Sedation/Anesthesia for Zoom Whitening?

I have extremely sensitive teeth. Even Crest White Strips cause intense sharp pains to shoot through my teeth. My mom had Zoom performed and had to stop the procedure and was then in bed for 24 hrs with what she described as "the worst pain she has ever felt." She said it felt like her teeth nerves were just dangling exposed in her mouth! My question is: Is there any way to be sedated or numbed during Zoom and then to get prescribed intense pain killers after the procedure? Thanks!

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Anethesia for zoom whitening

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Unfortunately you will not be able to have anesthesia during the zoom procedure.  You can stop if you feel discomfort.  Some people do not even have sensitivity even when they have lots when using Strips.  Give it a try you may find it not a problem

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Sedation for Zoom

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Sedation may get you through the procedure, but they will still hurt after you wake up.  Try desensitizing your teeth with Prevadent toothpaste or something your dentist prescribes. First make sure you are a good candidate for for zoom and what you can really expect and how long it will last.  Send a picture of your teeth in.  If they are yellow it will have more effect than if they have grays, browns or translucencies

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