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The annoyance of acne doesn’t stop with breakouts. When permanent skin damage occurs, people seek out acne scars treatment by using methods that range from laser resurfacing to chemical peelsLEARN MORE ›

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Age 24: Botox and Radiesse after Accutane! After endless amounts of research, I’ve been unable to find a review specific enough to mirror my circumstances. I wish I had, so, I hope my review helps someone in the same predicament. –At the mere age of 24 I have made the decision to get both... READ MORE

Dr. Cenedese has been my cosmetic correction plastic surgeon for the last 4 years. I've had several chemical peels by him and not only has my acne prone skin cleared up, but my acne scars and fine lines have diminished about 90%.  READ MORE

I've been suffering from acne since I was a teen. It left me with tons of red scars mostly on my cheeks. When ever i get a pimple anywhere on my faces they tend to leave red marks. Only on both of the cheeks where the red marks seem to stayed permanent, others like the forehead and under my chin... READ MORE

I'm indian and my skin tone is olive kind of.I have some ice pick acne scars and i went to a dermatologist in my area where the doctor told me to do fraxel but as i have darker skin tome the laser might damage my skin.Now what should i do? READ MORE

Hi, I'm sixteen and I got lots of scar! I got all of this scar when I was using Estee Lauder products. The products was make little white head pimple on my skin. Seriously, I never squeeze and scratch with it because someone told me that it will make a scar. All of pimple gone but still... READ MORE

Treatment to help acne scarring. Subcision performed at the are first then skin taken from behind the ear and graterd into the area. I develped a hematoma a few days after a skin grafting procedure to treat acne scarring. The Dr advised to leave it after day 5 and then gently massage it. The... READ MORE

Really helped lighten depressed and deep acne scars got my second treatment and can already see a difference . the treatment is very quick and the recovery downtime is very low though you need more than one treatment to actually feel a difference, though the treatment did not really help with... READ MORE

What I wanted from the Acne scar laser resurfacing was a reduction in the acne scars, sun spots and wrinkles on my face and neck. The results have been amazing, really happy with the difference it has made Dr Imani was thorough and professional and nothing was too hard or a problem, I wouldn't... READ MORE

My motivation the i was never the ugly guy i was outgoing seems my scaring became to happen i became more a shame of my self which i dont like this new me and my determination is the i want to go back to the old me.. Which im on my way just sicking for a better doctor better treatmenr or a... READ MORE

I went for my acne scarring and had the best appointment ever....they discussed everything in depth and made me feel like i was not the one person in the world that had the same issue, also they showed me pic of before and after accutane and was very happy with the treatment that i was given....... READ MORE

I had acne scarring from my teenage years. The laser treatment has completely removed any sign of scarring. My skin has never looked better!! Fantastic experience - Dr Lim is very professional and explains the procedure in detail. He is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.... READ MORE

I have done a ton of research before deciding to go to Dr. Philip Young. The reason why I chose him was because of his unique way of treating scars. He is the only plastic surgeon around that does the laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and fat transfer done in one procedure. My scars has improved... READ MORE

I visited Chicago Breast & Body Aesthetics after hearing about certain lasers that have been successful in treating people with acne scars with very little downtime. I met with Dr. Truong and Monika they explained exactly what the lasers were and how they are effective in acne scar treatment. I... READ MORE

I have some acne scars, as well as a nasty rhinoplasty scar (please read my rhinoplasty review if you are ever considering and beware). I've done lasers in the past and have achieved good results , but I hate the downtime !! I'm having a dermatologist at the trusted clinic I've been going to for... READ MORE

So i go to her for my acne and acne scar treatment. (im a teen guy so these are my years when acne is at an all time high). I go in one day and talk to her about it and she puts me on antibiotics. (which is normal) then I ask her about another scar on my face and told her it hasnt gone away... READ MORE

It was a pretty long procedure. First he did a CO2 laser then I believe he lifted my skin and put fat underneath to lift the scars. Then he sanded the scars down and lasered and sanded again! My face looked really bad but it's exactly 1 month now and I'm finally able to go out. I still need to... READ MORE

My sister and I actually got the same treatment for our skin texture and acne scars. Dr. Emer combined a total of three treatments for our acne scars, including; microneedling, CO2, and Viva laser. Dr. Emer is very knowledgeable and really cares for his patients, he wants the best results... READ MORE

Dr. Rahimi is outstanding! He is extremely knowledgeable in the field of skin treatment as per my experience. He has excellent bedside manners and is incredibly thorough when he works. He was very thorough on my skin which I absolutely love because that's what my skin needs for better results!!... READ MORE

I suffered 4 years with acne and it had left me holes and scars with uneven skin tone. I was embarrased to look at someone in the eyes I felt as if all the attention was where my scars were. I am glad I came across gulf coast plastic surgery center and met Marilyn wow amazing staff and smooth... READ MORE

So I have been taking doxy cycl pills along with erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide gel In the morning and tretinoin cream at night. I have been applying for about 3 months now. Don't have anymore cystic acne just scarring now. I'm also taking a gel that smooths out the skin because I have a... READ MORE

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