Sclerotherapy Overview

By RealSelf
  • Sclerotherapy, often called spider vein treatment, involves an injection that reduces the appearance of vascular blemishes, spider veins, and broken blood vessels.
  • The injection causes irritation and inflammation inside the vein and leads to clotting and closure of the vein.
  • One brand of sclerosing agent, Asclera, was approved by the FDA in 2010.

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I had my first session of injections in November last year but had more spider veins appear around the site of injections, so in March this year I decided to have some injections to get rid of the new ones. I said to the surgeon am I going to have to keep coming back for more injections - he replied no your veins are good and I won't need any more injections after this. Well I'm so upset as I am now left with big blue/purple patches of new spider veins over the bottom of my leg. My legs are a lot worse now then before I had these done, wish I had left them alone. Are there anybody else that this has happened to?
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