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Liposuction is an invasive procedure used to improve body contour by removing areas of fat that've been resistant to diet and exercise. It's important to note that lipo is not intended to significantly reduce weight, cellulite, or sagging skin. Here's how it works: Thin tubes called cannulas are inserted into the body, dislodging fat deposits that are then suctioned out. Lipo can be done on various body parts including the abdomen and waist, hips and thighs, and the cheeks, chin, and neck. LEARN MORE ›

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Hi guys i'm from NYC and I want to get done Iipo and a tummy tuck In new York the procedure is 7,700 starting as oppose of DR 3200 for everything\. My friend went to DR in October and did liposuction an a tummy tuck for 2800. The doctor she went to did a great job but when he priced me it came... READ MORE

I am having liposuction performed on my inner thighs, belly, arms and flanks next month. I am looking to see if there is anyone around my age that has gone through this procedure on any or all of these body parts. If so, how was your experience? When did you see the final results? How long did... READ MORE

I'm 26 years old from NYC praying to get full body Lipo in September 2015! I've been stalking Dr.Druan on all social media and I haven't received a quote. I began my search around thanksgiving/ Christmas time. I've emailed with nooooo luck! My friend finally got in touch with her last week so... READ MORE

I am 43 and have had 4 kids, all by C-Section. It's time to repair and get back my body! I am heavier than I have been, and I was going to lose more weight first. But timing is really an issue due to my schedule, and I felt I just needed to use this as my kick in the rear. I am getting a lot... READ MORE

Going to do implants exchange. Dr would touch up tummy for free and I wanted love handles/flanks done. I'm on day 3. Only bled first day, I think it hurts most where my body was laying on metal surgery table. Have to wear body garment except when I shower. A lot of swelling. Will add pics soon... READ MORE

Despite my healthy eating habits and frequent exercise I have always struggled with "love handles". After continuous research and evaluating several nearby facilities, I chose to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gouverne. His staff was extremely friendly and professional and made me feel very... READ MORE

First off, let me say that I am very much in shape and a good candidate for lipo. (5’8 / 152lbs / curvy hourglass shape.) Although strict dieting and exercise helped me loose a lot of weight, I could not get rid of the stubborn fat on my arms, thighs, and knees. I did months of research... READ MORE

I just wanna look sexy as hell on the beach this summer! Is that too much to ask?! Working 2 jobs takes up all my time and I'm unable to workout like I want, so I decided about a month ago to get liposuction to my abdomen, flanks, back and bra roll. I've actually been researching Zerona and Cool... READ MORE

Had a tummy tuck a couple years ago that left my thighs, rear, and knees a mess for some reason, so decided to do lipo to try to get it back like it was before. Went to a clinic called Beauty in Prague. All seemed good initially, the downstairs staff are pleasant if somewhat disorganized at... READ MORE

I am a 32 yo professional woman that has never been a stick and doesn't come from stick like genes. I have always been an athlete and continue to work out 3 days a week and play competitive sports 2 days a week. But since entering my 30s, my body just won't respond the way it used to. Some of... READ MORE

I have always suffered from large love handles (Even as a teenager). Dr Gouverne was finally able to give me a nice slim figure that I absolutely love. Honestly from start to finish I was so amazed at how friendly & professional this office was. As soon as I was out of surgery I could see the... READ MORE

I live in Mexico and had a dear friend get the same procedure and was pleased with her results. I had my 3 Children by the time I was 23 at 25 I had An emergency surgery which left me with an surgery scar ( verticle) that caused a dimple ( 2 belly button) and a fat little belly I could never... READ MORE

I've never been overweight, but I've always had a very stubborn belly. It was impossible to cure with diet and exercise; even at 110 pounds (lowest weight) I STILL had that awful pooch that would never leave. Liposuction on my abs was the best thing I did for my confidence. I now have toned,... READ MORE

I am scheduled for a Liposuction and a reduction of my right areola. My whole life I have had problem areas with maintaining a good shape, my whole family are very heavy I mean 300 pounds plus, I am the smallest one and to maintain my ideal body weight I literally had to work out twice a day... READ MORE

I had surgery a year ago at Coral Gables Cosmetic center with Dr Mel. Ortega. At the time I was 22 years, 5'4 and weighed about 190. I have a 6 year old son. I had liposuction upper, lower abs, back, sides & breast augmentation from an A to C cup saline 380cc. I believe my procedure was... READ MORE

I've always been self conscience with my body due to the fact of having loose skin and stubborn fat, so I decided to finally solve the problem by doing liposuction on chest and flanks. Had my procedure done on April 3 and it's been 3 weeks now. I actually can see the results now and I haven't... READ MORE

I attended the Private Clinic after rave reviewsf rom fellow lipoedema sufferers regarding Dr Gupta and his staff. I was not disappointed. After having surgery in Germany previously which ended up in a trip to intensive care I was apprehensive but Dr Gupta was more than accommodating. His skill,... READ MORE

I heard of Dr Liland through friend who had numerous surgeries done by him and she looked amazing. Then mi sis has lipo and Tt and the results were what I was looking for. I cancelled my surgery date with dr pin and scheduled with liland. I am glad I did it, I am very happy and I feel like a new... READ MORE

Wow im going to start by saying that i feel amazing :) God bless Dr.Carlos Lopez Collado. Today it makes 17 days after my surgery the firts days were painfull but with the help of family members and Dr.Collado. Clinic CECILIP WAS AMAZING rooms were really big and Fancy CLEAN workers was very... READ MORE

Im a 29 year old male, I do cardio approx 5days a week 30 min to 1 hr, stair stepper, or incline intervals on treadmill. As well as weight training. Nothing was doing the trick, maybe i needed to change my diet! LOL. Im writing this review today, my 3rd day post op. Ill start from the beginning,... READ MORE

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