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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.

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This is a procedure I have wanted to do forever. My mum had a nose job age 16, my dad has a big nose and my younger sister is having her nose done in August. I decided to have mine when I hit 16, but was not allowed to be put under general anesthetic due to a heart condition. I had to have heart... READ MORE

I am 41 year old Medical Engineer . for a long time I have had breathing difficulties particularly at bed time. I would not say it was a severe life altering difficulty but it would sometimes drive me crazy as I could only sleep on one side otherwise I would almost choke .All the ENT specialists... READ MORE

I had my dorsal hump reduction (part rhinoplasty) done because I have always been self conscious and embarrassed over my profile. I had my septoplasty done because during my consultation Dr. Pryor explained the damage to my septum would continue to cause my nose to collapse as I aged. The... READ MORE

I broke my nose as a child and have had a crooked nose and difficulty breathing since. The breathing seemed to be getting worse, so I finally went to an ENT doc, who suggested I also talk to a plastic surgeon about fixing the crookedness of my nose. I did, and decided on the above procedure... READ MORE

I had a open septo rynoplasty and am very happy with the profile except the tip which had gone to left(Far left). pros....the dorsal hump has gone cons....the tip is going to the left Hi, I had a open septo rynoplasty 5 weeks ago and the tip has gne to the left. I have been advised... READ MORE

I am 1 month post-op i had a septo-rhinoplasty i had a deviated septum and a huge lump that could be see from proifle yesterday i was taking a picture of me nose and a relaized that it look crooked is it just me or is it? and is that normal? will get it straighten with time? is it normal... READ MORE

I had septum deviation and estetic surgery 25 days ago. No pain at all, bruises went away 10 day after surgery. Only problem is skin sticked to a bose bone bridge.Please how can I speed up the proces of removing skin from the nose bone? READ MORE

Cons: I had a couple of minor administrative challenges prior to my surgery. Relatively painful and unpleasant recovery for about a week. Pros: Sleep apnea cured! I can sleep through the night and wake up rested! My wife says I no longer choke or stop breathing several times per night. ... READ MORE

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Dara Liotta. Her professionalism, skill and personality are top notch. I lived 30 years with a severely deviated septum and was never able to breathe through my nose, on top of having sinus issues and pain. The last few years things had gotten worse and... READ MORE

I always had an extremely sensitive nose, my sinuses were a daily issue and would make my nose very puffy. I had always been self conscious about the hump on my bridge, but with the sinuses and my puffy nose on top of that, I was really becoming fed up about the way my nose looked. When I came... READ MORE

He is amazing, he knew exactly what to do after a very thorough exam. He took cartilage from my ear to reconstruct my nose (which was completely collapsed on the left side and partially collapsed on the right side). After only one month I can breathe very well out of both nostrils and he says it... READ MORE

I had a septo/rhinoplasty with a turbinate reduction 6 weeks ago. I had a deviated septum, nasal valve collapse and enlarged turbinates which disabled me to breathe thru my nose. After years of treating it like allergies, i finally decided to go to an ENT specialist to get a second opinion on... READ MORE

I wanted to breathe better. I was also snoring a lot. Since the procedure I had fantastic results. My breathing is much better. I don't get as tired as quickly. I sleep better at night. I also feel better rested when I wake up. I don't snore anymore either!! To top it off, my nose looks better... READ MORE

After years of hampered breathing, which I thought was normal, I finally took the steps to speak with a specialists. Dr. Bennett was very informative and went through my history and past attempts of treatment. After seeing my level of breathing issues and the severe collapse in my nostril he... READ MORE

I've had an adolescent nose injury which over the years caused a deviated septum and an off-putting crooked nose. During my initial consultation, Dr. Corrado had diagnosed and explained the septorhinoplasty to correct my breathing and nose deformity. All my questions were answered and in... READ MORE

I've suffered for years due to my nose being swollen inside from allergies etc. I lived on susdafed before bed, (causes major insomnia) breath right strips (ruining my skin) and yet I still couldn't breathe well through my nose. After a failed treatment plan with an allergist i decided I needed... READ MORE

I broke my nose in high school and never had it fixed. Friends and family would comment that my nose looked fine, but functionally, I had a lot of breathing issues. Aesthetically, my nose curved slightly. Because it was short with a low bridge to begin with, I knew my nose looked much wider... READ MORE

I've suffered sinus problems for as long as I can remember (I'm in my early 50's) though I've been too fearful to do anything about it other than sprays and decongestants. Well tomorrow is the day that I hope that all changes. Along with a septoplasty I hope to have additional work done... READ MORE

In my opinion this doctor is not worth the money I paid for him. At the beginning he is very kind, polite, he gives to you everything you need, even call you every day but once he has got the money and the surgery is ended... you can not call him to claim for anything. He blocks you on Whatsapp... READ MORE

After breaking my nose twice (once as a child and again recently), I ended up with a severely deviated septum that was blocking both nasal passages and significantly limiting my airflow. My nose was also a bit crooked from the breaks and I wanted it straightened as well since I needed surgery... READ MORE

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