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If you're keeping your loved ones up at night, this surgery can repair the deviated nasal septum that sometimes causes snoring and heavy breathing.

Average Price: $4,550

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I had septoplasty because my nose got broke and i had a deviated septum and could not breath out of my left nostril it caused more problems than just nose trouble.i had septoplasty 5 days ago and today my nose was hit again and my external splint came off and now my nose is bleeding badly i am... READ MORE

So far has been a good experience. Just have a couple questions. Happy I had minimum pain and sweeling. Had to hardly use my tylenol number 3.I'm only 3 weeks post op but I had a question regarding scar tissue in my nose. Though I can actually breath alot better then i could before the surgery I... READ MORE

Pros- fixed deviated septum, able to breathe better- made my nose look straight with hump removalCons- Had severe nose bleeding at home about 2 to 3 weeks into recovery and went to the ER- bad experience- swelling has not gone done entirely on the tip (5 months in)- paranoid touching or... READ MORE

Closed septoplasty to fix deviated septum and to do some minor reshaping of tip because I was not breathing through my nose well and it was slightly crooked due to the deviated septum.The surgery was covered 100% by insurance. I had septoplasty and minor tip shaping 2 weeks ago. However,... READ MORE

I am currently 2 weeks exactly since my operation. I had a septoplasty as the cartelidge on my tip before operation was pushing to one side so it needed correcting. It just naturally developed like that.After thwe operation, my suregeon told me that my cartelidge was very bendy. I felt my nose... READ MORE

I did this cause I was hit in the face two years ago with a gate. It got to the point I could not breathe and had no air flow through the one side. I play a lot of sports and was being limited to my activities, as well as when I would get sick it was a constant trouble.Pros _I hope to breathe... READ MORE

Had a deviated septum, had the surgery now wondering if nasonex is safe, my nose is very stuffy and i cannot breath out of it. i had the drainage tubes removed nose will not get uncloggedcan i use nasonex a week after my septoplasty? READ MORE

I have had two septoplasty surgies. I had one back in 2007. I didn't notice any major changes. About 8 months ago I started getting frequent bad sinus infections. So I went to a new ENT (proir doc had moved out of state). This doc told me my septum was deviated further back. So I had another... READ MORE

My nose was really crooked and my cartlidge would hang out a little on each side. I had 80% blockage on one side and 90% on the other side.My doctor said it was hard to ge tmy nose straight. My nose does seem igger now but my doctor said its swelling other than that it looks great. Im really... READ MORE

Treatment was good, although the cast was not set straight and there fore my nose has not healed straight and seems worse than before the surgeryMy nose is not straight following a septo rhinoplasty, what are my options to get this rectified? READ MORE

Having a diffcult time recovering. Nose is sore and lots of bleeding. Been sleepy ever since the surgery. Haven't notice any improvement in my breathing. If I had a choice I would not have this surgery performed.I had Septopasty and submucous resect. of turbs. done last week. Why can't I... READ MORE

I did it because it was recommended by my dentist. The cons are when I ride my bicycle my inside nostril gets very dry and burns.I had a deviated septum, and went for surgery for it a few years a go. After the surgery I have noticed that my septum is drooping on one side where the surgery was... READ MORE

I can finally breath again !!!! but the recovrey is definitly intense it hurts soo bad an your definitly gonna spend lots of time in bed.okay people so september 2nd i had my nose fixed they gave me general anethesia and morphine for the pain and antibiotic afterward and vicoden i just found out... READ MORE

I had this treatment done to a) improve my breathing, and b) reduce the likelihood of catching colds. I have been very prone to colds the past few years and developed chronic sinusitus. I am hoping this procedure will fix that.I had a septoplasty roughly 3 weeks ago and am mostly though the... READ MORE

Deviated breath through right nostril. Five months ago. Had decided not to have the rhinoplasty because was told my nose would look like it did before the operation, which was not bad. I had asked for the doctor's opinion about having the very small hump I had from a skiing... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty done 2 days ago and i do not hae any splints and i have disolvable stitches.Pros- got rid of my dodgy closed nostril and bobble underneath nose and straightened up my nosecons - swelling and pain and blocked nose so farI am a bit concerned because yesterday and the day of... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty 8 weeks ago due to a deviated septum from birth. It was virtually pain free and my recovery was miraculously quick as I could breathe clearly through my nose after just 3 daysI have what feels like a continuous lump running along both sides of my septum near the bridge of my... READ MORE

I had a deviated septum which almost closed one nostril completely. I was referred so that the septum could be repaired. Now both nostrils are open and working wonderfully.The first 3 days with packing were very tough, with mouth breathing, but not terribly painful.I had septoplasty 10 days... READ MORE

Most painful experience of my life. I was miserable for the first week afterwards..the surgery is different for everyone though. Had a crooked septum, and surgery was really the only option to fix it.Still in the healing process so I cant really tell you the pros yet!I had a septoplasty not too... READ MORE

I had a septorhinoplasty operation done 5 days ago, and today I was washing my face when I accidentally hit my nose (it is still in the cast). It wasn't a hard hit - more like a slight knock with my fingers, but as I only had the operation 5 days ago, I was wondering if this could affect the... READ MORE

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