The Most Popular Liposuction Transformations - 10 Before and Afters Pictures (PHOTOS)

By Nicole Karlis

Talk about fit physiques.

What happens when the love handles, banana rolls and saddlebags come off? A whole lotta confidence -- and, of course, a few new bikinis. It is summertime after all. So, we decided to pull together 10 of the most popular Liposuction transformations -- the ones that RealSelfers commented on the most. Take a look at their before and afters pics, along with a little update on their own progress. 
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LUNA1975: 43-Year-Old Mom of 2

"So, it has been almost a year since my lipo and although I am happy with my results, I have decided to go for the tummy tuck in the near future, to get a flat tummy which I did not get with the lipo."
BelieveNow: 60-year-old Wanting To Wear Pink Bikini With Pride

"Now I can say it's amazing but was a slow process."
Damsel: Mom of 6 From Colorado

"I have been really trying to watch what I eat. I am pretty happy with my results this far, it's been a little over 4 months now. My doctor does free revisions so I was thinking when I get to that point (1 more year) I can have him do a little more on my outer thighs and love handles but they look way better than ever before."
A Whole New Woman: Floridian

"I FEEL beautiful!! I love taking pictures now and I can finally look at myself in the mirror again. This surgery was one of the best decisions I've made in my life."
Danylle: Former Tummy Tucker Losing Her Love Handles

"Just another week of easy going and I can get back in the gym!"
MRR_: College Student

"I am very happy with my results but wearing the compression sleeves and chin strap is the most annoying thing in the worlddddd!!!"
SolidGold: Gay Male Looking To Lose Weight After Break-Up

"I passed my mirror and was like... WTF? Why do i look so hot?"
SLG: Mom Seeking Pre-Baby Body

"It has been 5 years since I had lipo done on my love handles. I have been through 2 full pregnancies since having the procedure done, one before the procedure. I gained 25-35 pounds with each pregnancy. My 3rd baby was born 16 months ago. I weigh less since having the procedure and I still love my results and happy I had it done when I did. I exercise regularly and am careful with what I eat."
Poppy89: College Student, Paid For Lipo With a Student Loan

"I'm hoping that liposuction will give me the body contours that I've been longing for. I work out a lot but I've never had any success in slimming down to my 'ideal shape,' despite years of calorie counting/restriction etc. Also, when I lose weight the "natural" way, it always comes off my chest first - exactly where I don't want to lose it from!"
LiveLaughLove1: 21-year-old Soccer Player

"I can honestly say every day i see better results! A smaller waistline to extenuate my curves and toned abdominals. I must say thought you have got to eat well! Since it was around the holidays where i got my surgery i wasnt eating my best and following any type of diet. So some days i would look bloated compared to others. These last couple days thought i have been really strict and my stomach is looking incredible by the end of the night! Like they say, done treat your stomach like a waste basket! Abs are made in the kitchen!!"

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