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For those not interested in a traditional nose job, the non-surgical option makes use of fillers such as Radiesse or Juvederm to smooth out nasal bumps and humps and, at times, correct breathing issues. LEARN MORE ›
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I am feeling extremely upset as I write this review. I had such high hopes from his dr after reading her reviews on realself . In fact I had decided that if she does a good job I would do a rhinoplasty with her in the future . I had gone to her for a HA dermal filler in the nose (I have done... READ MORE

The staff at the Herndon office was excellent, very supportive. They provided excellent customer service from the moment of making the appointment, all the way to the end after completing my non-surgical nose procedure the same day of the initial consultation. Dr. Naderi took plenty of time to... READ MORE

Results,Results,Results. His staff and Dr.Scheiner are very professional and all have great bed side manner. I was really nervous as far as pain and results before hand, but clearly had nothing to be worried about. I felt like I was truly cared for and he wanted the best for me. He knows what he... READ MORE

The bridge of my nose looks much better. The injections to numb the areas of the nose wasn't bad. The filler injections were completely painless. My bridge now looks raised, and straight. This has enhanced my face a lot. I will only have to get the injections once a year, which is very... READ MORE

Dr. Tansavatdi has a very great understanding of the facial anatomy and pays great attention to her adjustments to the face with great finesse. She has a "less is more" mentality that I really appreciate and she is always able to create great symmetry on my face. I have always wanted a nose... READ MORE

DR. KOTLER KNOWS NOSES. No lie. I have the typical Asian nose, low bridge with a wide bottom. After a couple sessions, my nose now has a higher bridge, creating a more narrow pathway to the bottom - an overall slimmer nose. The procedure was not painful, and fairly quick. And best of all,... READ MORE

Alright. I got my nose filler in October 2014 and it still looks perfect after 10 months and I am considering a real nose job this time. Just thought I would share my pictures and the whole experience for those who are considering surgical or non surgical rhinoplasty. I went to Dr. Donald Yoo... READ MORE

I have always had a complex about a small bump on my nose, but it is so small that Yannis did not want to perform Rhinoplasty surgery on it. Instead, he proposed injecting a filler on some parts of my nose in order to make it straight. The process was quick and painless, and by using filler he... READ MORE

The best Dr for nonsurgical nose jobs!! I've been wanting to get a nonsurgical rhinoplasty with a filler for a while. I'm a very picky person and I did a thorough research before coming to Dr.Yoo. I've read his reviews, saw pictures of his work and liked what I saw. I was really nervous... READ MORE

Dr. Nima is the best of the best! I have never seen before such a caring professional. He is a true artist! He can see every smallest detail. His staff is great as well. I am so lucky to find them. I had a bump on my nose and Dr. Nima filled around it, made it straight and corrected my... READ MORE

I was pretty nervous coming in for my procedure but immediately, I felt welcomed. The girls from the staff were kind enough to share their stories with me and show their before and after pictures. When Dr. Kassir arrived, he knew exactly how to fix my unique nose without having me explain the... READ MORE

I have considered Asian rhinoplasty for years and after 8 consultations with different plastic surgeons in Hawaii/California I finally decided to have Dr. Wong perform non surgical rhinoplasty using Radiesse filler. The procedure itself was not painful (I was instructed to ice the area) and... READ MORE

The procedure I received was the 'non-surgical nose job'. I did a lot of research to find the perfect doctor for my procedure. I read that he was 'the nose surgeon of Houston'. The staff was very nice and the office was beautiful. Once I was taken back to the room, Dr. Siegel saw me almost... READ MORE

DR. Kotler is just the BEST!! Not only with this techniques that produce such wonderful results, but also with his overall approach, professionalism, candor, and "bedside" manner. He really takes the time to listen, to explain, and just to real show that he genuinely cares. I had rhino by... READ MORE

Hi! I'm looking for the best plastic surgeon in this area able to do something as simple as fillers. I am very scared of filler necrosis and other side effects that can come with it. I want to fill my lips, not much but a tiny amount (thinking half a shot on my upper lip), half a shot above my... READ MORE

Years ago I had Rhinoplasty to correct a deviated septum. At that time the Dr took the opportunity to "over" correct it by reducing the bridge. My before nose was akin to Edie Falco's; i.e a prominent profile somewhat Italian ethnic. This gave it unique character. My after nose had a blandness... READ MORE

I feel so grateful and lucky that I found Dr. Robert Kotler, and I can’t say enough about how much he has done for me and how he has changed my life! Words cannot express the deep internal transformations that are happening to me ever since I saw Dr. Kotler for a non-surgical... READ MORE

I am writing to review Dr. Robert Kotler and his “non-surgical nose job”. I recently had several injections of “Silikon 1000” with Dr. Robert Kotler in Beverly Hills, CA, to correct a less than desirable nose job I received from another surgeon. The results have been no short of... READ MORE

Et me start by saying that Dr Kassir is the best and he is a really humble person. I cannot thank him and his team enough for everything they have done for me. I am of Indian Ethnicity and I was unhappy with the shape and size of my nose and I wanted to try something non-surgical. About 9 months... READ MORE

At 26 years-old, I am the proud owner of a nose that has been broken multiple times. I have had a sharp bump on one side of my nose from these breaks since I was about 12 years-old. Over time, I just got used to the look of it, and never thought my nose could look any different without surgery... READ MORE

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