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Liposuction without the surgery? That’s what VASERlipo promises. The branded technology uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells before removing them with suction through a small tube. LEARN MORE ›

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Just had my procedure done at cosmos clinic, double bay and am now up to day 2 post op and I'm feeling great! After the procedure i did feel nauseous and threw up because i drank way too much water but if you take an anti-nausea tablet it eventually goes away. As soon as i got home i went... READ MORE

As a result of PCOD, I had developed excess fat in full bacj, thighs, tummy, arms and double chin. This doctor is the best in the world. His team consisting of Anaesthecist Dr Senthil and head nurses Malini and Linu made my whole procedure so seamlessly easy and comfortable. I have absolutely no... READ MORE

28 no kids - stubborn pockets of fat on side of thighs and bellow the butt. I work out regularly doing heavy weights and cardio but cannot change this area. Also have terrible skin tone and cellulite in this area and hate going to the beach because of it. Obviously genetic as my mum is exactly... READ MORE

I have never had a weight issue until I moved to Virginia from Florida. I have always had a great body even after 2 kids. I have been in virgina for about a year and have gained a significant amount of weight (35 pounds to be exact). I believe it has been caused by stress. I'm going for my vaser... READ MORE

I have been working out and trying to get my body in decent shape for more than half a decade now. No matter how hard or honestly i tried , i haven't been able to reduce or get my chest and lower abdomen in a good masculine shape. My job requires me to be highly mobile and active and having... READ MORE

There are not enough stars in the sky to rate him he is just that great. He is an artist, visionary and true innovator. Never could I have imagined such great results. Being over 40 and not really overweight I was not a candidate for a tummy tuck but was longing for that hour glass shape that I... READ MORE

Hi im hoping to have liposuction and fat transfer done in Turkey by dr metin bey IstanbulHave any one had surgery with him If so what's your take please ?????? Looking forward to hearing from you Thank you READ MORE

I'm female women, 23 years old and have suffered with stubborn fat since I was about 16. I tried the gym, I tried healthy eating and I just couldn't shift it. Mainly, this fat was around my abdomen, 'muffin top' and thighs - most girls problem areas. Mr Frati had previously operated on me; I... READ MORE

Hello All,I am scheduled to have my gynocamastia treated (Vaser + gland excision) with vaser on abdomen and flanks. I am getting it done in Dubai, UAE where i currently work and live, the clinic is London Center of Aesthetic Surgery - LCAS. I chose Dr M Viel, as he is affiliated with and has a... READ MORE

Hi everyone I am 42 years old weighing 82.5 kg 5.6 height with huge stomach looked like 6-7 months pregnant, huge thighs and love handles on my back...I gathered courage to go in for my Vaser liposuction done on my stomach my inner thighs my back and my knees from Apollo hospital New Delhi under... READ MORE

Male, 33, Gynecomastia misdiagnosed from previous doctors actually turned out to be hardened fat deposits, so Vaser Lipo was all that was required. Initially, I paid for a more difficult procedure, but when that was no longer necessary, they let me know and actually adjusted my account to give... READ MORE

I myself am an RN First Assist and have worked in an OR setting for 30 years. The doctor, OR staff and nurse anesthetist were extremely professional and followed all safe standards of care in the OR. I felt safe and in good hands. I had ultrasonic assisted liposuction of abdomen, flanks, inner... READ MORE

Since intermediate school i realize increase in my chest size every and the area around got full of fat . this make less confidence i cant join any sport especially swimming . always i dream about one doctors that can get my life back and help me to be fit and active also more confidante i... READ MORE

I absolutely love this Dr. He actually refused to do the work I was wanting until I lose weight. Anybody else would have taken my money not caring about my results. I was so comfortable throughout my entire consultation. I recommend this Dr for any procedure. Now, the real reason I'm leaving... READ MORE

I am a 42 yr old very active female who has had a difficult time keeping my weight down since turning 40. I work out 5-6 times a week but age has made it harder to keep in shape, so I opted for the surgery. Dr Gulin was very attentive and listened to EXACTLY what I wanted instead of giving me... READ MORE

I'm 55 years old, never weighed more than 120 lbs, decided to get vaser liposuction and went to Athenix in Pasadena CA. After lipo i was left with bumps a very uneven almost deform stomack. has being a year and still looks the same. I'm devasted it. Is there anything I can do to improve the... READ MORE

Had Vaser lipo on the top of my thighs at skin medical Manchester uk . The procedure took about 2 hours and to be honest wasn't painful at all . I walked in on my own and walked out on my own too even did a bit of shopping and had lunch before going home ( although I think dining out was a... READ MORE

Hi there , a little late I know as now am partly recovered from Vasor lipo .. First I will give my reason for opting for such a severe choice in surgery .. My son was due to reach 18 and I had just received a lower facelift , due to this reason I wanted a body to match ... Let me say not in a... READ MORE

Has anyone had this procedure with Dr Khan in the UK. I am mortified by what has happened to my tummy, I now look like a before picture, as my before picture was better than my after picture. I have not gained any weight infact, lost weight but my tummy is fatter than ever. I am so... READ MORE

I'll start off with a little background on myself. I am a mother of 5 and started having babies when I was 21, every 3 years after. My first was a c-section and natural after that. I have always been fairly thin and never really exercised. Well of course that has caught up with me as I've aged... READ MORE

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