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The annoyance of acne doesn’t stop with breakouts. When permanent skin damage occurs, people seek out acne scars treatment by using methods that range from laser resurfacing to chemical peelsLEARN MORE ›

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This is my 2nd day of recovery from subcision plus fat transfer to acne scars. I'm 24 years old, suffered with acne scars since I was a teenager. I've tried fraxel/laser resurfacing, skin peels (glycolic up to 50%, and salicylic up to 40%), subcision (2 times). Even did temporary restalyne to... READ MORE

Sitting in office waiting for procedure. Asked me to come in an hour early but waiting now for 15 min guess I'm just nervous. How this works hard it is painful. 2 yrs ago I had 6 laser treatments. 5 were low powered the other was high I will tell you names once I remember, but they didn't work... READ MORE

Hello All , Had the feeling of writing this review of my treatment for acne scars. To begin with let me tell you my history of treatments for my acne scar. I had very bad scars on both of my cheeks which are mainly icepick and boxscars. I had all sort of procedure done for my scars. starting... READ MORE

Day two pixel laser. This is my second treatment. The skin is red and tight but not painful. I have been using aquaphor at all times along with hydrocortisone cream after I wash my face with the cleanser given by my md. The laser squares have turned slightly brown. After my first treatment this... READ MORE

I have been looking at myself in the mirror with such severe acne scarring for the past ten plus years and am tired about being depressed over my face. I have been searching for the right corrective procedure and could never find the answer. After countless dermabrasion sessions and laser... READ MORE

I had my first subscison done today. After reading for years on and now here, I decided it was the best option after the doctor confirmed what I already knew: most of my scars are rolling and lasers arent going to break the tethering anchoring the scar down. You have to surgically cut... READ MORE

Over the past couple of years I have had 3 smoothbeam treatments and 2 Quadralase treatments to my cheek area. I have not been particularly impressed with the results. I am hoping that the most recent Quadralase treatment will show results in a few months. I am going to try to attach a couple of... READ MORE

Age 24: Botox and Radiesse after Accutane! After endless amounts of research, I’ve been unable to find a review specific enough to mirror my circumstances. I wish I had, so, I hope my review helps someone in the same predicament. –At the mere age of 24 I have made the decision to get both... READ MORE

Dr. Cenedese has been my cosmetic correction plastic surgeon for the last 4 years. I've had several chemical peels by him and not only has my acne prone skin cleared up, but my acne scars and fine lines have diminished about 90%.  READ MORE

I've been suffering from acne since I was a teen. It left me with tons of red scars mostly on my cheeks. When ever i get a pimple anywhere on my faces they tend to leave red marks. Only on both of the cheeks where the red marks seem to stayed permanent, others like the forehead and under my chin... READ MORE

I'm indian and my skin tone is olive kind of.I have some ice pick acne scars and i went to a dermatologist in my area where the doctor told me to do fraxel but as i have darker skin tome the laser might damage my skin.Now what should i do? READ MORE

Hi, I'm sixteen and I got lots of scar! I got all of this scar when I was using Estee Lauder products. The products was make little white head pimple on my skin. Seriously, I never squeeze and scratch with it because someone told me that it will make a scar. All of pimple gone but still... READ MORE

Treatment to help acne scarring. Subcision performed at the are first then skin taken from behind the ear and graterd into the area. I develped a hematoma a few days after a skin grafting procedure to treat acne scarring. The Dr advised to leave it after day 5 and then gently massage it. The... READ MORE

Dr. Sherber provided several treatments of Permea/Clear and Brilliant on my trouble spots (old scarred bumps from waxing/plucking, over-exfoliating and mild adult acne), combined with retinoid prescriptions and other solutions. So far, I have had 5-6 treatments. Since last year my skin tone... READ MORE

My Experience, It was on Friday late in the evening and I had to get my treatment (Dermapen) with Alexa, Initially I was worried since I already had some acne on my skin and thought it may spread to all other areas of the face, but I went to the treatment to see what Alexa things about it, she... READ MORE

Dr stoller acne treatment is highly recommended. I came into his office very skeptical because you here that this works and that works but when you try it seems like it doesn't. When I met Dr. Stoller he knew immediately what I needed and since my treatment my skin has changed drastically. Thank... READ MORE

I had my facial done this evening & wish to compliment Emily for her caring service. I told her that I can't take pain. She is extremely careful when she did the roller process around my eyes n forehead. She did a very quick two steps process n occasion massage the affected area to give me... READ MORE

Dr. Chiang just seems concerned about money instead of patients. I have spent over $1,000 on treating acne scars. At first, she suggested micro-needling. I had several treatments and they made little difference in the scars. After the 4th treatment, she suggested that I have a Juvaderm... READ MORE

I am just under treatment. Renita is good in explaining and handling things. I hope for the best result.They handle every one with patience and the treatment method is good. she is good and she is knowledgeable and she knows what she is doing.she is kind and patience. READ MORE

I feel very comfort after I did the procedure. I really become a quality professional and when I take presentations or attend meeting with clients. I show my smiley and welcome face all the way during my time with clients. my attitude has changed and it take me to the next level. If you are... READ MORE

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