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WORTH IT RATING based on 468 reviews
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VASERlipo is a type of liposuction that utilizes ultrasound waves to break apart fat cells before suctioning them out. LEARN MORE ›
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Hi there everyone, Just had my arms done today. Couldnt sleep well last night. My mind was filled with lots of questions - will it be painful? will i be able to carry stuff and more..Will i be able to go to work on Day 3 after the surgery. (i have no choice!) My family are not here with me... READ MORE

I had a large amount taken out of my abdomen, flanks, chest, and back on August 3, 2012. I woke up in terrible pain, but I am a tall, large-frame person so I think I was just under medicated a tad in terms of pain medication. It was not big deal, because the doctor and his staff were/are awesome... READ MORE

My surgeon was highly recommended by friends. I opted for vaser lipo of the flanks abs and lower back. I went in to the facility 2 days ago for the procedure. I was given Valium and lortab po for sedation. I was very relaxed to say the least! The doctor then filled the areas with tumescent fluid... READ MORE

I found this Dr. from someone else's review. He really understood what I wanted and I was in the next day and out a few hours later. I am still recovering but I can tolerate pain so Its not so bad. Everyone in the office was super nice and supportive. The girls that work there are very beautiful... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo on my inner, outer thighs, knees and saddle bags 6 weeks ago at the wimpole aesthetics clinic in London by dr josh. 6 weeks down the line there is a change in my shape, but was it worth the discomfort and money... I'm still unsure. The procedure wasn't as pain free as I was... READ MORE

Although Dr. Shapario is a very good surgeon and he is dedicated to his work, he hasn't done any wonders for me. In fact, he sucked out the rest of the little self esteem out of me. I always was self conscious of my thighs. I decided to go with the procedure after Dr. Shapario told me I was a... READ MORE

Would like to hear from someone that has had vaser lipo and your results. Also, your experience with pain, swelling, etc. I continue changing my mind about the surgery. I am 5'3 weigh 155', healthy and rather active. I exercise and watch my calories, but I can't seem to get the tummy down. I... READ MORE

I did my vaser liposuction for arms month ago. Till date I''ll lost 4cm on each arms. I hope the reduction doesn't end here as I still have that bulge on my arms. My body frame is small but my arms are way too big. My doc mentioned my result will be instant as its way too big:*( Anyway,... READ MORE

I have had some extra fat around my tummy that I've been wanting to remove for quite some time. Finally, I decided to do something about that and I am very happy that I did. READ MORE

Had vaser to upper and lower abs and flanks a week ago. Procedure went well with minimal discomfort after day 2. In still sore and very swollen and honestly do not see the results I hoped for right now. I know I need to give it at least 3-6 months. I had my stitches removed and can now wear... READ MORE

I was a good size 22 waist with small hips and legs, its really what you call an apple shape really bad. For as long as i can remember i have never had a small stomach and my overhang was really bad. My doctor actually turned me down and told me i was well beyond repair, he said what i... READ MORE

I am a fit and healthy worker and I have a date for the 31 for vaser liposuction with Dr Nurein, His clinic is in Dover Street. What information can i get from people who have had this treatment before. READ MORE

I'm 37 years old, weigh about 135 lbs. and I am scheduled to have Vaser Lipo on May 23rd, 2012. I am scheduled to have my stomach, hips, flanks, inner and outer thighs done all on the same day. Is this too much? I'm so worried that I am doing too much at once and if all of it is really... READ MORE

Cons: The cons are all surgery related...the nausea post-op was fierce! I can handle pain but the nausea was a little bit of a torture. Saltine crackers were my savior. The drains were very uncomfortable but a necessary evil to recover faster. I am 12 days post op and can see a difference but... READ MORE

After being unhappy with my baby tum for a number of years, and putting a little weight on, I took the plunge and opted to have Vaser lipo with an accredited and well reviewed clinic, albeit away from their main clinic in London's Harley St. I had a consultation with a clinic manager... READ MORE

I was scared as HECK! I'm a 32 y.o mother of one. Pregnancy left me full of stretch marks and a belly bulge! I wasn't sure this procedure was for me but I took my chances. I'm 5'2" and 116 lbs. The day of surgery I was given 2 Ativan. I felt some pain but mostly pressure... READ MORE

Hi, I had vaser lipo on my chin to reduce my double chin. It worked quite well and I had a couple of days in bed then was fine to carry on as normal, there was lots bruising and swelling for 4 weeks and it was quite obvious so I stayed in, but if it had been on my body, I would have been out and... READ MORE

Pros; I can already see results after post op day 1. I am very tender, and it is not easy to walk natural yet but I have not had any nausea or vomitting. I have not had to take any pain meds since post-op day 2. I do ocassionally take tylenol extra strength for discomfort. My doctor and team... READ MORE

I have not had the procedure yet but will have it done Friday March 23 2012. I am a tab bit nervous and anxious to have it done. I am getting my upper/lower abs and flanks done. So far the doctor and surgical coordinator are awesome with answering questions ( I will not comment on the front desk... READ MORE

I had Vaser liposuction done in the Dr. Castor's office in Tampa. I did it with local anesthesia and something like Valium. Good results on my abs and love handles, recovery was quick, just took a weekend off of work. Really wasn't bad at all and I didn't have to be asleep.... READ MORE

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