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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi everyone! My name's Sara & I'll be getting the Mommy Makeover And arm lift done in August of 2015. My whole life I've been over weight. From as young as age 5. I'm the youngest of 5. My sister was always the thin one & my brothers were all muscular, and then there was me.. The moose ( as my... READ MORE

Like many others, I stumbled onto real self during my breast reduction and abdominoplasty research. I am scheduled for my breast reduction surgery on June 18th. Pre-op is June 5th. I'm so excited!! However, I'm not scheduled for the abdominoplasty surgery until July 15th. I've seen so many posts... READ MORE

I'm getting a breast augmentation with a tummy luck and belly lipo. Ever since my last pregnancy my belly and boobs have looked like deflated balloons. I also can't seem to lose the belly fat since my pregnancy. I'm eager to look better but I'm not looking forward to the recovery part. Also... READ MORE

So it's time to start counting down to the big day! 134 days to go! Eeeek! I have decided to have a breast uplift (mastopexy) with a slight reduction and a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) which will include repair of my stomach muscles (diastasis recti). From 2004 to 2010 I sadly lost 7 babies.... READ MORE

All my life I have wanted larger (and symmetrical) breasts. I never was more than an A cup and I hated it. I had a son at 19 years old and the pregnancy took a huge toll on my body. I went from a size 0 (pre-baby) pant to a size 7 (post-baby) and had unsightly stretch marks. The stretch marks... READ MORE

I am 59 and mother of 4 adult children. I breast feed all 4, put them through college and now it's time for doing something for myself. I am a cancer survivor and have been cancer free for 20 years and that is why I have a left scar on my abdomen. So I am on this journey and have had... READ MORE

I have two awesome kids. I will be going in for a TT and lift in April. My husband thinks I am CRAZY to change my body, but having kids has changed me and I don't like how I look now. I wanted implants for roundness, but the plastic surgeon is against it, saying that it will make my frame feel... READ MORE

I am a mother of three. Work hard and do everything for my family. I have been frustrated because no matter what I do body cant be what its supposed to be because no exercise can ever take away the extra skin I have on my stomach or bring back the volume to my breast. One day I decided let me... READ MORE

I'm doing my research on tj surgeons. I want to get a tummy tuck,lipo fat transfer, breast augmentation/lift. I need some advice in choosing the right surgeon. I have narrowed it down to Dr. Gaxiola, Dr. M. Gutierrez, Dr. Ricardo Vega and Dr. Suarez.. They are all certified surgeons but I can't... READ MORE

Originally I had surgery scheduled with Dr. Cabral on July 6. On June 14th there was a posting of two burn victims on his Facebook group, one of which had been in ICU at that point for a little over a week. Prior to that there was another woman in that same group who Dr. Cabral severely burned... READ MORE

I want to feel and look great about my body! I always wanna do it! I been waiting for the right time but always something happen and I decided to choose this year I don't wanna talk or write about my pain hey! Is worse than C-section Yes is annoying sleeping in a recliner You wanna rest you... READ MORE

I've been hooked on this site since I first started my boob journey. I can't believe I'm participating now instead of just reading all of your reviews! I had my pre-op appointment on Tuesday and will be getting my new boobies on this Tuesday, May 19th! I'm also getting cool sculpting on my... READ MORE

I feel so blessed to be in the position to get a MM. I feel very thankful and appreciative of all the doctors, inventors, nurses, etc who make it possible to have these procedures to restore our bodies to what they once were or even better. I am thankful for my hubby, kiddos, family and friends... READ MORE

Went for my consult & contemplating a mini Tummy tuck (skin only, no muscle repair) a lollipop lift, & 500cc silicone HP implants. I liked the 450cc but after going under the muscle dr. Recommended the 500HP. Also will be going on vacation 3 1/2 weeks after the procedure. There aren't many... READ MORE

I want a full tummy tuck and im think of getting lipo 42 and I still want t look sexy lol...after 2 kids and losing lot of weight .But still looking fat around my wait...I have been wanting this for 14 yrs...and now I feel ready ecomically and mentality as well...Is a decision to make that... READ MORE

Can't wait to get rid of this apron of skin and hopefully feel confident about my body. I have been losing weight for almost two years now and have lost 100 pounds. I have only consulted with one doctor but I knew right away he was the one. Need to start getting supplies but I feel lost. Excited... READ MORE

I am in my late 40's mother of 3 in need of a breast lift with possible breast augmentation (silicone) not sure if doing (breast in plant) and tummy tuck with some lipo to be rid of this loose stretched out tummy. Wish me luck have been considering this for over 2 years but scared as well as... READ MORE

Will implants alone give me good results or should I get a lift? Would lipo fix my pooch or am I in need of a TT? I am nervous-excited w/scheduled 3 consults in May. I've been researching Dr’s for a long time since I've wanted implants for 20+yrs. I'm a 38 yr old mom of a 5 & 7 yr old... READ MORE

Hello all, first off let me say this site is such a godsend (I'm addicted). Anywhoooo, I'm a mom of 3 (back 2 back twin pregnancies, natural conception) one baby passed. Long story short, I've been wanting PS for a while, done my research (still researching....), chose my doctor (Dr Lefkovits)... READ MORE

I've had my breast implants for 30 years and one was ruptured and very painful. In addition I had a ventricle hernia that had the repaired over three times. On top of that I had a large 11 pound baby boy vaginally that ripped me apart, so I thought it was about time not only to remove the... READ MORE

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