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The mommy makeover is a complementary combination of plastic surgery procedures done to help you get your pre-baby body back. It can include a mix of tummy tuck (to remove loose skin and regain firmness) and breast enhancement (which can include breast lift and/or breast augmentation). Liposuction could also be added to help with body contouring. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm just over 4 weeks out for my surgery and I want to drop a couple more lbs before the big day. I'm very nervous and excited at the same time. But I feel confident about it. I have a GREAT support system at home. Great husband and my daughters a nurse. I really don't have any experience on the... READ MORE

I am a mom of 4: 3 boys and 1 girl and they are all grown now so I am ready to make this change for me. I am trying to get in with Dr. Baez. I keep seeing really good things about her and am just waiting to get my quote to try and set a date. I hope in early December as I will already be in... READ MORE

I've decided to go with Dra Molina in September.! He is awesome with communication vis whatsapp. I love the results I have seen from him. I'm so excited and anxious to have my body back. I'm getting a tt, lipo, ba w/implants and lift. I'm going to try to keep updates of my journey. Also I'm... READ MORE

I am still in shock that I went through with this! I am four days post opp, and I am already thrilled with the results. I am about 5'9", 140 lbs and athletic. I have never had breasts, even before babies. I know a lot of people consider themselves flat, but I was actually completely flat. After... READ MORE

I am really excited to be on this journey. Before I even had kids my breasts were droopy and I had large areolas. I have wanted a boob job since I can remember. I wear a 38d and don't really want to be bigger I just want perky pretty round breasts. Is that too much to ask for? The plastic... READ MORE

36 year old very busy mom of 3 ages 18, 16 and 12. I work out at the gym and have a green blet in krav maga (Israeli martial art). My husband and I have three businesses and work full time. Even with my jammed packed schedule I still find time to work out quite a bit. But it's just not enough. I... READ MORE

I was extremely nervous for my consult, but the experience was great. Christine is fantastic. She has a very pleasant presence - by phone and in person. Dr. Ghremida is wonderful. He provided very detailed explanations of the procedures as well as complications. He made sure I understood... READ MORE

Hello, i'm new to this but I have been stalking real self, ig and fb for about a year + now and I am finally ready to take the plundge!! I am having surgery 10/06/2015, flying into dr on the 5th. I am having a mommy make over with bbl. (lipo of the full back, tummy, sides, flanks, arms and inner... READ MORE

I am thinking of getting a Mommy makeover with in 6mo, I want to get my figure back. Tired of being a fatty. Do not have exact date or doctor I'm in the process of trying to loose weight by exercising regularly and eating healthier cutting out fatty food and sugar. I'm also interviewing doctors... READ MORE

I'm 5'2" 100lbs I enjoy working out ( Zumba, yoga, running, and lifting weights) I have loose belly skin and saggy breast Scheduled 7/20th for: TT with MR BL/BA (304) Lipo at flanks Very excited and nervous at the same time!!!!! Let the count down begin. I went to my consult 6/16 I have... READ MORE

I have always been a heavier person. Chubby so say. I've always been put down and criticized for my weight and after my two children I got up to 280lbs. That was the heaviest ive been in my life. I was struggling with my image and my personal life. I decided to make drastic changes and lost over... READ MORE

I had an initial consultation with Dr. Hawner this week. He & his staff are very kind & attentive. The wait time was actually very short. I have heard excellent praise from multiple sources regarding Dr. Hawner's experience. Everyone I've spoken with absolutely loves their results. I know I'll... READ MORE

Ok ladies. I am a fanatic w realself! I love everyone's stories and goals and outcomes its Unbelievable!! Like most ladies after having children our bodies break down and needs major repair. I've been reading a lot of great reviews about Ortega in Miami and decided to go w him. BL/BA (silicone)... READ MORE

Had breast augmentation two years ago with 475cc silicone implants put in sub glandular which have dropped. I am 6 foot tall and 170 pounds with small area of extra skin in lower abdomen just above pubic area. I have only one child age 12. I consistently work out 3-4 times per week with... READ MORE

I love this site so helpful. I decided to do a TT and BL I have always been a big girl I just want to be able to not have this belly anymore. I didn't want bigger breast so doc said just to lift if you don't want to go bigger but I hope that still gives me volume. Also I'm at 200lbs I have been... READ MORE

I've always been healthy and in shape, but after having 4 kids, my body just didn't "bounce back" to the shape it was prior to having my babies. I had saggy boobs and quite a bit of excess stomach skin, despite having a weight of 130+/-. I am about 8 weeks post-op and love my "new" stomach,... READ MORE

I carried my triplets to 35 weeks pregnant. My stomach afterward was a nightmare. I had layers of skin hanging on top of each other. I had to push my stomach layers down into my jeans and wear Spanx every day. I had an extreme hernia in my belly button that poked out far and looked horrible.... READ MORE

After having two children my body had several changes. My abdomen was wide, had essentially no waistline, developed striae. In time breast tissue sagged, had unwanted fat deposits on legs and lower back. If I lost weight I would be a smaller version of my self with loss of breast and gluts. I... READ MORE

I have had 2 C-Sections and I feel like a marsupial. Time to feel good about myself. I am also thinking about a breast lift to get my breast back to being full. I have been working out hard and I want to look as good as I feel when I am working out. I love to exercise but it is discouraging... READ MORE

I'm having a tummy tuck, mastoplexy and changing to smaller silicone gel implants, and thigh liposuction August 7th. I had saline implants 12 years ago done by Dr. Robert Young in San Antonio, TX. I loved my implants for many years. Now my breast have become saggy and they have a thin and... READ MORE

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