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You can get fuller lips with implants made from saline or silicone. LEARN MORE ›
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I guess with age everything deflates and goes south..... gosh. I have decided to get 4 mm permalip here in Austin. I really don't want the big lips just what nature is slowly taking away. I am very happy but also worried about the outcome as there lots of positive (yes about 75%) and then... READ MORE

About 30 minutes after surgery. I did local anesthesia and a 10mg Valium an hour before surgery. I had scar revision done & mole removal before starting lips & didn't feel a thing! Lips numbing shots were uncomfortable but not painful. Unfortunately I had allergic reaction to antibiotic so I was... READ MORE

It was not that I was unhappy with my lips before, but I knew they could look better. Reading through hundreds of reviews, the main sentence I always read went something like, "I waited and waited to do something I have always thought would make be happier with my body. Well I think, why wait... READ MORE

Hi, I know there are already lots of reviews about lip implants. But before I have it done I actually wish I could read more about the procedure done in London and from my same doctor (dr Roy NG). I had the surgery today and overall it was a good experience. Dr Roy was amazing, very professional... READ MORE

I admit it. I could easily be a plastic surgery addict. I had my nose done 20 years ago. I had breast implants when I turned 40, and last year I finally got my tummy tuck after 4 kids who were all huge babies. I've always wanted plump lips. My lips are decent size but they are rather flat. I got... READ MORE

Day 1 post op. Today is the first day post op. It has been a tough time for me. I have been experimenting pain. I am so so swollen and bruised. It's unbelievable. I feel awful. I can't eat or drink normally. It's really hard to move my mouth. My lips feel a ton of pressure. A sore and... READ MORE

It was the best decision of my life. I got the permalip 5mm implant top and bottom. Dr. Jessica Kulak is so nice and so amazing. The healing process was hard and it really hurt. But there was 0 pain during surgery! Results look amazing. The healing process took about a week to fully heal. The... READ MORE

For many years I hated how small my lips were. I bought so many lip "plumpers" wasting my money. I went to see a doctor who charged me $800 for juverderm lip injections which wore off within a week. I saw the same doctor 1 year later and got fat transfer into my lips for $1400 ; wore off... READ MORE

I've always been self-conscious about my thin lips. I always use lip liner/lip stain to outline my lips to make them look bigger. I finally got the money and the motivation to have cosmetic surgery, and after browsing through reviews on RealSelf, I decided to go with PermaLip lip implants. They... READ MORE

I went in yesterday to have a partial breast lift and also 5mm Permalips on top and bottom.I had almost decided on local even with the partial lift but then decided to go under anesthesia.We decided with the twilight so I would be asleep but responsive.Total time was 3 hours.Woke up and my lifts... READ MORE

Read reviews here before doing surgery. I am so glad I decided to do it! The result is great. I feel so much more confident having some volume to my upper lip and not having to worry about the temporary fillers fading. My implant was placed at the wet-dry border so it doesn't stand out as being... READ MORE

I have always had small, thin lips. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, they cut a nerve which made my already-thin-bottom lip even thinner. It also goes down on one side almost like a stroke victim. While this wasn't really noticeable to most people, I noticed it all the time and was... READ MORE

I was looking to enhance my upper lip because it was very thin, my bottom lip I am okay with. I had received fillers in the past, like juvaderm and radiesse, but they would only last about a month, if that. I wanted a more permanent solution because I couldn't afford to keep up with temporary... READ MORE

In a week I'll be getting 5mm Implants I can't wait. I'm wondering if I need 4mm on the bottom & the 5 on the top? I do want full looking lips but I don't want huge duck lips either. I've seen some pic's of medium side lips getting the 4mm & looked like not much of a change. Any advise please... READ MORE

Hi guys! So I decided to get some fullness in my upper lip. I just want to be able to wear lip gloss and lipstick without a lip pencil. My procedure is coming up but I am afraid I have chosen a small size of implant. Should I get a 5 mm??? I am 33 yo. Had juvederm tx before but the results fade... READ MORE

I used to look pretty rough, but thanks to some lifestyle changes and then visiting Doctor Stella, now I just look pretty! She is not only an M.D., but an artist with a great eye for facial proportion. I first started seeing her for fillers/Botox in various places (which she and her nurses are... READ MORE

I am hoping that posting my bad experience with a Houston doctor may save even one person from going through what I've had to! I did my research and went to, who I thought was a reputable doctor, to receive upper and lower Permalip implants (5mm) on a Thursday...this is the first real procedure... READ MORE

I got Perma Facial Implants in my upper and lower lips 4 days ago. I think the results will end up looking quite nice. I tend to bruise and swell easily, which was the case, although in the last two days this has improved immensely. Still, I expect lingering swelling for a few weeks. I am eager... READ MORE

Day five after my operation 5mm top and 4mm bottom lip in Dublin Ireland. I am extremely pleased and they have preceeded my expectations. I wish I had them done years ago. The pain on the first day travelling home was tremendous and from a woman who gave birth without any pain relief I am no... READ MORE

I had the lip implants on Thursday and today is Sunday. My lip has minimal bruising and I have had no problems whatsoever except for the normal swelling that comes along with it. It will still take some time but I am very pleased with my result this far. I do recommend it with a doctor who will... READ MORE

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