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Liposuction is a procedure used to improve body contour by removing areas of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise. It’s not intended to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. Tubes are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits which are then suctioned out. This sculpting procedure can be performed on various parts of the body, including the abdomen and waist; hips and thighs; and the cheeks, chin, and neck. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,000

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Was scheduled to do breast lift no implants and lipo on abs, flanks, back and inner thighs on August 27th but because I decided to do breast lift at the last minute my procedure coordinator didn't alert me that women over 30 have to do mammogram. I said ok and had it done the same day. Luckily,... READ MORE

I decided to get liposuction on my flanks, abdomen and lower back. I'm please with my results considering my size, although I'm still swollen, my results are coming along, I recently started doing light exercises not too much because I'm alittle sore. I'm looking forward to the continued process... READ MORE

Hi girls! I will be posting about my liposuction experience. Surgery is set up for june 20, wich is next thursday! I'll have 4 days off work (desk job) but hope to get some more days, to reach at least a week to rest. I'm 5ft 6 inches, weight 136 pounds and my lipo will be in the abdomen and... READ MORE

I am a classic pear shape and always tried super hard to have normal looking thighs. But it seemed like a futile battle as id have to get down to an unnatural weight in order for that to happen. my weight is around 120-130 pds, i'm 5'3 and i'm easily a size 4 on top and a size 8 on the bottom.... READ MORE

I hope to gain a more contoured shape that would allow me to feel more sexy in my skin. I have been avoiding being intimide .dressing up (I cried on my birthday because I was too fat for the dress) just being the girlie girl I am because my tummy is driving me crazy. I noticed it's in the... READ MORE

Day of surgery my hemoglobin was 12.7 good to go for surgery so nervous. Dr. Yily is very personable she makes you feel comfortable (she doesn't speak much english but has someone there to translate). I take the blue pill in operating room next thing I remember I am waking up in recovery room. I... READ MORE

I am going for outer thigh lipo with Dr. Markmann in 8 days (Feb 3, 2014). He said it would be a little over a liter total removed. So this isnt a *major* surgery, but I have never had any plastic surgery before so I don't totally know what to expect as far as recovery. I am basically expecting... READ MORE

I now weight 184 lbs and I guess lack of exercise and bad habit of eating fatty food didn't do me no service. My goal is to fit in a size 6 pant by summer. I found doctor Randy M Dean at strax rejuvenation. They preform a lot of surgery in many ppl and the price is very affordable, I will be... READ MORE

I expect to look somewhat skinng. My tummy sags a little. And liposuction would help alot. Not sure if I could do both. I hope it all works out. Also would mons pubis reduced. What procedures would help me. According to my pictures . What would you suggest? Well im think of going to emory... READ MORE

Center For Cosmetic Surgery ~ I went in for my consult 12/9 and they were on point and so helpful. Today went in for pre op ( paperwork etc. 12/12 ) questions. Dr. Sassan was on time, and VERY informative. I've done my homework and his work is amazing. The price can not be beat anywhere for... READ MORE

I am 23 years old, 5'2'', and 175 pounds. I have been suffering from PCOS for a few years now and it's taken a dramatic toll on my body. Before these issues I was at a decent 130 pounds and I was happy like that. However, my hormones have caused me to gain the excess weight. At 23, I should be... READ MORE

Ok seven days to go before my procedures and my nerves is getting the best of me.i bought all my meds that I will be taking with me still have a few shopping to do.thanks to ms. coocoo I will not take too many things with me cause it not need.I feel can wait to get this over and done with.i... READ MORE

Well, I booked my surgery with Dr. Rafael Estevez on January 30th, 2014. He still needs to confirm with me, but he had told me he had the day open. I as so ready for this! I had contact several different surgeons, and I was thrilled with his response to my continually questions. Knowing that... READ MORE

Hey am new to this site i had a few questions before i leave to dr in January. . Am going with a friend and am not staying at a recovery home is there any good resorts or hotles not too expensive close to cipla????? Also what is the minimum i can stay in dr after surgery? ???? Thanks... READ MORE

I decided to have liposuction in February 2012. After the procedure, I was moderately satisfied with the results. However, the staff at Sono Bello gladly made appropriate revisions free of charge and also treated me to complimentary non-surgical treatments. Today, I am still totally satisfied... READ MORE

Well I've decided to get liposuction on my flanks, abs, and lower back roll. Im 25 years old, and I have always struggled with my ginormous love handles. I weigh 142, and I'm 5'7. I work out 5 times a week, I'm very athletic, but nothing ever works!! Im not one to rush into cosmetic surgery,... READ MORE

I received Lipo back in Feb on my waist and stomach (pretty much my trunk area all the way around). I did tons of research, went to a highly trained surgeon and ended up in the small percentage of patients who get an infection. Apparently, I got a hematoma after the surgery and it got infected.... READ MORE

Surgery went well, not too painful. I love the outcome!!!! Had a Brazilian Butt Lift previously with Dr. Pazmino in Miami but after 2 rounds of surgery I came out square. I was never square to begin with so I wanted my curves back. Dr. Perez brought them back. Staff is nice. Facilities state... READ MORE

I just had lipo done to my upper and lower abs, upper and lower back, both sides, a c-section revision and a breast lift done 17 days ago. At this very moment I have a love and hate relationship with the results. I love my stomach and my c-section revision so far, but my sides and some area's on... READ MORE

Had tickle lipo this am at The Lifestyle Center Dr Moore in St Louis. I am 42, 5'0 133lbs. Had full abds done. Procedure itself, I opted for local with nitrous gas so I could drive myself home. All was fine until the nitrous tank ran out mid procedure. I had some pretty sever pain with the upper... READ MORE

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