisil/Permalip. The procedure was done under local anesthetic and had little to no discomfort during surgery. The only thing I felt during the procedure was a little moving and that's about it, no pain whatsoever.... READ MORE

My surgeron was wonderful...I was scared to go too I choose the med. size..opps...not enough poof for me..getting the large on the 30th of jan 2012. Will post pics...Email me if you have is a easy procedure and you can go up or down in size..once the tunnel is there in the... READ MORE

I decided to get large permalip implants on both my upper and lower lip. I had used fillers before and really liked the look of a full sexy mouth. Fillers can be quite expensive over time and the implants are the cost of 2 juvaderm filler procedures, so financially it is definitely worth it to... READ MORE

I just had lip implants surgery yesterday, i always wanted big lips so i've tried fat injection but was very disapointed because it didn't even last one month. so i decided to go for something permanent even though i think the implants are smaller than the size i want my lips to be, i preffer... READ MORE

I've always wanted fuller lips with that sexy pout so many of us love. When I heard about PermaLip a year or so ago I knew that's exactly what I wanted. I did the research, learned about the procedure, and looked at a bunch of before/after pictures. I checked with plastic surgeons in my area,... READ MORE

I am tall, athletic and have large eyes, my lips were not thin but very small for my face and I've always wanted a bigger, sexier mouth. I tried Juvederm about 6 months ago and was happy with the look, but not the cost considering it dissolved after about two months. I researched Permalip for... READ MORE

I had gore-tex softform implants placed in my top and bottom lips 9 months ago. First, the injections given to numb the areas were extremely painful. It has been 9 months and my lips feel hard and I can feel four different bumps to on the top and two on the bottom where the implants end. The... READ MORE

I love my permanent lip implants because they have changed my appearance for the better, in a very subtle way, and make me look and feel a lot younger. Photos of me come out better, too, because the thicker lips give more '3 dimensionality' to my face. But best of all, they're... READ MORE

I got implants done on the basis that it was a clinical study, so they were at no cost. Procedure was a little scary at first, I felt pressure of lip implants being inserted, which was normal. After the procedure my lips were blown up! I looked like The Nutty professor when he inflates. I... READ MORE

Hi, I had my lip implants (SOFTFORM) done back in 1999. I orginally had one done on each side of my vermillion and then did another one straight thru the lip so I have a total of 3. I had this done and the results I feel were better in the beginning. I am gay and have had other things done... READ MORE

I’m getting real close to 50 yrs old. I have wanted a permanent lip implant for years but have not been satisfied with available options so just kept waiting. After seeing a couple of nice examples come out of the plastic surgeon’s office down the hall, I shot in like a rocket. That... READ MORE

I had no upper lip that pleased my eye and my reaction to Restylane with other doctor was so horrible, I was looking for safer and longer lasting option. The procedure was done under anesthesia, as I was having other thing done at the same time. Once I woke up, my lip was slightly swollen but... READ MORE

I am excited about getting my permalip implants, but would love input on 4 or 5mm?? Everyone that gets 4 seems to want,..or does go bigger! 5mm ppl always seem happy, a few even wanting bigger than that. I do want my lips BIGGER, a noticeable difference, but nothing crazy, and from what I have... READ MORE

Just one week after having had a lip augmentation (top lip only) procedure, I have nothing but praise for the fantastic work, care and overall service from Dr De Silva and everyone at his clinic. From the very start, I was treated as a valued patient. Pre-treatment appointments were extremely... READ MORE

Dr. Sternberg is very skilled injecting filler, but I wanted something more permanent for my lips and he suggested silicone lip implants. He inserted them under general anesthesia. I had swelling for a few days and had to use a small spoon and toothbrush to keep from opening my mouth wide and... READ MORE

The procedure took about 15 minutes, and once numb, I did't feel a thing. The recovery was speedy as well. After about 1 full week, the swelling was reduced drastically, and I returned to daily exercise. I would definitely recommend this procedure to someone that does not want to spend so... READ MORE

A strong cautionary word of warning to anyone considering this procedure. First off. It is extremely traumatic. Your lips will be butchered. I experienced a vagal response while having it done. The pain when I got home and the lidocaine wore off was horrible. I am no whimp having had fillings... READ MORE

On July 9, 2013 I had the Permalip procedure done by Dr. Athre. A few weeks prior, I met Sandy, the patient coordinator at my initial consultation and she explained the procedure and office policies to me, then Dr. Athre came in and did a brief evaluation, answered any questions and recommended... READ MORE

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