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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to improve body contour by removing areas of fat that've been resistant to diet and exercise. It's important to note that lipo is not intended to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. Here's how it works: Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits that are then suctioned out. Lipo can be done on various body parts including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and the cheeks, chin, and neck. LEARN MORE ›

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I'm a woman, 56, and I had gained and lost weight, and had a lot of fat on my neck, which jiggled and was beginning to wrinkle--it aged me, I hated it, and it ruined my looks. Dr. Bruneteau did such a great job, I look pretty again, and feel and look younger and lighter--getting rid if that... READ MORE

I couldn't be happier with my decision of choosing Dr. Macdonald for my abdominal/flanks liposuction. Even though I work out regularly (I was a fitness instructor for many years) and live a healthy lifestyle, I struggled with getting rid of fat around my midsection. I tried different... READ MORE

My surgery is tomorrow and I am very nervous. I'm scared of being in the hospital, the drugs, the pain, the pain after recovery. I've never had a surgery, never broken a bone or been in the hospital for something like this so very nervous. Since I'm very healthy and it's such a small area I'm... READ MORE

I've been super fit my entire life and had a slamming body...up until about 5 years ago. Working in a mentally and emotionally abusive work environment + working on Masters degree full time + being lonely = weight gain. Despite my best efforts, the bulges will not go away, and I'm sick and tired... READ MORE

Hi realselfers, this is my first to post my pics on english community, hope you could get me . i m not good at english,but still learning ,i suppose this is also a good chance for me practicing english.hahaf First, i got face tite lipo,before i got this surgery i really dig lots of... READ MORE

So I’ve been contemplating getting this done for years and I have finally decided to pull the trigger. Over the last couple of months I have reduced my weight from 265 lbs. to my current weight of 245 lbs. (I don't see many reviews for us bigger guys- one of my main reasons for posting) I... READ MORE

Honestly I am very happy with my results. Once I met Dr.Llorente I felt confident getting my surgery done with him. I had a Liposuction done with Dr.Llorente and he is the best. Super nice since the first time I met him, he answered all my questions. I am not only happy with the doctor but with... READ MORE

I plan on beginning my cosmetic surgery journey with two phases. Phase 1 includes liposuction to my inner, outer thighs & knees and most likely, a fat transfer to my face. I consulted with 5 board certified plastic surgeons before making my final selection. If all goes well, I would then... READ MORE

Hey ladies I've been a stocker on this page for over year and I'm finally decided on doing my own body transformation after reading so many journals and after reading so many comments and seen so many before and after pictures I don't seem to know what Dr. choose I've gotten quotes from Hector... READ MORE

Hi after researching for a doctor in Baton Rouge louisiana area. I finally came across the best doctor. Dr Thomas and his staff alone with his Aesthetic Coordinator Elli made me feel so safe and comfortable. For my consultant they were very informative about what would take place for my preop... READ MORE

I recently got liposuction of the neck and bra line. These are two areas that no matter how much I worked out and lost weight I could never get rid of. Of course.. I had always thought of going to a plastic surgeon but assumed it would be too expensive and I would be too shy to be able to talk... READ MORE

Very excited about my smaller waist. New to rs and I too have been stalking the site. I need to find a rh any suggestions? I've been looking at Dr J Fisher before and after pics and I love it!! I hope my waist looks as good as theses dolls in the pictures. I also need to know what supplements... READ MORE

Hello everyone, I am undergoing lipo in about three weeks. The doc is focusing more on my back fat, as i asked him to give me the perfect hispanic body (great cleavage, tiny waist and big hips/butt. I am excited and nervous at the same time!!! I can't wait to go in and finally see my new me! I... READ MORE

I am unhappy with my entire midsection, so I want it all "sucked-out" lol! Back fat, rolls, flanks, tummy...all of it, as much as possible! I've decided to go with Dr. Hasan at Vanity in Miami. I've heard a lot of bad things about their customer service but as long as the doctor safely delivers... READ MORE

I thought he was different but now I realized that fame and money change people. He once made me beautiful but know please be careful. He has so many surgeries his assistants are doing some for him. I believe he did not do my surgery. I was yelling put his name until they gave me a shot and I... READ MORE

I read so many reviews met with many Doctors however when I met Dr, Blome and Mrs, Channing I was comfortable and they answered all my questions and they were very informative so I decided to just go for it . I had my procedure done A full tummy Lipo . So far its been 3 weeks and 1/2 and I feel... READ MORE

I'm contemplating lipo, but not sure which type. I know I want to do my abs and flanks. And maybe inner thighs. But I see a lot of people getting their back done too, hmmm. The hardest part, I think, is the decision to do it, taking that first step for a consultation, and choosing where and... READ MORE

I've been lurking on RS for 2+years reading and researching my "next steps" to the new me. In 2008/2009, I started my journey to become a Cancer Survivor and opted for a bi-lateral mastectomy and transflap breast reconstruction. My original PS did a great job. I was truly blessed. Throughout the... READ MORE

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago and even though I gained a little weight and still happy with my results. I never really had a weight problem until I had my 1st daughter almost 14 years ago. I did manage to lose the weight but my body still wasn't the same. I even got a personal trainer and I... READ MORE

I have always had issues with my stomach. Even in high school, a size 2, I still had a belly. Now that I'm in my 30s and had kids, it's worse, and the outer thighs came along too. I had a great consultation with Dr Heck and decided on Power Assisted Lipo (PAL). I'm very excited and can't wait to... READ MORE

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