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Acne can often lead to permanent skin damage and scarring, commonly known as acne scars. Treatment options include laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, and chemical peels. LEARN MORE ›
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I wanted skin resurfacing and a chin implant . My skin is now worse and instead of an implant I was told to get liposuction . My chin is worse as well ! Uneven and looks older with fat removed . When I complained the dr had the nerve to say I looked better . The laser left me with what looks... READ MORE

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Christine Brown; Jim, her medical/technical assistant; and the entire staff at her clinic. After many years, I finally decided to do something about skin damage I suffered in my teens caused by severe acne. I did not want any enhancements; just... READ MORE

I suffered from acne scars for a couple of years before I sought treatment. I saw about 3 different plastic surgeons and made little progress on my scarring. My self esteem was shot and I tried to avoid mirrors. Then I met Dr. Anil Shah. During my consultation I was blown away by his knowledge,... READ MORE

I'm a 22 year old caucasian male who has struggled with acne for almost 10 years. It left some obvious scarring on both of my cheeks and temples. I underwent the Mixto laser in early December of last year, and then opted to do a Fraxel treatment (my dermatologist offered me a deal) two... READ MORE

I am an Indian, 25 years, scheduled to have my first Ematrix treatment this evening (thursday). The doc promised me that there would not be any side effects and I could go for work from Sunday (have an important meeting on Sunday). So is it true that it takes only one day for the redness... READ MORE

Hi this is me Jitendra. After researching one long year. For my acne and birth marks scars on face. I finally came up with the solution of laser treatment. So when i contacted the nearest hospital Where the laser machine are available. So i underwent for laser on scars. This is the very time i... READ MORE

 I came in for acne scars that have caused many years of putting my head down and covering my face with my hair. While he injected the dermal filler in my face, i got tears in my eyes from happiness. Dr Schaffner gave me alot of my confidence back again. I will definitely be back for laser... READ MORE

Since 2007 i have suffered from bad acne and it left me with scars on my cheek. I still suffer from severe blackheads and clogged pores until now. 6 months ago i decided to go for matrix rf after ipl ruined my skin(made my skin drier and clogged my pores). Now, after six session of... READ MORE

I went to Elite MD hoping to get rid of some old acne scars. I started first with ALL of their products and a facial. I kept the instructions in the same drawer as my products and used them exactly as instructed to. I came back in for a couple of peels and laser to get rid of the scars my face... READ MORE

It took me a long time to build up the courage to get Fraxel done. About the procedure itself: well, In my opinion, if you can't tolerate pain, don't do Fraxel. My fraxel treatment hurts like hell. I hated it, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts! I was being a big wuss, but Dr. Ishoo and Neomi were so... READ MORE

Hello there, My name is Bobby (40 years of age), and I'm from Bangalore and have severe acne scars (ice pick scars , box scars) on either side of the cheeks and underwent RF microneedling treatment, and my doctor gave me the needles back to me and told me that I can use the needles again... READ MORE


I recently went to a doctor in Fullerton and spent about $1100 for a series of saline injections for acne scars. Other than making my face look like it was bee stung for a few days after each session, there was no scar improvement at all. When I mentioned this to the staff, I was told to keep... READ MORE

Hi All , I am Soham and I am recent but but frequent member of this blog. Well ,I has a severe acne since my early teen and now when I am at 25 I have severe scarring due to that.I have tried many thing like with little invasive like microdermabrasion, dermarolling,chemical peeling.Nothing... READ MORE

This cost includes several treatments. Had my first one last week and I can honestly say there was no side effects and not much pain, face is slightly red and dry for two days after but soon goes. I do not see any improvement to my acne scars but it takes a few sessions so I am keeping my... READ MORE

I have literally just had this done today on my whole face, neck and decollate, I have had smart IDE on my décolleté before which helped the crepey lines and redness caused by excess sunbathing over the years. I plan to keep updating this review as time goes on. Anaesthetic cream really... READ MORE

Guys , i have suffered with ice pick scars for over 15 years,,,ive tried everything and spent 1000'sa i didnt have . i found a method finally,,,,im so excited to share with all my fellow acne scared friends. i know how devistaing it can be and what an effect is has on self confidence. its... READ MORE

I had a lot of scabing. after the scabs came off I had acne. then I but on the sun screen that I had purchased from my dermatologist and I have horrible discoloring on my skin where I'm not wanting to see anybody. My skin looks worse then it did before treatment this is my 3rd week. READ MORE

He is one of the only doctors who uses a 3rd generation combination Erbium-YAG/CO2 laser, which gives good results without the dangerous side effects. READ MORE

I have had acne scars for years and Dr. Klein suggested using a filler for the depressions in my cheek. I can now age with hope knowing I will not have uneven cheeks which would have been the case without the filler. Dr. Klein's keen eye and sculpting ability allows me to continue my... READ MORE

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