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Liposuction without the surgery? That’s what VASERlipo promises. The branded technology uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells before removing them with suction through a small tube. LEARN MORE ›

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Anyone can help me with their experience of vaser lipo to tummy area with dr di guiseppe or seen ny reviews on him for this particular looking to have vaser lipo done at dolan but cant seem to find any reviews........................ Any help is appreciated Thankyou xxxxx Any... READ MORE

I'll start off with a little background on myself. I am a mother of 5 and started having babies when I was 21, every 3 years after. My first was a c-section and natural after that. I have always been fairly thin and never really exercised. Well of course that has caught up with me as I've aged... READ MORE

I have an office job, and despite leading a reasonably healthy life - could not get rid of the fat deposits on my stomach and flanks. Add to this 3 generations of overweight relatives on both sides - and you get the picture. After weeks of research I chose Dr Chambers' Clinic and went in for... READ MORE

I am a 35 year old male who is active and in shape. I eat semi healthy but I notice over the years its become harder too loose weight. My main concern is the abdomen region, mainly my love handles. Dr. Giuffrida examined me and discussed in detail my main objective in considering liposuction.... READ MORE

I'm scheduled for full body Vaser Liposuction in Cancun on the 4th of July...I will be doing this solo and was wondering if anyone else was planning to have surgery here around the same time frame?? My plan is to have the surgery on Saturday, stay in Cancun for 1 full week to make sure... READ MORE

So I'm thinking about having Vaser Lipo done in Turkey. I've been talking to Dr Metin Kerem, he says he has 12 years experience and is European board certified. However I cannot find any reviews on him from past patients. Has anyone heard of him, of had lipo done in Turkey? Or can anyone... READ MORE

Dr. Gregory Lynam at Richmond Surgical Arts performed my surgery. He also performed my outer thigh Vaser Liposuction in March, 2015 as well as breast reduction in December of 2014. The results are AMAZING! I would describe Dr. Lynam as "confident coupled with humility." He is conservative in... READ MORE

I'm a 33 year old mom of 2, and wish that I did not go through with this procedure! After my second child I was 189 lbs and began working out to lose the weight. At 165 lbs it just wouldn't move!! I decided to do vaser and what a big mistake! It's NOT worth it! I see no difference so far and... READ MORE

Having had stubborn fat in my legs and flanks I couldn't get rid of through exercise and eating And being very unhappy with my shape I decided to look into vaser lipo! I came across Dr Frati ! Looking at his work I decided to book a consultation Privately at the Highgate hospital! He told me I... READ MORE

Day 3 I have to say besides me still being swollen im very happy with what im seeing. Dr. moreano is an artist. He knows his stuff. Honestly the first day i felt no pain just a little discomfort because of the garments. I was prescribed pain killers but havent taken none since i feel no pain. I... READ MORE

I finally had my appointment with Dr. Casor on 7/17/15. I had the Vaser lipo treatment of my tummy, flanks, love handles and arms all under local anesthesia! I honestly can't describe the sensation I felt during the proceedure. It didn't quite "hurt" however it was uncomfortable at times. Today... READ MORE

My experience with Dr. Epstein was beyond my expectations; and I expect a lot! After gaining 50 pounds with my first pregnancy, followed by having twins with my second pregnancy, I was left with a tremendous amount of skin hanging off of my abdomen. My quality of life was not as I had hoped. ... READ MORE

Went to Dr. Goyal's office for a vaser liposuction of upper and lower abdomen. First consult was with Bina who was not very informative. I then asked for a second consult with the Doctor himself as I refused to agree to operation without seeing him first. A few weeks later I went in to meet Dr.... READ MORE

It was time to do something in regards to my never ending pooch that would never go away after I had turned 40. So I started my research on Vaser, and I like the outcomes, so i scheduled a consult with a BOARD CERTIFIED PS, Ive read too many horror stories in regards to just going to PS versus a... READ MORE

Just booked my appt for late August for upper/lower abs, flanks, upper/lower back. So excited to have it done, but worried a little about the recovery. I have someone to pick me up but will be alone the next day on. From what I have read leaking/draining is VERY common and really uncomfortable.... READ MORE

31 year old mom to a son, I have always had stubborn saddle bags! Workouts and diet shrunk my body abs and up! I was so ready to get rid of the obstinate sides! After about 6 months of intensive research on liposuctioned and meeting a few plastic surgeons, our search ended when we met Dr. Aamod Rao! READ MORE

I have decided to write this blog for two reasons, firstly because I put off having the procedure for two years , due to fear and lots of people telling me I didn't need it . Secondly because I think it's important when you go under such a big procedure like I did to share the whole experience... READ MORE

Overpriced. I would recommend going to a western country for such services as many reputable doctors charge much less. Unpersonalized service, relying on nurse's notes to recall my desired outcome. As she did not write the correct details, the doctor had a spat at me on the operation day for... READ MORE

This doctor burned the hell out of me w/performing lipo. I now have a nasty scar on my stomach. Also, this doctor is not friendly at all. The main reason why I went to him is because my friend worked at his office and he performed a BBL on her and she looked amazing so I thought I could trust... READ MORE

Really cares about the patient from start to finish. Lays out all the options available to the patient, listens very well, answers all questions with care and precision. Provides a plethora of advice for recovery and will respond to all kinds of medical questions you may have. Expert surgeon,... READ MORE

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