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Hey' I went to Istanbul Turkey and has Sursigil Permalip on both bottom and top lip, in June 16th 2015. I have had my bottom implant completely moved from the pocket to back of my inner lip, very uncomfortable and feels like almost ripping out of skin. I live on the Gold Coast, Australia and I... READ MORE

My Surgeon recommended 3mm on top and 4mm on the bottom to avoid "Duck Lip." I would really prefer to do 4mm on both, however the surgeon is the specialist. So my question is this. Do many of you feel like you have a Duck Lip appearance now that you have your implants? The Small Implant is... READ MORE

I had upper lip implant only using the 4mm size. Once the swelling was down completely I realized it's not that much of a difference. I get a ton of compliments of how great and natural it looks but I was definitely looking for a bigger pout. I was nervous to get the biggest size, 5mm, because I... READ MORE

Hi guys, So last year 2014 Dec , I got breast Impants and lip fat transfer, at the same time. All went so very well until my lips fat cells went so very fast with In weeks they went back my normal lips, I knew myself I've always wanted bigger lips since I can remember! There to me are so so... READ MORE

I went to my consultation last week and my procedure date is 10/28/15 at 12pm. Dr. Simmons answered all of my questions and I felt I could trust him with my procedure. I will most likely be going with 5mm upper and lower. Dr Oliver Simmons is the only doctor trained with Surgisil for the... READ MORE

I was born with pretty small mouth and thin lips. I tried fillers. Definitely wasn't worth it, they are very expensive and painful. The results weren't great either and lasted two months tops. So I am scheduled for a lip implant surgery. I met with Dr. Vinas and we discussed putting the largest... READ MORE

I had this procedure done 8 days ago and am worried about the bottom lip. the implant is sticking out. i can feel it against the skin like its going to go right through. was this because it was not long enough? i got the largest size. it just stops where it sticks out. i dont know what to do,... READ MORE

I cannot begin to express how satisfied I am with the results! I have wanted bigger lips for the most part of my life. Finally at 36 and after many years of searching for the right Dr, I found Dr Pearson. He is amazing to say the least. He suggested the right size implant and boy am I happy I... READ MORE

My surgeron was wonderful...I was scared to go too I choose the med. size..opps...not enough poof for me..getting the large on the 30th of jan 2012. Will post pics...Email me if you have is a easy procedure and you can go up or down in size..once the tunnel is there in the... READ MORE

My face is holding up pretty well! But my lips were shrinking and I could see the future as a bit bleak. . So I threw down $5000 and said, let's see what happens. I know that's a lot but I wanted someone who I could trust. We'll see if it pays off. I feel weirdly confident in Dr.... READ MORE

I've always wanted larger lips and considering the cost over time I opted to go with the permalip lip implants. I had my surgery yesterday, the numbing process was REALLY uncomfortable I didn't feel anything during the placement but the local anesthetic starting wearing off a bit towards the end... READ MORE

Kylie Jenner and her lips made me want to get my lips done! I am just obsessed with her lips and wanted to plump mine up! I didn't want to do the fillers , I wanted something permanent! Also note, I have never had fillers before! ... The procedure it's self was not very painful, the shots... READ MORE

This is my second surgery with Dr. Lee, this time involving Lip implants with Surgisil/Permalip. The procedure was done under local anesthetic and had little to no discomfort during surgery. The only thing I felt during the procedure was a little moving and that's about it, no pain whatsoever.... READ MORE

I wanted bigger lips for the longest time. I was too chicken to get fillers knowing that I would continuously go through the pain every cpl months. I decided on the implant instead. I am still waiting for the end results, i am 6 days post op as of today , swelling if starting to go down but I... READ MORE

I am so happy that I finally got this done! I always wanted fuller lips and was tired of getting fillers which would only last for several months. I researched a lot before I decided to do this and this is supposed to be much more natural than fillers. I went for 5mm in my lower and top lips. My... READ MORE

I'm a Scandinavian young woman. I have never been 100% satisfied with my lips. My lips are normal, I guess. They are not thin, but not exceptionally full either, so I have to line them everyday to make them look fuller and more feminine to give me pretty smile and nice look. Here's photo of how... READ MORE

Day five after my operation 5mm top and 4mm bottom lip in Dublin Ireland. I am extremely pleased and they have preceeded my expectations. I wish I had them done years ago. The pain on the first day travelling home was tremendous and from a woman who gave birth without any pain relief I am no... READ MORE

I had my procedure yesterday it was so easy the shots were near painless!! The shots were very easy And I was worried about the shots! The doctor brought in the samples of the Perma lip implants so I could feel how soft they are and see the sizes to better pick may desired size, I showed him... READ MORE

I am a very blessed woman, I have the best husband and family in the world, whatever I want to do I'm supported and doesn't that make life easier! I have had my breasts done but I've never had Botox etc, twice I tried lip injections and each time would LOVE it I would have them huge and it... READ MORE

I admit it. I could easily be a plastic surgery addict. I had my nose done 20 years ago. I had breast implants when I turned 40, and last year I finally got my tummy tuck after 4 kids who were all huge babies. I've always wanted plump lips. My lips are decent size but they are rather flat. I got... READ MORE

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