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Liposuction can help remove stubborn fat — even when diet and exercise can't. This procedure will improve your shape, but it won't remove cellulite or lead to significant weight loss. LEARN MORE ›
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After having my child in 2010 I gained 80 pounds during my pregnancy. I lost it all but I still had a significant amount of fat accumulated around my abdominal region. Even after intense workouts six days a week for two years and a healthy diet I still couldn't lose that fat. After having the... READ MORE

Surgery in 3 days!! Getting lipo on my waist, hips, and abs to get rid of my muffin top from having kids. Will post pictures soon. I can not wait, super excited. I am 36 years old and my kids are teens now, Im ready for my belly to be normal, for the most part, again so I can actually find pants... READ MORE

I did this procedure because I was in the depo shot and gained a lot if weight mainly in my stomach area.. I worked out I did insanity and I had a personal trainer over the years ... Nothing worked on my belly.. I lost weight but still had a puge.. So after 5 years I decided on tickle lipo. I am... READ MORE

Every since I was 19 years old, I have always had these 2 rolls on each side of my back. My mom, sister and my grandmother, all have the same issue. Which it has prevented me from finding dresses, or being able to wear any fitted tops. I had my son in November 2013, and I lost all of my baby... READ MORE

After a few years of research, I have decided to do something for ME and I am SO excited! I feel as though I'll finally get my Do-Over. Children are adults and I'm living life on my own terms. 40+ feels great, I'm looking forward to GREATER. I have begun a healthier eating lifestyle and workout... READ MORE

I need help,so confused. Debating between a couple of doctors. I've read great reviews of Dr Walkiris Robles, Guillermo Lorenzo Ortiz and a doctor in Colombia. Already got quotes from robles and lorenzo and awaiting a quote from Colombia. Robles gave me a great price and Ortiz gave me a quote... READ MORE

I just put my deposit today with Abner and I'm so anxious because of all the reviews I've read but nonetheless ready to get this procedure. My sister is also have a BBL the same day. We are starting to get everything ready. We are both newbies and really appreciate feedback, and the ladies that... READ MORE

I'm bit nervous and looking for support and advice on what to expect. I'm currently 5"7 and 175lbs. I diet, excersise , juice and the fat won't go away.. I will be doing liposuction on my tummy,back, and flanks. Ive been researching and I think liposuction will definently help me. So I have my... READ MORE

I am re-posting this because I could not figure out how to post pictures on my initial post. I hope this time it woks. Here you go:I did not originally go to Dr. Su. I had lipo twice before I went to him. Dr. Su did the corrective work after I had paid $9,000 to "the best" doctor in town to... READ MORE

I have a 4 year old boy, as every woman i wanna be as sexy as i can be , i did lipo on my abdomen and flanks on july 2. (6 months ago) gained some weight so decided to come back and do a full lipo, this time arms, back, love hamdles, inner thighs and a fat transfer to buttock. Love it!!! Posting... READ MORE

I'm 5'10 and 165#. I have recently been stalking this website of pictures. On March 25 at 10a I'm having lipo on my inner and outer thighs, flanks, and lower abs. My fears are spending the money and not getting what I want. I want a smaller overall hip section. I workout and am very active,... READ MORE

I just had liposuction done on my abdomen, hips and inner thighs. I'm 5 days into recovery and have found this web sight to be very helpful. I wanted to contribute in hopes that I could help others as well. I found that at age 40 my metabolism crashed and the pounds just kept creeping on. I've... READ MORE

I have been considering Liposuction for about a year when I finally decided it was time. I was up in the air in the beginning just because I was not sure about spending the money on myself etc. Then I realized how much happier I would be with my love handles gone and I was sold. I had a... READ MORE

To keep this brief and to the point, I am 5’4, 230 pounds and decided to have the smart lipo combine with water lipo on my arms, tummy and love handles. It was recommended that I have the tummy tuck by three other surgeons. However, I decided against the tummy tuck due to recovery times and... READ MORE

It was terrible, when I woke up. Right away it was pretty clear to me, that things where not the way we talked about it, and the results where far from which we talk about before the surgery…and she never took any responsibility for her action…actually the opposite is the case she promotes... READ MORE

Hi, been reading all of your posts for sometime now and finally have the courage to post.Will go under local anesthesia .Upper and lower abdomen,waist.I am 39 years old 5'4 and 127 lbs. I never been overweight until quit smoking( 1,5 years ago,I was 110 lbs).I exercised,diet but nothing helped... READ MORE

Hello everyone !I am going in for my flank and upper abdomen lipo and week from Thursday.I had a tummy tuck about two years ago and I'm very glad I did it, however since I had the full TT my love handles have been bothering me. And I also have a bit of " dog ear" on the ends of my tummy tuck... READ MORE

Queridas amigas.......quiero hacerme Lipo....y verdad que no quiero cortarme.......mi novios no estava de acuerdo.y NO quiero despues venir Que no pueda hacer nada y tener que molestarlo.....y tambien curiae a mis hijos.....he hablado con cuarto doctores......y fatima almonte me... READ MORE

So I’ve been back and forth for some time debating on if I wanted to create a profile and here I am. I am 29yrs old (can’t believe I admitted to this) and will be getting married by the end of this year (super excited). I decided to get liposuction with Dra. Yily. My date is set for March... READ MORE

I've been wanting Lipo for a very long time now! Ive been expressing my feelings to my very skinny size "5" girlfriends and they feel its a bad idea to go overseas! but When i see girls (on the net) who received lipo over seas a mutual friend of a friend.. yaris and other vixens... READ MORE

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