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For those not interested in a traditional nose job, the non-surgical option makes use of fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out nasal bumps and humps and, at times, correct breathing issues. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $800

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I went to see Dr. Joseph after a rhinoplasty gone wrong, the previous doctor had left me with a nose that only revision surgery could fix. The problem was that I am a student and I just can't spend that kind of money right now. However, after looking at the many before and after photos on... READ MORE

Always hated my nose but didn't want to undergo cosmetic surgery. Thought I'd be stuck for ever with a lop-sided nose and sagging skin, but Dr Klein made me look as young as I feel - well at least 10 years younger!  I'm too scared to undergo actual surgery, but a few... READ MORE

Since I was little I had always been conscience of my nose. I have an identical twin sister who means the world to me. We are attached by the hip, and never apart, and as much as we are alike I was always picky about the fact that my nose was slightly larger then hers. I never thought of myself... READ MORE

First he put some numbing cream on the nose for an hour, then he injected filler to elevate my low bridge and correct bump in the middle. My nose looks so pretty now. He said that the filler is mixed with anesthetic, so it was a pretty comfortable experience. I would definitely do it again... READ MORE

First and for most I would like to Thank Allure Medical Spa! I never write reviews but i want to give everyone the chance who felt hopeless with a bad rhinoplasty. I had a horrible over done thinoplasy about 3 years ago, sloped and crooked. I was terrified to go under the knife again so i... READ MORE

After living for 2 decades with an unsatisfactory revision surgery, I found an answer to prayer. In less than 10 minutes my years of being self-conscious about my "too done" nose came to a glorious end! My wonderful doctor used his artistry and expertise to inject my nose with a... READ MORE

I had a previous surgical rhinoplasty, which left me with some nasal asymmetry that I was very self conscious about. Undergoing another rhinoplasty was out of the question for me due to a busy schedule and budgetary constraints. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon Dr. Josephs website and I... READ MORE

After years of thought and should i shouldn't i, I finally decided to get a nose job on my ethnic nose. I found some doctor who sold me when he said "if we need to correct anything, second rhino is free" ....well, i should have walked out the door but i didnt. Needless to say, i... READ MORE

I was super unhappy with my initial rhinoplasty and didn't know i had options until I found Dr. K. I came with a bump on one side of my nose that hadn't been shaved down enough after my initial rhinoplasty and a dent on the other side. Dr. K was able to even out the ridge so it... READ MORE

After extensively researching this subject, i finally found a doctor that would do it. I live in Calgary, Canada, and there are very few practitioners of this procedure--i found, at least with noses. The doctors (husband and wife team) and the nurse all were there at my appointment. All four of... READ MORE

After a botched nose job that left me with an uneven nose I never thought I'd be happy looking in the mirror until I met Dr. K. She was able to make my nose look PERFECT just by using fillers. She even remembered that I had mentioned a slight unevenness in my lips during my consultation and... READ MORE

I had an extremely unflattering nose - sort of flat and bumpy. I called it my potato nose. I'd been trying to save for a rhinoplasty for ages, but from what I can tell, they usually cost over $5000 and I just wasn't up for the recovery time. I just had Restylane injections in the... READ MORE

My nose is pretty big and I had a bump on the nasal bridge. While this did not make my nose any smaller, it appears smaller because this bump is completely masked! I had it does a little over 2 weeks ago and it looks great! The only con is that I know it won't last forever! READ MORE

I got my non-surgical rhinoplasty and it looks amazing. I wish I took before and after photos. Worth it! READ MORE

I have had two previous surgeries on my nose. The first was a septoplasy to staighten my nose. Afterwards, I wasn't happy with the tip of my nose so I had a second surgery to correct the tip. Well, the results weren't worth the pain or the almost two years of numbness on my nose. Any... READ MORE

I had a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty with Silikon-1000 and my results were fantastic! I've always had a bump on my nose that bothered me. I was injected with Silikon-1000 above my bump over 2 sessions. I had no pain or bruising. Some slight swelling lasted less than 2 days. My bump is now... READ MORE

Had a nose job done by a Dr who did not listen to what I wanted and ended up with a nose that was too small for my face, at least the bridge part. Had Radiesse put in and I LOOOVED the result but not loving the price, it only lasted 7 months so for $1,000 I was expecting more longevity to the... READ MORE

After a bad accident (and an equally bad rhinoplasty), I was left with a noticeable concave on the right side of my nose. I did my research and concluded that this doctor was the best person to see regarding my nose situation. Luckily, I was correct. The doctor looked at my nose and... READ MORE

With one treatment of Silikkon 1000, Dr. J literally fixed my nose! I had been so upset with the way my nose was looking and I thought that I would be selfish to put my family in financial strain for another rhinoplasty. I heard about Dr. J and he literally fixed my problem! I walked in... READ MORE

I did not want to spend the money on a rhinoplasty or deal with the downtime. I have also heard a lot of horror stories about nose jobs. Non surgical was an awesome option for me. My nose is not big, there is just a bump. With a little filler above and below, Dr J was able to camouflage the bump... READ MORE

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