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The annoyance of acne doesn’t stop with breakouts. When permanent skin damage occurs, people seek out acne scars treatment by using methods that range from laser resurfacing to chemical peelsLEARN MORE ›
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I have acne scars . I had a big operation with my dearest doctor Darryl Hodgkinson 15 years ago . I had an unbelievable improvement like 60-70 percent I could say . I was extremely happy . Recently I went to see him to find out if any resurfacing could be done . he said that best non surgical... READ MORE

I would like to know how long for the FRACTIONAL Non-ablative laser scar removal to get improve ? does it really work ? i have done all 5 treatments but i don't see any improvement , 600$ per session 1 month post that like 5 months already, i asked the laser clinic they said it takes up to 8... READ MORE

I recently completed my third treatment of Saline Subcision for rolling scars from Dr. Chen. I have suffered primarily from hormonal acne, so most of my acne scars were around my chin area and mouth. So far I am pretty happy with the results! I would say that after the third treatment I see a... READ MORE

Hi, my name is Cristina. I had very bad acne all over my forehead, temples, and chin. It started around the time I was in 5th grade. I had to grow up with names like “pizza face” because I could not help but pick on my acne and it would leave my face all red and blotchy. It got so bad that I... READ MORE

I had an Acne Scar Vitalizer Treatment with Dr. Philip Young for some chicken pox scars. This treatment was quite intense including CO2 laser, dermabrasion and fat grafting. The procedure was expensive and the recovery period was dreadful. It took me about a month of constantly cleaning my sore... READ MORE

This is one of those things that if you can help someone by telling them about it - you want to. I know how hard it can be to improve scars as I've been trying for years. I tried an acne/scar cream a few months ago the botox office I go to recommended and have been seeing great results. ... READ MORE

I just got this procedure done today. I've heard positive things about subcision, so I went to Dr. Rapaport, who is one of the few docs performing this surgery. Once at the office, the doctor gave a free consultation during which he determined Subcision with Micro-needling to be the best... READ MORE

I went to this derm some time ago with regards to post-acne brown spots. I decided to give her a try since I had heard her marketing announcements on the radio. It started with a 1-hour wait yet the consultation lasted no more than 3 minutes. In the end, she prescribed me her "self-made" creams... READ MORE

So I wanted to write this review sooner but with a bunch of kids running around things can get a little hectic. During my pregnancy I started getting all of these pimples. It was weird. I hadn't had any of that since I was a kid. After I had my baby I noticed I had to pile on the concealer to... READ MORE

I'm late 20s asian with combination of rolling scars, boxcars, and icepick scars. When I meet new people people usually notice my acne scars right away. I have tried various acne scar treatments for last 5 years: fractional laser, yag laser, chemical peelings, needling.. you name it. I believe... READ MORE

I had horrible acne scars from a severe cystic acne. It affected me emotionally and socially. There were times I thought that there was nothing to recover my pretty face until a dermatologist recommended me Dr. Enzer. When I met him I was impressed with the way he took my problem and the hope he... READ MORE

I had a Fractora skin treatment about a month ago and even though I had one treatment I already see noticeable results. My doctor said I need 2-3 more sessions, for all of you who think there's no hope with acne scars (there is...its called Fractora). I had very bad acne scars and after a week I... READ MORE

I had excisions done by a doc and he made many mistakes. Leaving me scarred worse than previous. My family doc re excised them. I was terrified to have laser or any docs again. I created a paste from honey, tumeric,and aloe for healing. Once healed use aloe, vitamin c tablet powdered and baking... READ MORE

Motivation behind my doing this was related to simply aging along with wanting to improve my appearance. Along with simply looking in the mirror and with some encouragement from my wife, I decided to give it a try. I was very happy with the results and relative ease of the entire process. The... READ MORE

25 year old Caucasian female with very light skin. I'm looking to get something done to even out my skin tone the best I can. I was looking into phenol peels, but wasn't sure if that or a laser would be my best bet in bettering my skin. I only have the scarring on my cheeks but I also want to... READ MORE

The doctor was very helpful explaining all options and the possibility to successfully Minimize the visibly of my scars. I decided to do the face lift for this purpose and All though did not remove the scars It minimize them drastically. Scars still there but they can't hardly be seen now... READ MORE

Dr. Joseph is an excellent physician. Great personality, made me feel very comfortable to ask questions and address my concerns. He corrected several of my acne scars with silicone injections. I am very happy with the results, including affordability and permanency of the treatment. My commute... READ MORE

I got so tired of my blemishes on my face. I thought tanning would help but somehow it made things worse. I heard about this site called Derm Rejuve. There are three serums in the line and I picked the one for blemishes. The site itself was a little rinky dink but the product really does work. I... READ MORE

I first would like to state that I was suffering severely from acne scars. I had seen about 5 different plastic surgeons and had countless procedures done with no results. Then I met Dr. Shah and my scars went from very noticeable to slightly noticeable. I had the pinpoint laser done on each... READ MORE

Scars from acne on chin were elevated and much less noticeable now that dr Mamalak worked on them. Overall much improment and I'm very happy with results! Acne in General has greatly improved with gentle washing and arcana gel . These are the best dermatologists in austin for any skin problem.... READ MORE

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