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WORTH IT RATING based on 442 reviews
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VASERlipo is a type of liposuction that utilizes ultrasound waves to break apart fat cells before suctioning them out. LEARN MORE ›
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So I had vaser lipo today, was out the operating room at 1pm and was able to drive myself home. I know they say you shouldn't drive but I had no one to pick me up since my husband is away and mom lives i want to keep this a secret until I am healed. Also I live only 15 mins by car... READ MORE

Like many of you on this site I researched a tremendous amount before deciding on Vaser Liposuction. I am 5'3 and 109lbs - I consider myself to be in very good shape I just had some stubborn areas (genetics) that I just couldn't get rid of so I finally made the decision on Vaser. I am now 5... READ MORE

I have been wanting to do something like this for years. I always work out and could never get rid of the fat on my lower abdominal and arms. I saw my friend who had Vaser high definition lipo with Dr. Oleg Davie and could not beleive my eyes how gorgeous her body was. I had surgery 5 months... READ MORE

My experience it was good doc and assistant they re great....i didnt feel that much pain when he was working on mi.....right now my belly just feels like a sponge and puff and im leaking a lot ..dont kno if s normal.....ill upload pics after i go to docs again 1st day after procedure not... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo done last Friday December 7 on my upper and lower back and upper and lower abs. As of now I am quite happy with the results of my back but not my abdomen, it still sticks out a look more than I want it to. I know that patience is key but I want my results now. I leaked a lot... READ MORE

I am 5'6" and weigh 132lbs. The truth is I do not have a LOT of excess weight...I am doing this procedure with the intention of sculpting my body to look better. (ie - no loose skin at the waist when I throw on my jeans!) When I was in my 20's I weighed aprox 190lbs and lost most of my... READ MORE

Hi, I am hoping for some real life time recovery for the Vase lipo procedure. I have already had a tummy tuck and have my flanks and some love handle area that needs some special attention. I do not like the fat hanging out on the backside when I wear my jeans. I weight 137 lbs and am 5"6" so... READ MORE

I had my vaser liposuction on Thursday, October 11th and I can already see a big difference. I wanted to review it because I wanted to sure my experience with anyone considering vaser lipo as an alternative to a tummy tuck. I gained weight after my son was born (who is now 12) and then it... READ MORE

Had the procedure done about 6hours ago. I have absolutely no pain at all, just numb at the areas that were lipoed. He aspirated 6liters all together. I can already see a difference, my saddlebags are gone and my thighs look slimmer. I tried on a tight fitting pants of mine that I haven't... READ MORE

I had vaser on tues oct 2 did my arms chin abs and back. I was under general anesthesia so didn't feel a thing during the procedure woke up dry heaving and swollen. The recovery was suppose to be 3-5 days and I had it done in Florida live in New Orleans. I was planning on leaving Saturday for... READ MORE

I am a 5'3 inch 240lb Female. I chose Vaser Lipo because I prefer to stay awake for my surgery and I do not like the risk of blood clots associated with traditional tumescent lipo. I am extremely nervous about the procedure, but I'm sure I will feel better after my pre op. I'm seeing... READ MORE

I had this procedure done 6 years ago, and the procedure has probably improved over time. However, my issue is not so much with the procedure as with the provider who performed the procedure. I don't believe she did a good job. Or if she did, she probably did not recommend an additional... READ MORE

Im a male 36 years old and have been struggling for 8 years to move fat from my chest, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't shift it. Approx a year ago I decided to review Vaserlipo. I visited Skin Medical in Manchester. I bottled out but then visited their Leeds branch (closer to home) and go... READ MORE

I had the above procedures on the 9th of August, about four weeks ago. Here is my story: After my 40th birthday I turned my focuss to myself. In august 2011, I decided on abdominoplasty,to tackle a lax abdomen and umbilical herinia made worse by three deliveries.I relied on a friend to... READ MORE

Hi there everyone, Just had my arms done today. Couldnt sleep well last night. My mind was filled with lots of questions - will it be painful? will i be able to carry stuff and more..Will i be able to go to work on Day 3 after the surgery. (i have no choice!) My family are not here with me... READ MORE

I had a large amount taken out of my abdomen, flanks, chest, and back on August 3, 2012. I woke up in terrible pain, but I am a tall, large-frame person so I think I was just under medicated a tad in terms of pain medication. It was not big deal, because the doctor and his staff were/are awesome... READ MORE

My surgeon was highly recommended by friends. I opted for vaser lipo of the flanks abs and lower back. I went in to the facility 2 days ago for the procedure. I was given Valium and lortab po for sedation. I was very relaxed to say the least! The doctor then filled the areas with tumescent fluid... READ MORE

I found this Dr. from someone else's review. He really understood what I wanted and I was in the next day and out a few hours later. I am still recovering but I can tolerate pain so Its not so bad. Everyone in the office was super nice and supportive. The girls that work there are very beautiful... READ MORE

I had vaser lipo on my inner, outer thighs, knees and saddle bags 6 weeks ago at the wimpole aesthetics clinic in London by dr josh. 6 weeks down the line there is a change in my shape, but was it worth the discomfort and money... I'm still unsure. The procedure wasn't as pain free as I was... READ MORE

Although Dr. Shapario is a very good surgeon and he is dedicated to his work, he hasn't done any wonders for me. In fact, he sucked out the rest of the little self esteem out of me. I always was self conscious of my thighs. I decided to go with the procedure after Dr. Shapario told me I was a... READ MORE

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