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Liposuction can help remove stubborn fat — even when diet and exercise can't. This procedure will improve your shape, but it won't remove cellulite or lead to significant weight loss. LEARN MORE ›
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Okay, so I very new to this site but am so keen on tracking my progress and getting the support I need while I take the plunge. I've been researching good plastic surgeons here in Aus for a lot of years, however I just wasnt totally satisfied with what I was able to find. So I heard about a... READ MORE

I am a 38 year old female and very athletic. I work out 6 days a week which includes 6 days or cardio, 3 days of weights and 3 days of Yoga. Although I work out that much the back of my arms and inner thighs still have a small pocket of fat I cannot get rid of. I had a TT 6 months ago which... READ MORE

Tumnescent lipo - 1.6 litres removed. I am v pleased with the results 1 month on, but what i didnt expect were: dark purple and slightly swollen genitals caused by subsurface bruising (dont worry guys, its painless and disappears in 1 week) and painful burning sensation on my belly, which i am... READ MORE

I have been researching and looking at liposuction for a couple of years now. I am about 156cm and currently 63kgs and 20 years old. I have gotten down to 50kgs about 2 years ago but still did not see results that I was happy with, I still had those awful saddlebags and even my flanks were still... READ MORE

I've been thinking about undergoing liposuction for most of this year. This is on a background of trying multiple procedures from wraps/ultrasound/etc. I've always carried my fat around my thighs and stomach and have struggled with weight issues in my teenage years. Now I've found a good balance... READ MORE

I've been thinking and researching about doing liposuction for a very long time. I am 30 and I've always had a big butt and thighs. People stare, make jokes (called kim kardashian alot) Commented and im sick of them. Its just not that, i can't wear pants comfortably and in dresses I look... READ MORE

I'm looking to get my ankles, calfs, knee, outer thigh and medial thigh lipoed. I've struggled with this area for a majority of my life and I want to get rid of it once and for all. I'm 24... 5'1...122 pounds. I'm willing to travel out of state, but I am looking for help as far as shuttling to... READ MORE

I'm 39 y/o 5'10" and was 163lbs at the time of surgery (Finnish/Czech/French genetics) I've been a pretty fit guy since my 20's (worked out 3x week through 2012, ate healthy) I have something that's bugged me my whole life. Even when I was lean and toned, I've always had a soft round... READ MORE

I'm 30 yrs old i have 2 kids and im looking for anybody that got surgery done in DR pls help!!!! thanks. i'm looking for a dr that's cheap but professional and wont rush and mess me up more. i want to get lipo and beast implants.. im from NY and the prices are as if u buying a house lol.i... READ MORE

I just done with my Liposuction n tummy tuck which is the op was very painfull but worth it!! The result is actualy shown imediately but not so much as swelling is still badly apear.. The first day of post op i feel like swelling all over muscles which i cant even moved from side by side.. Its... READ MORE

Just had my liposuction procedure done yesterday 12/18/2013. As of now, I'm still in pain and cannot take any pictures yet but will post some throughout next couple weeks. The procedure I went trough they called it Body Jet or water-assisted liposuction. And I chose this doctor because I saw a... READ MORE

I remember asking my friends and relatives about the doctors that they've been to regarding Lipo suction breast implants and Brazilian butt lift. I was given many names of doctors which I contacted, but didn't feel 100% complete with my decision. I decided to go on the Internet and came across... READ MORE

It’s hard remembering that back in the day I was Captain of my cheerleading squad. It’s even more difficult to remember that I was the one they’d throw around in basket tosses and atop our pyramids. I remember thinking, “Gosh, I’m so thankful I’m not the one on the bottom!” I... READ MORE

I've been stalking this site for way too long! I finally got the courage to email Dr. Yily for a quote. This is what I was $3600 quoted for: * Fat grafting to buttocks( I didn't request since I already have a huge bottom...I was looking to have the fat placed in my breast, but im waiting to hear... READ MORE

I had micro liposuction to the cheeks to correct a fat grafting procedure that resulted in a chubby look. The procedure was painless (under general anesthesia) and I never took any pain meds. My face was numb within the procedure area for weeks, but subsided with each week, and completely... READ MORE

Finally buck up the courage to travel solo to Hatyai, Thailand to do my liposuction. I did traditional lipo for tummy, waist and arms, and vaser lipo for chin area for my double chin. Tummy and waist are showing good results, seeing that the surgery was done only yesterday. Today I did arms... READ MORE

After a year of lurking on realself, I decided that its time for me to finally post about what I am looking for, in hopes of help from the community. I am a 23 year old female, 5'10, 168lbs, and I am interested in getting liposuction to my abdomen and flanks. Over the past year, I became... READ MORE

I love her work my scars aren't noticeable I'm happy with my results the same day I went to speak to her was the same day I got surgery I was lucky I was in and out she's really good I recommend her. B4 I went to her I seen like 4 girls that got their body done by her and they look great I dint... READ MORE

Done by Yily. Im not happy. Im left with scars on my right breast and it also sags more than the left one. Also, I wanted a tummy tuck she recommended lipo alone and now my stomach sags. Most of all of my procedures were done by her assistants. Im fine with clothes but feel very uncomfortable... READ MORE

I'm going in at 10 am for my first ever lipo procedure! (It made me put 10/23 but it's actually 10/22) I'm 5'5" 125 lbs, 22 years old, extremely athletic, and I eat really well. I have always had a "pouch" on my belly. I've been self conscious about it since I hit puberty. I've tried every diet... READ MORE

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