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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.
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Despite restricted breathing I put off nose surgery for many years until recently--it had gotten so bad I could barely breathe in through my left nostril. The surgery itself went very well, and the recovery was actually much less taxing than I had expected. There was so little pain I only needed... READ MORE

In 2011, after 2 years of not being able to breath, I found out I had a deviated septum. I went to an ENT and was told that I needed to see a plastic surgeon about having a septo-rhinoplasty. After having had a breast augmentation in 2006, I new exactly who my plastic surgeon would be for the... READ MORE

I came to see Dr. Winkler with problems concerning a deviated septum and slightly crooked nose from a fracture. I can't describe how compassionate and communicative he is concerning his expertise and his patient knowledge. He not only helped correct my deviated septum and nose asymmetry, BUT... READ MORE

 went to her to fix my deviated septum. After surgery my nose was crooked, she created a bump on the right side of my nose, and my breathing was worse than before. She took little accountability for the surgery and expected me to pay another 2k for her to try to fix it again. It was a very... READ MORE

Septoplasty is of great help to patients suffering from sinuses. After surgery one breathes easily and the brain is fully relaxed. However , it may take up 1 to 2 months for the swelling to subside after which one is totally fit to resume work as proper. the goal of this surgery is to... READ MORE

I had surgery for a deviated septum a little more than 10 years ago because I had partial breathing obstruction. I went and saw Dr. Miller who was very enthusiastic about "helping"/operating on me. In addition to the septoplasty, he advised on having work done on my sinus canals by his colleague... READ MORE

My surgery was 2 weeks ago. My nose was a complete mess. Very complicated surgery, had a septo/rhinoplasty done. This was also a revision, the first surgery (by a different doctor) was a disaster. So now, 2 weeks later, I LOVE my nose. I can't believe what a great looking nose I have. Dr. Golden... READ MORE

I had a deviated septum and my nose was crooked and concave on one side due to injuries. I was hoping to one day breathe through my entire nose instead of one side and Dr. Miller did that for me! He not only corrected the deviated septum so that I could breathe properly and sleep so much better,... READ MORE

It's been a little over three months since my septoplasty/rhinoplasty with Dr. Chaboki and I couldn't be happier with the result. The septum was something I'd been meaning to take care of for about a decade, and my consulting physician at the time recommended that I also take care of excess bone... READ MORE

Now two months since my surgery, I am most pleased with the results. Having broke my nose as a lad (I'm 54) it had finally become a quality of life issue in regards to breathing and sleeping. The large broken bridge also was a constant bother wearing glasses that made for constant readjustment... READ MORE

I had the septoplasty in 2007. At that time my nose was stuffed with packing, it was a nightmare but it did help a little when the packing was removed. On 6/18/12 I had the procedure done again, this time stents were used. My doc said my deviated septum was so bad he had to rebuild the cartlidge... READ MORE

I had a deviated septum for nearly 7 years due to a basketball accident. Some friends from the Philippines recommended a young doctor, Dr. Santiago, to see him during my vacation. In short, he checked my nose and explained everything to me including my severe allergies which greatly aggravated... READ MORE

I had a septoplasty in September 2010 because of aches all around my head. I had a neurological examination and then my doc said that i should see an ENT specialist. So i did it. Approximately saw 4-5 doctors,all of them said same thing:"You have headaches because of deviation in your nose.... READ MORE

I had a deviated septum and was having a hard time breathing and needed to get this fixed. As well as the septoplasty, I had rhinoplasty as well. My nose was not straight and too masculine. I asked for a natural, smaller more feminine nose and this is exactly what I received. I couldn't be... READ MORE

Problem breathing through nose & correct caved in look. I had Rhinoplasty procedure done back in 1987.  As the years went by, I noticed my nose was beginning to look pinched in which seemed to also be causing some difficulty in my breathing, especially on my left side.  ... READ MORE

After basic, supposedly straightforward, septoplasty in New Zealand (4/2009) I was unfortunately left with sizable septal hole/ perforation, which resulted in almost constant pain & discomfort, difficulty breathing & poor sleep. Any exercise was very stressful, due to labored breathing,... READ MORE

I had a Deviated septum, nose lift on Oct 13,2011 by Dr. Michael Kim. My deviated septum was "90%" deviated and only two ear and nose serguns can perform that very challenging sergury. Dr Michael Kim was one of them at OHSU. He is a Ceritified Ear and nose Sergun and Plastic facial as... READ MORE

This was a revision jaw surgery. had upper done 5 yrs ago. had more upper and the lower done this time and chin redone. instead of an extended genioplasty, that was reversed, and chin was done differently with a flipping procedure. Septum shifted out of groove after surgery requiring a... READ MORE

I had a septo/rhinoplasty with a turbinate reduction 6 weeks ago. I had a deviated septum, nasal valve collapse and enlarged turbinates which disabled me to breathe thru my nose. After years of treating it like allergies, i finally decided to go to an ENT specialist to get a second opinion on... READ MORE

Before.....restrcited breathing, snoring, swollen tonsills. After.....full breathing , no snoring, no tonsils. AWESOME experience! No issues at all. He does everything he says to a "T". Definitely recommend his services to anybody. I had a previous septoplasty from another... READ MORE

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