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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.
Average Price: $5,350

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Dr. Khorsandi along with his entire staff are top notch! I had a great experience from the day I booked my consultation to the last day of follow up after my procedure. His office is very clean and inviting. The office staff were very professional and accommodating with my appointment bookings... READ MORE

I have been very pleased with Dr. Mofid and his staff. From the initial appointment thru the procedure everyone in the office and surgery center has been fantastic. Dr. Mofid was perfect for me. I like to deal with people who have pride in their work, are great at what they do, and can be... READ MORE

I am 35 white male looking to get surgery. My nose grew in a dorsal bump in 4th grade and has bothered me since. I went to a plastic surgeon when I was about 22 but I could not go through with it. I was to nervous. My nasal passage way has always restricted my breathing but I have also... READ MORE

My original motivation for visiting Dr Mendelson in 2008 was driven by the dislike I had for both my nose size and shape. It was unflattering and out of proportion with other facial features. During the initial consultation we also discussed the sinus problems I had been battling (which had... READ MORE

I had broken my nose as a child causing complete destruction of my septum and left bone shards in the tissue. Ever since I'd suffered constant nosebleeds and irritation. I looked into several surgeons and ENTs here in the Dallas area and each one said the damage was too severe to be repaired. I... READ MORE

Dr. Zimm is the best plastic surgeon in New York. I was lucky enough to get a referral to him and he did a septoplasty on me. He carefully reviewed my problem, patiently explained what needs to be done and how. I am very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Zimm! Thank you very... READ MORE

The doctors and staff at Profiles are absolutely wonderful. They are extremely knowledgable and experienced at what they do. Both doctors are very personable and really listen to your wants, concerns, and are more than willing to answer any questions you may have, no matter how ridiculous you... READ MORE

I couldn't have picked a better person for the procedure. My nose looks incredibly better and as for my breathing, it's the best its ever been. His time spent explaining everything before the procedure made me so confident going in. So pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Zuliani. ... READ MORE

I had always had difficulty breathing out of my nose and also had a bump that I was never happy with. I saw a few ENTs but they never put much time into my concerns or really listened. It typically ended up in a prescription nose spray that did not work. I found Dr. Bonaparte online and wrote... READ MORE

I met Dr Sadati when I started looking for a doctor to help me with my nose issues. I'm a competitive freediver, and diving deep requires perfect nose and sinuses for equalization of pressure underwater. My nose was pretty messed up. I had a deviated septum and enlarged turbinates which... READ MORE

I had been considering rhinoplasty for about 15 years due to a large bump on my nose and poor breathing through the right side. After meeting with several plastic surgeons last fall, I decided I was finally ready to go through with the surgery once my youngest baby was a little older. So this... READ MORE

I had a terrible experience with doctor Schoenfeld. 4 years ago I was operated on for a deviated septum. While my nose looks slightly straighter i am missing a piece of the cartilage at the front base of my nose. I was not told this prior to surgery. Now i have to live with the inside of my nose... READ MORE

I had difficulties breathing due to my deviated septum and was also dissatisfied with the appearance of my nose. After I heard about the great reputation preceding Dr. Barrera, I scheduled a consult with him. I have nothing but the praises for him! He was able to schedule my surgery a few weeks... READ MORE

After years of not being able to breathe through both sides of my nose and avoiding pictures because of my deviated septum I made a decision and there was no turning back. I made an appointment with Dr Siegel . My consultation was difficult for me and embarressing due to the nature of the... READ MORE

Dr. Ridgway performed a septorhinoplasty on me for a variety of reasons. I've always had trouble sleeping and breathing through one side my nose when I laid down on my left side. Also, when I was a child I broke my nose. From the accident, the bump on the bridge of my nose needed to be smoothed... READ MORE

I was teased as a child for having a "prominent" nose. My whole life I dreaded people seeing my profile. Every time a camera came out I made sure there were never ever candid shots of me. Finally, this summer, after 20 years of hating my face, I came onto real self to find a doctor. I found Dr.... READ MORE

I broke my nose many years ago and had been having serious trouble breathing. Dr. Weinfeld created realistic expectations on what would result in surgery (a septolpasty, nasal vestibular stenosis, and turbinate reduction), and he met those expectations fully. He respected that I didn't want any... READ MORE

I have not been able to fall asleep without some sleep meds and stay asleep all night. I have also started experiencing kidney and colon pain which no doctor can tell me why. Its been a wk since septoplasty and I also had a balloon cleaning. I am still experiencing the same insomnia and other... READ MORE

I had breathing problems and a noticeably crooked nose. It was important for me to not look severely different, but restore symmetry to my face and have a nose that complemented my other features. Dr. Weinfeld did a great job listening to me and letting me know we were on the same page before... READ MORE

So I have always hated how big my nose was. It has never seemed to fit my face. So I decided after I had lasik surgery to get my nose done. I first contacted Dr, Vitenas in Clear Lake, He is an excellent plastic surgeon and his estheticians do great facials. He quoted my $10,000 for a... READ MORE

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