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Liposuction without the surgery? That’s what VASERlipo promises. The branded technology uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells before removing them with suction through a small tube. LEARN MORE ›
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I had Genetic love handles. They would not go away. I have always worked-out and eat properly. No matter what I did, this part of my body, (the love handles) would not reside. I do 30 to 60 minutes of Cardio and Lift weights, everyday. I also do martial arts training. Even the highest cardio... READ MORE

I am 58 yrs old and always been active but needed to get rid of some areas that exercise just would not take care of. I think my age and hormones just constantly worked against me. I researched, what I thought was sufficient, to decide on the laser/vaser lipo. However, did not discover this... READ MORE

I am a 50 year old women who goes to the gym 5 days a week for 2 hours a day. I like to think I am in good shape and generally eat healthy. But with diet and exercise I just could not get rid of that excess fat in those stubborn areas. My surgery was 6 weeks ago. At first I was black and blue... READ MORE

Just wanted to share my experience with this highly anticipated for me procedure. I am very skinny, but unfortunately have some cellulite on my thighs and buttocks, not a lot, but enough for me to cause some cosmetic discomfort. I did the procedure in a beauty salon where they also have laser... READ MORE

I had Vaser done last summer and I am not 100% satisfied. My back and flanks are ok but not my stomach. I feel much fat was left there and I can't take time off to have it done again at the moment and I wouldn't go back to Pascual MD anyways. They don't really care about you (except a few of... READ MORE

Was a bit nervous the day before. was not nervous on the day, i just wanted to get over and done! Been waiting for quite a few months as I live in the UK. My Dr. is the best, I was a bit nervous but when I saw him in the consultation room days before my date, he was so chilled that inspires... READ MORE

I am very excited to have a " mommy makeover"! I have 5 kids ages 7,5,4, 2 and 8 months. I am not big, but have a few trouble spots ) mainly abs and flanks). My surgeon also suggested we take a bit off my inner and outer thighs so I am having that done as well! I am just hoping I look how I... READ MORE

A little about me: Newly wed, 25-30yrs old, female, 5'6", active (until I moved to Dubai, gained weight and got lazy here, hence why I'm doing this). I was thinking of doing Biotite in Thailand but I found the service from Dubai to Thailand wasn't very good. During my research I came... READ MORE

As an older member of the military, I found it harder and harder to maintain the "proper height/weight" requirements. I worked out 6 days a week and watched what I ate, but when it came time to be measured, I was always close. At age 45, I failed my first Body Composition Assessment by a 1/2... READ MORE

I Booked through TOP MEDICS POLAND their assistance from initial contact has been professional, helpful, and organised. The assistance package which I arranged through Top Medics Poland included transport between airport/hotels/clinic and is essential really! If you are considering Dr Mekle at... READ MORE

I am 4 weeks post op for the Vaser 4D Lipo-abdominoplasty, Vaser 4D Lipo to Flanks and I could not be happier. The procedure took approx 6 hours start to finish. Although I was a bit more uncomfortable than anticipated, the pain was very manageable. The fact that Dr E. used a new drug called... READ MORE

I have always been body conscious, eaten well and kept fit but as the years crept on so did the 'middle age spread' despite my best efforts. I have been a size 12 forever and more recently pushing into a 14's. I graduated from bikini to tankini to keep things hidden a couple of years ago and... READ MORE

I was always embarrassed with my hanging tummy after child birth. I tried out many alternatives, tried slimming pills, mesotherapy, diet and exercise ( could not continue for long :-) ). Somehow it didn’t reduce my tummy at all. Thought of liposuction, I am very scared of needles and very... READ MORE

My mate and I are wanting to get Vaser HD in London and have read mixed reviews about different surgeons. If anyone has any recommendations from personal experience that would assist a lot in choosing the best surgeon :) Either message me here or send a private message - any help would be... READ MORE

I am going in tomorrow morning for vaser lipo on my arms, front bra fat, full stomach and inner thighs. Dr Bullis at Athenix is doing my procedure. So far I have loved everyone at Athenix; it is a really nice place and everyone is so incredibly nice :) I have done a lot of research and have even... READ MORE

Hey, I've been searching up various doctors such as; commins, grant hamlet, dr wolf at private clinic and dr bassi doesnt seem to reply to emails. So i have found out that for full back and tummy it is quite expensive with hamlet, but it includes all after treatments, such as after care package... READ MORE

I had vaser done on my upper and lower abs, flanks and back. I wonder if I had known this is the kind of pain I would experience whether I would've still gone ahead with it. It has been 5 days and to all the advertising about how you can be back at work within 3 days are all lies. If I had the... READ MORE

I am a 36 year old mother of 3 and I am currently 13 days Post Vaser Liposelection on my Inner thighs, saddles, a little on my lower back and also liitle bit on the knees. It has been extremely painfull up to date and I was terribly swollen all over. Had a lot of bruising as well even my feet... READ MORE

14th May 2013 1 day Pre-vaser So I had been considering having Vaser done for about a year now and finally tomorrow is the day! This site has been not only useful for me to gather information but somewhat of a comfort to know that other people have been through the experience before me. ... READ MORE

I am 66 years old and had vaser lipo in Thailand where I am living, 3 months and 1 week ago. I had put on some fat in the last couple of years. I tried communicate to the surgeon that I simply wanted some fat removed, that I was not trying to look like a 25 year old with a sculpted body. To... READ MORE

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