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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.

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Rhinoplasty I love these people! I had a nose that had not worked in 45 years and magically the Doc transformed me. They are wonderful, professional people that care. My nose is better than new and I will be back to visit them just because they care so much. I wish them all health and much... READ MORE

For decades I have had trouble breathing through my nose, one nostril had no air entry the other side was poor and required a lot of effort. Consequently I breathed through my mouth a lot, sleeping was always restless. I was referred to ENT specialist Dr.James Bonaparte who quickly diagnosed a... READ MORE

I had a second revision done by Dr. Bared (first 2 surgeries by another) and after my experience with him I would definitely recommend him to everyone looking to correct a deviated septum. Dr. Bared is very confident in his abilities and knows what he can and cannot fix. His portfolio shows how... READ MORE

On January 23rd 2015 Dr. Castellano performed a Septoplasty and turbinate reduction procedure. This was easily one of the best decisions I have made because I can finally breathe and it was a great experience. The procedure took 90 minutes and I suffered very little pain. Dr. Castellano was... READ MORE

I have spent most of my life not liking my nose. Finally I decided one day that I was going to just take the plunge and have it worked on. I spent just over year researching, also consulted with two other surgeons. I finally came across Dr. Philip Solomon on this website. I made an appointment... READ MORE

Two other attempts at septoplasty were negative. Third ENT following a CAT scan indicated he would not be able to improve what was previously done. After a consultation with Dr. Naficy, he said that he was confident he can improve my breathing. The recovery was just as Dr. Naficy stated. My... READ MORE

I have had a deviated septum for as long as I can remember. It caused major breathing issues, constant sinus infections, and it was very visibly crooked from the outside. The doctor explained that the nose must have been broken when I was younger. I was scared that the surgery would only be able... READ MORE

I had a badly deviated septum that needed to be repaired, and I decided to have a rhinoplasty at the same time. Day of surgery: Woke up from surgery extremely out of it. Had a really bad headache and my lip hurt (I had maybe bit it during the post surgery recovery. After some time waking up,... READ MORE

Dr. Ridgeway and I first met a couple months after my first sinus surgery. He was referred to me by my first Surgeon who completed the initial surgery on my sinuses, but was not able to fully resolve the sinusitis issue. After a couple of consultations and pre surgery work, the operation was... READ MORE

I was literally gasping for air at times,and had been suffering for years with poor breathing.I had went to an ENT,two G P's and Dr.Shahriar Mabourakh MD FACS for consult.I felt that my best outcome-functional as well as aesthetic was to go to a skilled plastic surgeon-Dr.Shahriar Mabourakh.I... READ MORE

Dr. Murray did an excellent job with my septoplasty and turbinate reduction surgery. He took his time to explain the surgery to me, and how the post op recovery would go, and I have to say he was spot on. Other than some discomfort the first few days, I've had no other issues, and the surgery... READ MORE

I found Dr Gerachi to be extremely professional in all areas. He was very helpful and explained things to me very well. His calm and cheerful demeanour put me at ease every time. His follow up appointments were always cheerful and reassuring and he was only too happy to listen to any concerns.... READ MORE

Excellent doctor with plenty of experience. Had septoplasty and did not hurt and was completely healed within 2 days. Very friendly as well with excellent service, received phone call few days after surgery to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. Fast response time as well, usually had... READ MORE

Hi my name is Dannielle I went to several ENT doctors for my deviated septum and sinus problems, but I just didn't feel comfortable. They wouldn't listen to me, they were very cold mannered towards me , So finally I was researching the internet and came across Dr. Fernau's Profile I was very... READ MORE

My dad works in the medical field and he knew Dr. Clevens’ name pretty well so I went to him for my septo-rhinoplasty. The surgery was about 2 or 3 months ago. I can breathe much better now, so I’m obviously happy with the result. When I’m playing sports I can finally breathe through my... READ MORE

If any of you have septorhinoplasty or septoplasty, if your surgeon gets it wrong, leaves your nose crooked, etc., the pain in forehead and eyes is unbearable. Sometimes that is normal. But I am far along as I write this (didn't want to put real date)-2 months or so-and it's only getting... READ MORE

I have had a deviated septum for all of my adult life. When I was in my early 20's I had a septoplasty procedure done. It was the most uncomfortable feeling, unbearable at times. The packing and the drainage seemed unending. After the months of healing I could breathe no better...What a waste. I... READ MORE

I have a deviated septum and for most of my life it hasn't caused breathing problems. It's always bothered me a bit from a cosmetic perspective because it gave the appearance of my two nostrils being different in size, but it hasn't bothered me to the point that I'd get surgery exclusively for... READ MORE

I was having trouble breathing after I fractured my nose and for years have also been dissatisfied with the hump on the top. The fact that I fractured my nose and my deviated septum became even more pronounced finally motivated me to go see an ENT / plastic surgeon. And while I am only a week... READ MORE

Dr. Griffin is Fantastic. Five out of five stars! I came to Dr. Griffin with a fairly complicated set of problems that needed multiple procedures to fully correct. I had been living with – and struggling with - breathing issues for decades. The inner structure and function of my nose had been... READ MORE

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