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Liposuction without the surgery? That’s what VASERlipo promises. The branded technology uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells before removing them with suction through a small tube. LEARN MORE ›
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I have always been at my ideal weight and have maintained a very healthy lifestyle in terms of regular exercise and diet. Hence, couldn’t come to terms with the little excess fat around my lower belly, waist and flanks that refused to budge post pregnancy. It seemed that the only way I could... READ MORE

I met with two PS- one in Nanuet, NY and another in Pittsburgh. I went with the one in Pittsburgh because a) he has a laundry list of honors and certifications and had an excellent portfolio, and b) operated on thursday and fridays (with the idea I would take a long weekend to recover). I feel... READ MORE

I had Lipo with the Vaser done by Dr. Moreano 3 months ago. He did the High Deff laser to give me my six packs that I could never get in the gym. I used to go to the gym 4 times per week and never got the six packs. It was very frustrating to excersice so much and get the six packs I wanted. ... READ MORE

Only a few more weeks till my surgery. I've wanted this for a long time. I've lost 20 pounds over the past year and no matter what I do I have big thighs and calves. I haven't worn shorts or skirts in years. I want to wear a bathing suit and feel confident. My insecurity has affected my family... READ MORE

I went to Dr. DiBernardo because I've been self conscious for having puffy nipples (gynecomastia) ever since I was a young boy. Everything I've read on the internet says the doctor must remove the gland surgically in order to have the nipple go down in size and take on a more masculine shape. Dr... READ MORE

So after a couple of years contemplating having lipo done; I've finally reached a time in my life where I am able to go for the procedure of my dreams :) VASER lipo on my lower abdomen, upper abs & flanks. Excited is an understatement of course. ???? After a few years of contemplating, saving &... READ MORE

I've been thinking about this procedure for a long time and have read the reviews on this site a million times especially the reviews for dr Bassi at Nottingham's selston cosmetic clinic. It was these reviews that helped me choose this particular doctor to perform the procedure. When I visited... READ MORE

Needed to get rid of stubborn fat in lower back, flanks and below the belly button. No amount of diet/workout helped. I opted for high def lipo, since I didn't need to get rid of massive amounts of fat, and I wanted to be able to get definition once I got back to the gym. It was frustrating that... READ MORE

This treatment has been a complete waste of money as I have not seen any difference other than dent in my pocket. The size and shape is exactly the same as what I went in with before the treatment. I think the so fat fat they suck out is only the fluid they initally pump into you before the... READ MORE

2 c-sections and aging had taken its toll on my midsection. I knew from the first consultation Dr. Jack was the only one who could sculpt my body the way I wanted. SHE exceeded my expectations. She is a perfectionist. Her natural talents and meticulous skills combined with a caring heart put her... READ MORE

My vaser was with Dr Grant Hamlet in February 2013 and my arms were my main problem. I had thought about it for a long time and would exercise at least 5 times a week and keep a very healthy diet. No matter what I always held fat on my arms and they just grew bulky when I exercised. Dr Grant... READ MORE

I have been a bit self conscious about my body in the recent years pretty much since I hit 33. I'm 5'1 I range from 125lbs to 140lbs For some reason my original review was deleted. I was quoted $34,000 for vaser high def lipo. Areas included abs, flanks, back, hips,inner thighs, outer thighs... READ MORE

Worse than I expected. I was left with a lumpy stomach and large dent in my side. Dr. Fee offered revision and it made it worse. (I had to pay for it) Offered another "revision" (for an additional FEE) and I declined. I will have to pay another PS to fix my deformed stomach...................... READ MORE

I had a consultation with Dr.Bhupal Rao on 19th august 2014 and went for a vaser liposuction with him on october 1st 2014 .The surgery was performed under general anesthesia with the assistance of Dr. Suresh and the results are perfect. Iam happy with the final outcome.I had to take 5 days of... READ MORE

I've been trying to lose the baby weight since my second was born. I was previously very fit and toned but 2 babies in 18 months destroyed my body. I have lost weight (approx 10kg) since the birth of my second daughter but have another 8 to get to my goal weight (52kg). I'm just shy of 5 foot... READ MORE

I debated whether I would write a review of my experience of undergoing a Vaser Hi-Def procedure at The Selston Clinic in Nottingham this May 2014, but sat here 4 months post I've decided to sum up my journey. I'll put a header over each chunk of review, so you can skip to the bit that... READ MORE

Just want to know if anybody has had all 3 done with Dr Siolo. If so what was it like? I have thick set legs, and thighs. Genetic unfortunately. Pain 1 - 10, outcome 2 months after op to today from 1 - 10. 10 Being great, 1 being poor. Please help, cos I really want this done. I found Dr Siolo... READ MORE

It was my dream to obtain my waist again, that dream has certainly come true. Although I am swollen it is apparent that the procedure was a complete success and the new definition is obvious. I have received numerous compliments from people who were unaware that I have had vaser liposuction. ... READ MORE

I am a 40+ year old male who leads a relatively active life. Although I would workout 3-4 days a week and watch my diet, I couldn't seem to achieve the results that I was expecting for the amount of effort I was putting in at the gym. If I lost weight, I seemed to lose it everywhere except for... READ MORE

Over the years, I had gained pounds of stubborn fat on my upper back. I was no longer happy with my shape, and decided that I wanted to get the procedure done. I was recommended to Lagrasso. After the first consultation, I had that "gut" instinct that he would deliver the results I wanted in... READ MORE

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