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You can get fuller lips with implants made from saline or silicone. LEARN MORE ›
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My face is holding up pretty well! But my lips were shrinking and I could see the future as a bit bleak. . So I threw down $5000 and said, let's see what happens. I know that's a lot but I wanted someone who I could trust. We'll see if it pays off. I feel weirdly confident in Dr.... READ MORE

I guess with age everything deflates and goes south..... gosh. I have decided to get 4 mm permalip here in Austin. I really don't want the big lips just what nature is slowly taking away. I am very happy but also worried about the outcome as there lots of positive (yes about 75%) and then... READ MORE

Kylie Jenner and her lips made me want to get my lips done! I am just obsessed with her lips and wanted to plump mine up! I didn't want to do the fillers , I wanted something permanent! Also note, I have never had fillers before! ... The procedure it's self was not very painful, the shots... READ MORE

Super excited and nervous. Unsure what size and concerned because I have filler that hasn't disolced 100%. I'm having a BBL and decided to add the Permalip since I spend so much on filler. I haven't met my surgeon yet and I'm hoping he will agree 5mm upper and lower will be perfect. We shall... READ MORE

Day five after my operation 5mm top and 4mm bottom lip in Dublin Ireland. I am extremely pleased and they have preceeded my expectations. I wish I had them done years ago. The pain on the first day travelling home was tremendous and from a woman who gave birth without any pain relief I am no... READ MORE

I had my procedure yesterday it was so easy the shots were near painless!! The shots were very easy And I was worried about the shots! The doctor brought in the samples of the Perma lip implants so I could feel how soft they are and see the sizes to better pick may desired size, I showed him... READ MORE

I am a very blessed woman, I have the best husband and family in the world, whatever I want to do I'm supported and doesn't that make life easier! I have had my breasts done but I've never had Botox etc, twice I tried lip injections and each time would LOVE it I would have them huge and it... READ MORE

I admit it. I could easily be a plastic surgery addict. I had my nose done 20 years ago. I had breast implants when I turned 40, and last year I finally got my tummy tuck after 4 kids who were all huge babies. I've always wanted plump lips. My lips are decent size but they are rather flat. I got... READ MORE

I had a really wonderful experience with Dr. Perlman. First, during the procedure, the numbing injections were done very smoothly so it was definitely not as painful as I anticipated. The actual procedure was quick! I was very nervous but I was numb and only felt tugging, similar to if you were... READ MORE

I've Always had thing lips, so I started doing lip injections, (loved them!) but still felt it wasnt Enough. Wih the upkeep and cost. So I decided to do something a little more permanent and get the permalip 5mm implant. Procedure went well, was very calm and relaxed , some parts was very ... READ MORE

I wanted bigger lips since I was 20. I am 40 now.???? I had mole on the border of my upper lip, dermatologist removed it six months ago, so I was ready for Juvederm! It looks great, but it did not last. I knew I wanted Permalip. I live in Sarajevo and there is no doctor here who does it. After... READ MORE

This is my second surgery with Dr. Lee, this time involving Lip implants with Surgisil/Permalip. The procedure was done under local anesthetic and had little to no discomfort during surgery. The only thing I felt during the procedure was a little moving and that's about it, no pain whatsoever.... READ MORE

Hi, I know there are already lots of reviews about lip implants. But before I have it done I actually wish I could read more about the procedure done in London and from my same doctor (dr Roy NG). I had the surgery today and overall it was a good experience. Dr Roy was amazing, very professional... READ MORE

I've always been self-conscious about my thin lips. I always use lip liner/lip stain to outline my lips to make them look bigger. I finally got the money and the motivation to have cosmetic surgery, and after browsing through reviews on RealSelf, I decided to go with PermaLip lip implants. They... READ MORE

It was the best decision of my life. I got the permalip 5mm implant top and bottom. Dr. Jessica Kulak is so nice and so amazing. The healing process was hard and it really hurt. But there was 0 pain during surgery! Results look amazing. The healing process took about a week to fully heal. The... READ MORE

About 30 minutes after surgery. I did local anesthesia and a 10mg Valium an hour before surgery. I had scar revision done & mole removal before starting lips & didn't feel a thing! Lips numbing shots were uncomfortable but not painful. Unfortunately I had allergic reaction to antibiotic so I was... READ MORE

It was not that I was unhappy with my lips before, but I knew they could look better. Reading through hundreds of reviews, the main sentence I always read went something like, "I waited and waited to do something I have always thought would make be happier with my body. Well I think, why wait... READ MORE

Day 1 post op. Today is the first day post op. It has been a tough time for me. I have been experimenting pain. I am so so swollen and bruised. It's unbelievable. I feel awful. I can't eat or drink normally. It's really hard to move my mouth. My lips feel a ton of pressure. A sore and... READ MORE

For many years I hated how small my lips were. I bought so many lip "plumpers" wasting my money. I went to see a doctor who charged me $800 for juverderm lip injections which wore off within a week. I saw the same doctor 1 year later and got fat transfer into my lips for $1400 ; wore off... READ MORE

I went in yesterday to have a partial breast lift and also 5mm Permalips on top and bottom.I had almost decided on local even with the partial lift but then decided to go under anesthesia.We decided with the twilight so I would be asleep but responsive.Total time was 3 hours.Woke up and my lifts... READ MORE

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