Non Surgical Nose Job

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For those not interested in a traditional nose job, the non-surgical option makes use of fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out nasal bumps and humps and, at times, correct breathing issues. LEARN MORE ›
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Male, late 20's, having previously undergone a surgical rhinoplasty 12 years ago by another practician, I was left somewhat unsatisfied with the results : a small, irregular nose that was too feminine for my tastes. After having spent a few months researching the non-surgical rhinoplasty... READ MORE

I thought this was the perfect solution to not having to get invasive surgery. My main concern was the bump on my nose and the Dr. said I was a great candidate for Radiesse(sp?). I went through with it, and now a year and a half later things are back to normal. It looks identical than it did to... READ MORE

I went in for my consultation about 2 days ago and had the procedure done on the same day. The doctor said that I had a fine nose and didn't see as to why I needed to have a non surgical nose job done. The ip of my nose is quite high and straight - it is the bridge of my nose that... READ MORE

I'd already had a revision rhinoplasty, but there were imperfections like a dent from a graft that moved and retracted nostrils. I saw before and after pictures of the nonsurgical rhinoplasty (with silikon injections) online and figured I would be a good candidate. I actually flew from... READ MORE

I went through two series of injections of Juvederm in my nose to correct a small indentation and diminish the prominence of a bump. It took less than an hour, no bruising and only VERY minimal swelling, and was painless. I was a little sore in the following few days if i touched my nose, but... READ MORE

Truly the best for non-surgical rhinoplasty!!!!! I am one of those unfortunate people who had to go through 6 reconstructive/cosmetic surgeries to fix a really bad botched nose job. Last one left me with several imperfections still, dents, not enough tip lobule,bridge uneven, etc. just in... READ MORE

My experience was overall good. However the procedure was sort of painful because I had some scaring that made the injections difficult and the local anesthetic didn't work. Hi, I just had a non surgical nose job, and though my doctor was very clear about post op care, I find myself with... READ MORE

I had a dermal filler (Juvederm) injected to the bridge of my nose about a week ago. first day i had it, the result seems very obvious. day by day it shrinking, and now there is some part of my nose' filler that have been completely dissolved. my nurse injector only injected a lil amount... READ MORE

It was painful and uncomfortable, and made my nose misshaped.i was told that my tip was big becouse the filler made the cartilage move, and that it was not the filler that spread over my tip. iam gutted and dont know if it will ever look the same again. i had juvederm in my nose to correct 2... READ MORE

I had previous rhinoplasty many years ago performed by another surgeon. My nose was left from the previous surgery with a pinched look at the tip. I was unsatisifed with the results. I had searched online for a non-surgical procedure to help correct my issue. I found many "before and... READ MORE

Pros: It REALLY WORKS if your looking to build a bridge for your nose (e.g. such as Asians who have a flat bridge like me). It also works well if your looking to fix the nose tip by making it pointier. I loved how it looked right away and after the swelling and redness went down. No one noticed... READ MORE

I had a rynoplastic at the age of 18 years and another operation after 7 years. After others 8 years half of my nose tip gets empty. Hi. im italian. Many years ago i had a rinoplastic, then another after 7 years. Now after other 10 years half of my tip is empty. That's not a huge thing... READ MORE

I am 100% satisfied with my non surgical rhinoplasty experience. I had previously undergone a rhinoplasty through another doctor a little over a year ago. It wasn't a bad surgery but I wasn't happy with how lifted my nostrils were and the asymmetry of the sides. To correct this, the... READ MORE

Pros - Quick, painless, fairly happy with the results, affordable, wonderful doctor, nice results, took only about 5 minutes! Have some filler left for future touch-ups Cons - not permanent, swelling? I had a non-surgical nose job less than 48 hours ago. Restylane was injected to smooth... READ MORE

Horrible experience, am suffering since that dreadful mistake I made by agreeing to augment my nose with radiesse. I had had a rhinoplasty before this..even with that dr's incompetence, this dr made things from bad to worse with tis disfigurement of an enlarged, red nose I had Radiesse... READ MORE

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