Supplies to get before your Mommy Makeover

  • 2 years ago

BoogieKnights47 posted in her review this super helpful list of what to get before your mommy makeover. Check it out:

• Prescribed pain medications
• Prescribed antibiotics
• Prescribed anti-inflammatory medications
• Prescribed anti-anxiety medications
• Over the counter (OTC) sleep medications or ask your surgeon for a prescription
• Prescribed medications the patient normally takes on a day to day or weekly basis
  Supplements & Vitamins
• Arnica Montana
• Topical Arnica Montana
• Bromelain
• Vitamin C, or Vicon C

Miscellaneous Medications
• Mild stool softeners
• Antacids

Other Supplies
• Medication organizer or pill case (with days of the week and times)
• Medication Time Schedule for when to administer medications
• Dressings, sponges, gauze,
• Triple antibiotic ointments
• Antibacterial soap
• Digital thermometer
• Silicone sheeting or other scar therapies
• Wetnaps
• Heating pad (or a large tube sock filled with uncooked rice. This can be microwaved and retains
   heat very well.
• Moisturizer
• Kleenex

Grocery Store
• Bags of frozen peas
• Plain, low sodium crackers
• Bottled water
• Frozen dinners
• Low sodium soups (no Ramen)
• Jello-O
• Fresh fruit

Department Store, Online Store, or Other
• Compression Garments (medical quality only)
• Extra pillows (varying in firmness), body pillows, Husband/recliner pillow
• Digital camera with memory card
• Journal (or use your laptop)
• Movie rentals, DVR Recordings or downloads
• Books, magazines, audio books, Kindle downloads
• Empty plastic coffee tub with lid (for nausea)
• Batteries for remote
• Pajamas, robe, or oversized, comfortable shirts that button in the front
• Slippers or socks (with grip on the soles)
• Hand mirror
• Small flashlight for late night bathroom trips if you cannot get to the light switch easily. Sometimes
   pain medications can also cause confusion upon awaking, and you don't want to walk into a wall.
• Nightlight, if you want to avoid the above and are able to sleep with a little light, a low level
   nightlight may be better than having to fumble for, and hold, a flashlight.

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Thank you for sharing your list, I'm having a TT on October 15, 2014. Can't wait.
How did your Sx go? I am new and planning on having a TT with Dr Hughes after thanksgiving.
Hey Guys, it has been 16 weeks now and am feeling awesome. One thing to add to the list was a "picker stick". I found that i could not bend to lift anything i dropped on the floor ( the kids were helpful :), but when i was alone i felt like i was doing a limbo trying to grab something from the floor.
I added that one months ago -- couldn't have lived without it!
This is a great list, I modified it for myself but it was awesome to have somewhere to start. Has anyone ordered anything from Real Medical? I was looking at but they have terrible reviews. Here is the wishlist I put together at Real Medical, it seems expensive but if I am getting everything at once with free shipping then it may be worth it. Their prices on the Vita Medica stuff is cheaper than buying direct from Vita Medica.
Thank you so much.
Arnica pellets for me were good for muscle relaxing - I felt like all the tension eased up whenever I took them (4x/day). Arnica gel can be found on amazon. I used it for my first 4 weeks - rubbed it into the lipo areas. Bruising is all gone by week 4. I bought Bromelain but never took them bcz it is a pineapple derivative and I just ate fresh cut pineapples instead of taking another med without visible results. The Mederma and VitE oil (like Bio Oil) are mainly for scars. Scar treatment is usually used 2 wks after your stitches are removed, or by approval from your PS.
These lists are SO helpful. Can someone give more information on the Arnica Montana, Topical Arnica Montana and Bromelain? I've bought all three but am unsure when to start using them and for how long? Where do you apply the Topical Arnica? I have Mederma and Vitamin E oil for scars but wasn't sure where the Arnical Gel goes in relation to all the other stuff!
I don't think it's on this list, but I've seen it on others.. :)
Just wondering why the coconut water??? Ty!!
Great list... So thorough never imagined all that thanks!!!
Female urinal!!! So you can pee standing without all the extra strain of getting up and down the first few day.... Such a life saver!
Does anyone recommend a portable potty so we don't have to bend onto our regular toilet seat?
I am two days post TT. Although I really wished for a seat riser or porta potty of some sort on my first three bathroom visits, I am now feeling much more comfortable lowering down to a regular height potty. I think you will be okay without one if you can white-knuckle those first few visits. Remember to stay on top of pain meds too!
Thank you. Not scheduled till 12/19 so I'm doing lots of researching now. I'll have access to a shower chair which made me think of a potty seat. Lol.
Thank you so much for the list of items that I will need , this has helped me to remember a few more things.
Thank you so much for sharing....this is what I surgery is next week on still have to prepare.... im getting everything I need this weekend....I promise lol....
Not really a supply but i didn't know where to post this....i had a tt, bl and lipo on my back, flanks and under arms, 3 1/2 liters removed and i have virtually no bruising. For the week prior to my surgery i started pounding the detox water i would make pitchers of water with watermelon and mint, or cucumber or lemon and times or any combination that sounded good. Then 4 days prior i had a 90 minute massage. Both gave my body an opportunity to flush out toxins prior to the surgery and make sure i was well hydrated.
Can you get a massage done before going in for MM?
I don't know why not, I had it done 4 days prior and the only bruising I have is under my arm, side boob area and they didn't massage. Drink lots of water afterwards.
I plan on having one 4 days prior as well!
Thank you for this list! I'm going for my 3rd consult with a well recommended ps at the end of the month, for a Mommy Makeover. Hope to be scheduling my surgery soon and I know this list will be vital for me.
you will also find tremendous support from the community, my surgery was a week ago and they have been a true blessing.
Speaking for myself, I am very thankful for this list. I know different people heal differently, and the author isn't saying you MUST get these things. But as a single woman the scariest thing to me is needing something and having no way to get it, or have to wait until someone can help me. I would much rather over prepare and then return or donate what I don't use. Everyone deals with stress differently and for some, me included, feeling prepared is the best thing to ease my mind.
I've read that a stool for the shower is very helpful. Anybody feel like they needed one post surgery?