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Got a deviated septum? Septoplasty straightens the partition between your nostrils, which may finally mean snore-free nights.

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I had my dorsal hump reduction (part rhinoplasty) done because I have always been self conscious and embarrassed over my profile. I had my septoplasty done because during my consultation Dr. Pryor explained the damage to my septum would continue to cause my nose to collapse as I aged. The... READ MORE

I broke my nose as a child and have had a crooked nose and difficulty breathing since. The breathing seemed to be getting worse, so I finally went to an ENT doc, who suggested I also talk to a plastic surgeon about fixing the crookedness of my nose. I did, and decided on the above procedure... READ MORE

I had a open septo rynoplasty and am very happy with the profile except the tip which had gone to left(Far left). pros....the dorsal hump has gone cons....the tip is going to the left Hi, I had a open septo rynoplasty 5 weeks ago and the tip has gne to the left. I have been advised... READ MORE

I am 1 month post-op i had a septo-rhinoplasty i had a deviated septum and a huge lump that could be see from proifle yesterday i was taking a picture of me nose and a relaized that it look crooked is it just me or is it? and is that normal? will get it straighten with time? is it normal... READ MORE

I had septum deviation and estetic surgery 25 days ago. No pain at all, bruises went away 10 day after surgery. Only problem is skin sticked to a bose bone bridge.Please how can I speed up the proces of removing skin from the nose bone? READ MORE

I suffered with severe nasal polyps for over ten years that that prevented me from having a normal life in family and work. I had to adjust my breathing due to my constant congestion and clogged nasal cavities. I had to rely on breathing through my mouth which had a significant impact on how I... READ MORE

I broke my nose when I was young and it left me with a small bump on the top of my nose and a cracked septum. I have always wanted to have it fixed, but was hesitant. Dr. Hoefflin calmed every fear that I had and did an EXCEPTIONAL job. He did a combination rhino/septo and I couldn't have asked... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Ward because i had a terribly deviated septum. After a consult, I decided to have him fix my septum, as well as a few cosmetic things. I have been extremely impressed with him and his office staff. I never had ANY pain after surgery, and have been really happy with the result.... READ MORE

Went to Dr.Zoumalan for a major breathing issue and to address cosmetic concerns. There are many highly skilled doctors to choose from, but what makes this surgeon different, to me, is his humility, ability to listen, and his artistic and technical skill. In my case, as it turns out I had a very... READ MORE

In my opinion the best nose surgeon in all of Canada. I know that is a bold statement but I will always hold Dr.Rival in the highest of regards based on the fact that I have had a Rhinoplasty done by him about 6 years ago, and recently a Septoplasty due to a nose injury I sustained playing... READ MORE

Went for rhino/septoplasty. Nose returned to original crooked self after Dr G. Had to go to better surgeon in NYC, to fix it again. Every MD that saw it after Dr G, asked if he was even board qualified. Sadly Dr G is. Run away, spend the extra money on a quality surgeon. I had so many people ask... READ MORE

I saw Dr. Rubinstein for a nasal fracture repair and septoplay on June 9th. A friend had referred me to his office. Dr. Rubinstein is an excellent doctor. He listens good, too. Dr. Rubinstein has a great bedtime manner and makes you feel very comfortable. So far, I am very happy. The... READ MORE

I came here to help my breathing thru my nose. He did a septo-rhinoplasty on me when the issue was not as complex. The procedure was an absolute failure. I can not breath and now my nose is deformed. He absolutely devastated my entire life. I have spoken to other patients who had similar... READ MORE

This procedure was performed because I had trouble breathing due to a deviated septum and, at the same time, was looking to have my nose straightened. The process was very smooth; I had two appointments with Dr. Miller prior to my procedure. On the day of surgery, the wait was short and... READ MORE

Dr. Clutter is excellent. As a vocalist, breathing is rather important and my sinuses often created problems for me. I found myself having to cancel performances and reschedule studio time, etc. He performed a septoplasty to open up my airways (all of which was covered by my insurance). The... READ MORE

Dr. Zimm is one of the best doctors I have ever been to. My first consultation with Dr. Zimm made me feel confident that I had picked the right surgeon for my septoplasty. He was able to very clearly explain the current condition of my nose and what procedure he would perform to correct the... READ MORE

Prior to getting this surgery I had a lot of trouble breathing through my right nostril. I contemplated the idea of getting the procedure done for a while. If I knew how big of a change it made back then, I would have done it sooner. I would absolutely recommend this procedure. It has helped my... READ MORE

Was really struggling to breathe for years and finally decided to go for it The snoring was becoming a problem as well and being constantly congested was driving me crazy I had to do a septoplasty and turbinoplasty After trying conventional methods like nasal sprays which didn't work at all I... READ MORE

I broke my nose by being hit by a hockey ball to the face during a match at university. This caused my nose to deviated obviously to one side of my face and caused me to snore very loudly at night. I've always liked my nose to a degree but felt that it was quite masculine and undefined also.... READ MORE

I broke my nose ~ 8 years ago and had been having breathing & sleeping issues throughout that period. I decided that I would have an ENT look at my nose and see if surgery was an option. I went to Mount Sinai where the ENT took a look, confirmed that I had a deviated septum from the break, and... READ MORE

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