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Post Zoom Whitening, What Can I Do to Alleviate the Pain?

I had my teeth whitened today at my dentist (Zoom Whitening,3 15 minute sessions). I was not warned or cautioned about any symptoms afterwards.... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Pain

I plan to go on zoom 2 treatment and I was looking forward until I read some comments that stated the after effects are painful. What can I... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Recovery and Downtime

I've heard that Zoom whitening can be painful for some patients. How much time should I give myself to recover after the treatment? Should I take time... READ MORE

Sedation/Anesthesia for Zoom Whitening?

I have extremely sensitive teeth. Even Crest White Strips cause intense sharp pains to shoot through my teeth. My mom had Zoom performed and had to... READ MORE

Zoom Whitening Safe? Is it Painful?

I have an app this weekend for zoom whitening and was very excited about it. but i've read many bad reviews about it which made me have second... READ MORE

Pain for Months After Zoom Whitening?

I had zoom teeth whitening 14 weeks ago I am still having pain/sensitivity. Ive been back to the dentist who did the whitening (i only had 20mins as... READ MORE

Zoomed & not happy?

1.5 yrs ago i got 3x20 min of Zoom in 2 separate sessions. i had to stop at the 3rd 20 min because of the stinging pain. Whitening was extremely mild.... READ MORE

I got zoom whitening this morning and am in terrible pain. Really sensitive with excruciating zings. How long will this last?

The relief gel is helping a little bit. Can I be using too much of it? It honestly feels better just keeping the trays with the relief gel on my teeth... READ MORE

What is up with my gums? (Photo)

Hi! I had 2 zoom whitening procedures within 2 weeks of each other at the recommendation of my dentist. During the second procedure, bleach leaked... READ MORE

How long to wait between Zoom appointments? Is pain usually greater or lesser in subsequent treatments? (photo)

I had Zoom whitening in my dentist's office yesterday (four 15 minute sessions). I see an improvement but would like additional treatment(s) before I... READ MORE

Is Zoom whitening as painful as some have suggested?

I am thinking about getting zoom whitening but some say it's painful while others say it's not. READ MORE

Recommendations needed to prepare for Zoom Whitening treatment to eliminate zingers?

I'm excited about having this treatment next month but don't want to experience the excruciating pain associated with the procedure. I heard that... READ MORE

Help! Used Zoom teeth whitening and gums are severely damaged. What should I do? (photo)

My mother in law works at a dentistry and suggested I use Zoom whitening kits at home. I have Invisalign retainers and she said I could use them. I... READ MORE

Can I have permanent damage to my gums from zoom teeth whitening?

I had zoom laser teeth whiteing 15 days ago and my gums are still very painful. I'm really concerned as the pain getting worse not better. The whole... READ MORE

What causes the pain with the Zoom Whitening procedure? The paste or the x-ray?

I received the Zoom whitening treatment 8 months ago and it was extremely painful, it felt like someone was holding a lit match on my teeth, this last... READ MORE

Concerned About After Care?

I had Zoom whitening done about 5 days ago, and now that in reading about the aftercare, I am concerned. When my procedure was performed, part of my... READ MORE

Bleeding and peeling after in-office Zoom Teeth Whitening? Is this normal?

I went to a dentist for a Zoom! Teeth Whitening session yesterday. No gum protection (other than gauze) was placed, and immediately afterwards my gums... READ MORE

Is it advisable to have laser teeth whitening 2 weeks before undergoing a septo-rhinoplasty?

I'll be having my septo-rhinoplasty in about 3 weeks. Before that, I'm considering whitening my teeth (Philips Zoom 4 technique). However, I've read... READ MORE

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