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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to improve body contour by removing areas of fat that've been resistant to diet and exercise. It's important to note that lipo is not intended to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. Here's how it works: Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits that are then suctioned out. Lipo can be done on various body parts including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and the cheeks, chin, and neck. LEARN MORE ›

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I've been on Real self since 2012. I love the fact that I can relate to people who are interested in the same procedures I am. I love the fact that we encourage and support each other. I am 31 and have a 1yr 7 months old handsome boy. No more kids. I am 5'7 weigh 140lbs. Used to be about 153lb... READ MORE

I do not eat that much but sometimes I ate late dinner or go out for dinner with my workmates after work. I've already done diet and exercise to lose weight but it did not work well. As all know that, losing weight and reduce the body size is not that easy. So, I knew about 365mc from my friend... READ MORE

I decided to have liposuction done on my little lower belly pooch/small fat roll that I've had for the past 8-10 years. I'm in my late 40's and tall and thin but no matter what I did the pooch would not go away. It would hang over my jeans when I sat down and prevented me from wearing slim cut... READ MORE

I have my Liposuction surgery schedule at American Lipo Centers on Thursday, February 12, 2015 at 01:00 PM . I was told by Elisha that I will be done around 3pm. I was asked to arrive one hour early. My pre operative appointment is schedule for February 11, 2015 at 12;30. So far everyone has... READ MORE

Hello dollz! So I have been stalking this sight for a while now and I must admit I'ce become very obsessed with both Dr. Duran and Dra. Yily's work. At first I was determined that I was going to Duran but with waiting on her respond and losing hope that I would ever be able to contact her I... READ MORE

Overall a good expierence. I'm in the early stages so I'm not anywhere near 100 percent results yet. Staff was amazing. Sugeon was very informative and friendly. I had abdominal lipo and breast implants placed w 400 cc saline under the muscle. The lip was so painful I'm hoping it's worth it!... READ MORE

I was really upset about my tummy tuck before i got liposuction surgery ,especially when i worn the bikini. OMG... Even I got shocked by myself. Because of this tummy tuck ,i barely went outside with my friends,especially went to the sea. Almost all of my friends are Asian girls. (yeah !!U... READ MORE

This review is for the lipo I had done with my BBL. It completely ruined my entire midsection including my sides and back. I'm left with unevenness, ridges, bumps, holes and immense amounts of hardened scar tissue. No one can touch the bottom half of my abdomen without me cringing and I can not... READ MORE

Here are the pics. I will get Dr Medina to do my breast lift and lipo. Im 50 years old. I had a BBL in Dec 2012 by Dr Jimerson in Atlanta. I happy with my booty. I wanted my waist sucked to death. Now, its Dr. Medina turn to work her magic. Ill be staying at the recovery house. I'm also making... READ MORE

Over the last year I have gained over 30lbs! It literally seemed to happen over night. I tried dieting, exercise and even meal delivery. Still I never seemed to loose the weight I wanted. Maybe a pound or two here or there but never enough to get back to my old self so I decided to do... READ MORE

21 days seems like forever, but I am patiently awaiting my turn to improve an area of my body that adipose tissue (fat) seems to gravitate to - my BACK! It's quite unattractive, the multiple layer of rolls. I am so ready to NOT have to tug on the back of my shirt to make sure it is not caught... READ MORE

I had breast replacement from saline to silicone on June 3rd. Love the silicone a lot better (19 yr old implants) Surgery barely hurt. The Lipo procedure didn't hurt until I started moving. Very painful to walk and get out of bed. Itching was unbearable. Time to work on my scratching scars. That... READ MORE

Well, I've always been a little chubby but I like to eat-- is that a crime? The last few years losing those 10-15 lbs for summer has gotten harder and harder and I really needed a boost to motivate me. After a lot of research I determined liposuction was for me! The day of the procedure I was... READ MORE

I am having lipo on my flanks and a tt. I am 50 -5'3 181lb. I will be able to take 11 days off work. I am nervous and excite!!! I am going on a cruise April 17th so I am praying everything will be healed. I have been trying to lose more weight but it just seems stuck on. At my heaviest I was... READ MORE

I have a surgery in june 30 2015 with doctor jeffrey lagrasso ho was recomended from marisela curbelo ho its a nice human person she explain to you every thing . The team of the anestesist they're so good you don't even know when they done .I have a aftwr surgery nurse her name its miriam... READ MORE

I chose to have Liposuction of my abdomen, inner/outer thighs, and iliac crest, as these were areas that I really struggled to lose weight from. I typically run up to 5 times a week, 4-7mi depending on the day, and always incorporate weight lifting throughout the week. I have just found that it... READ MORE

After breast feeding three great babies and the weight fluctuations that go along with pregnancies, aging, and life in general I came to the decision it was time for a " tune up". I consulted two Doctors before Dr Stoeckel. The cost of the surgery I requested was similar at all three consults so... READ MORE

After years of research, I've decided to have my procedure done with Dr. Shifrin, one of Chicago's top Board Certified Plastic surgeons. This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time. It is scheduled for March 2, 2015 and I'm so nervous! I used to be active years ago when I was in... READ MORE

I was motivated to have my surgery after i had my kids, my experience with Dr. Guerrero was amazing, he was ex termly caring, very professional as well as his staff. I love my new body thanks to my wonderful Doctor.Guerrero. I would recommended him always. My fiends which i have recommended to... READ MORE

So for years I have been saying I was going to have liposuction on my abdominal area. I am 5'1" and after my last pregnancy (my children are 10 years apart) I noticed that area was getting just a little too big. Son graduated from High school I realized it was time for me to have the procedure... READ MORE

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