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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.
Average Price: $4,675

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Dr. Nachlas’s practice came recommended to me by my general practioner, and my regular ENT couldn’t praise him highly enough. If my doctor likes someone, more than likely I’m going to be pleased by them, so I scheduled my surgery with him. Earlier this month I had a polyp removed, septum... READ MORE

I'm a 28 y/o male, exercise frequently, in good shape etc. For years I've had issues with nasal congestion caused by a deviated septum which I thought was purely hereditary as my father snored like a chainsaw. My doctor says it looks like I broke my nose while looking up there with a scope. This... READ MORE

I finally took the plunge and decided to have my breathing fixed and some cosmetic work done at the same time. I have a severely deviated septum as well as a pointy bone fragment in my upper area of my nose from an injury. I have a very large hump and bulbous tip that goes to one side. I am... READ MORE

Had Septoplasy and reduce turbinates surgery three weeks ago. I researched the procedure and read many testimonials prior to having the surgery. I was expecting a little pain/discomfort and a full recovery time of 7-10 days tops. Most of the first-hand accounts I read were for people that... READ MORE

Septoplasty has been recommended for me. I was in a car accident 4 years ago and have a deviated septum. Since then I have had pain in my nose. I feel like I have been punched in the nose every day. I have swelling inside of my nose which has caused problems for me with breathing. I am... READ MORE

Dr. Tom Wang was recommended to me after I saw his office partner an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor. My septum was broken so badly that I had problems breathing, sleeping, swimming, and sinus issues. I was told I needed to see a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. I was a little worried that... READ MORE

Years of daily congestion, post nasal drip, sinus infections and sinus headaches motivated me to schedule this surgery. My Dr. decided after a CT Scan that I was indeed a candidate and the surgery was scheduled. I did a lot of research prior to the surgery so I would be prepared and have the... READ MORE

I was very nervous about the pain but it was not bad at all. The recovery has been a breeze with minimal pain, swelling and bruising. I was pleasantly surprised with the recovery which was my main concern. I got to the surgery center at 6:30 am as nervous as ever. The nurse and the... READ MORE

I first came to The Redwood Center in December 2012 having been referred to them by the doctors who performed my MOH's surgery (skin cancer). I had a dime-size hole in my nose. Freaky! But between Dr. Parikh's upbeat, can-do attitude - "We'll fix this, you'll do great!" to Dr. Lieberman's... READ MORE

I have had severe sleep issues for decades. I have been through numerous sleep studies, only to be told that I was "borderline" for sleep apnea. I was referred to Dr. Pryor for a consultation, and he immediately noticed issues with the septum in my nose. It turns out that one side was... READ MORE

I am a 38 y/o man and have trouble breathing my entire life, as most I just lived through the difficulties of normal breathing ... I went to doctors before in the past and some have suggested I look into surgery, I just brushed it off lack of the unknown and fear , but until this year... READ MORE

I took about a year to have my procedures done. I knew since I was also getting a Rhinoplasty along with the Septoplasty/Tunbinoplasty I wanted to lose some weight so that my Rhinoplasty could have the best outcome. I had several appointments with Dr. Clark in preparation during this time. I... READ MORE

Injury: Fractured nose and deviated septum. Cons- few days down, exhaustion, some numb upper teeth for a few days, stuffy nose (felt like bad head cold) and just general discomfort for a few days. Benefits of the surgery - awesome breathing and straight nose. Open reduction nasal septal... READ MORE

After having my nose broken when I was 19, I have been debating getting surgery to fix it. Only recently did I find out that not only was my septum deviated from the break, but the whole nasal wall had collapsed as well which severely affected my breathing through my right nostril. Dr.... READ MORE

Dr. Ridgway and his staff provided exceptional service throughout my treatment. I came to Dr. Ridgway to have a deviated septum straightened, since I was not able to breath out of my left nostril and had only had limited air passage through my right nostril. Dr. Ridgway completed a thorough... READ MORE

The surgery was a complete success and restored my breathing as well as diminished the daily pain that I was experiencing prior to the surgery. I was virtually pain free 2 days after the surgery and did not need to take any pain medication! I was able to resume all of my normal activities one... READ MORE

I actually regret delaying the surgery for nearly 5 years. By the age of 29 my nose was almost always 90% blocked. My left nostril was always completely blocked and the inferior turbinate on the right side was swollen and caused congestion. Also since I play the guitar, i was never happy with my... READ MORE

I received a septoplasty in efforts to correct my horribly deviated septum as a result of 4 broken noses. I've played softball since I was 10 years old and my first broken nose happened because I collided with the right fielder in attempts to catch a high fly ball. Instead I collided with her... READ MORE

After a good 13 days of recovery, I had complications with my left nostril bleeding severely resulting in another operation (Epistaxis). Sometimes I felt like pressure is forming and I felt cracks and bubbles. And slight drips to my throat. But when coughed, no traces of blood. Am I paranoid or... READ MORE

Dr. Fryer = On Time, Professional, Spends Tons of Time in Consultation. Septoplasty Cost = Covered By Insurance Rhinoplasty Cost = Fair (Not Highest & Not Lowest) No Nose Packing (only Bridge Splint for a few days) Stitches fell out over 1-2 weeks I Can Now Smell! Recovery Time =... READ MORE

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