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WORTH IT RATING based on 458 reviews
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VASERlipo is a type of liposuction that utilizes ultrasound waves to break apart fat cells before suctioning them out. LEARN MORE ›
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I was always embarrassed with my hanging tummy after child birth. I tried out many alternatives, tried slimming pills, mesotherapy, diet and exercise ( could not continue for long :-) ). Somehow it didn’t reduce my tummy at all. Thought of liposuction, I am very scared of needles and very... READ MORE

My mate and I are wanting to get Vaser HD in London and have read mixed reviews about different surgeons. If anyone has any recommendations from personal experience that would assist a lot in choosing the best surgeon :) Either message me here or send a private message - any help would be... READ MORE

I am going in tomorrow morning for vaser lipo on my arms, front bra fat, full stomach and inner thighs. Dr Bullis at Athenix is doing my procedure. So far I have loved everyone at Athenix; it is a really nice place and everyone is so incredibly nice :) I have done a lot of research and have even... READ MORE

Hey, I've been searching up various doctors such as; commins, grant hamlet, dr wolf at private clinic and dr bassi doesnt seem to reply to emails. So i have found out that for full back and tummy it is quite expensive with hamlet, but it includes all after treatments, such as after care package... READ MORE

I had vaser done on my upper and lower abs, flanks and back. I wonder if I had known this is the kind of pain I would experience whether I would've still gone ahead with it. It has been 5 days and to all the advertising about how you can be back at work within 3 days are all lies. If I had the... READ MORE

I am a 36 year old mother of 3 and I am currently 13 days Post Vaser Liposelection on my Inner thighs, saddles, a little on my lower back and also liitle bit on the knees. It has been extremely painfull up to date and I was terribly swollen all over. Had a lot of bruising as well even my feet... READ MORE

14th May 2013 1 day Pre-vaser So I had been considering having Vaser done for about a year now and finally tomorrow is the day! This site has been not only useful for me to gather information but somewhat of a comfort to know that other people have been through the experience before me. ... READ MORE

I am 66 years old and had vaser lipo in Thailand where I am living, 3 months and 1 week ago. I had put on some fat in the last couple of years. I tried communicate to the surgeon that I simply wanted some fat removed, that I was not trying to look like a 25 year old with a sculpted body. To... READ MORE

Hey all, I have not had my procedure yet & the above date is not correct. I had to put one in. I read on here that someone was not impressed with Dr. Hardaway's pics of butt work that she's done. Im kinda concerned that she wants to do Vaser lipo & fat transfer to the butt. Has anyone... READ MORE

I just had Chin liposuction Vaser 4D with Dr. Mark Epstein about a month ago and it was fantastic. I chose to do it under local anthestisia and the results are phenomenal! There was no discomfotrt during the surgery and I was able to drive myself home. There was very little discomfort after the... READ MORE

I had “VASER Hi-Def 4D Lipo” just over 3 weeks ago. The procedure was performed by Dr. Mark Epstein.. and I have to say I have been absolutely blown away by the results!!! I had two fatty lumps that protruded from each side of my hip, which made my silhouette appear mis-shapen. It was a... READ MORE

I am 2.5 weeks post Op. I have been meaning to write a review since day one but unfortunately forgot; I have found other reviews very useful and they have definately put my mind at ease. I am a 27 year old female who is fitness crazy but no matter how hard I train and watch what I eat... READ MORE

I had struggled with losing my abdominal fat for years despite loads of sport and training and diet. I had been refused liposuction by a London surgeon with him saying it was all internal - I think he was talking crap because it was obviously external. It was really getting me down and I decided... READ MORE

I'd been researching having some work done to show off my abs for over 18 months. I'd seen Dr Comins, Hamlet & Bassi but didn't really connect with them. I saw Dr Ravi Jain last August and was immediately impressed by his clinic and his complete professionalism. He listened to me for over 10... READ MORE

I had 3 children and just could not lose my lower abdominal fat So I ad this done but now it is painfull to stand after sitting and I gained 10 pounds the next day I am just now 3 pounds under from when I went in and I have a rock hard lump from hip to hip under my belly button to my hair line... READ MORE

Hi I had vaser lipo done on my front arms and under arms they are now bigger then before it has now been more than 10 days swollen still hurts should I still wear compression garments? Also vaser on my calf has been done my left leg still has fluids coming out its more than 10 days is this... READ MORE

This is a review 18 months in the making! It is long so here is the exec summary: I had vaser lipo to my jawline, abs and flanks under general anesthesia at the Body Asthetic Clinic (also known as MekMed) in Katowice, Poland. It cost £3,400 and the result is excellent. I recommend the surgeons... READ MORE

I decided to get Vaser Lipo because after three kids I wanted to get rid of my mommy belt. Throughout the years I have worked hard on getting rid of the baby weight but the flabby ring around my mid section just didn't budge to diet and exercise. I went to the same doctor that did my rhinoplasty... READ MORE

I had vaser liposuction done 6 days ago. I am getting around fine but am really sore. My genital area is extremely swollen and bruised. I was told by a friend who went through this to wear a long panty girdle (one that fits directly under your breasts and goes down to middle thigh). This... READ MORE

I am 41 years old- petite- always struggling with a round pouchy belly-I had my procedure done three days ago- So far I do not like what I see- I have a lump above my belly button- and my mid section seems to fold over- I was not very large- a wear a size 4, however my belly was always... READ MORE

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