Zoom Whitening Safe? Is it Painful?

i have an app this weekend for zoom whitening and was very excited about it. but i've read many bad reviews about it which made me have second thoughts. Is this a safe procedure?? is it really painful??

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To Zoom or not to Zoom!

Whitening is primarily time versus concentration and the sensitivity caused by Zoom can be moderate to intense but lasts overnight to 2days. Pain meds and patience are the answer...results vary...we all want a home run...most have no regrets.

Toronto Dentist

Zoom Tooth Whitening

I have been using Zoom for over a decade. Some patients will be sensitive. Generally Ibuprophen prior to the appointment and, if needed, over the next 24 hours is helpful. Some patients experience zero sensitivity, and a very few patients will have a more severe discomfort. Keep in mind that the sensitivity is for no more than 24 hours and that any and all whitening systems carry the same issues. Take home whitening systems can be sensitive during the entire time ( weeks to months). There is no way to tell prior to bleaching who will and who will not be sensitive. The numbers are on your side, most patient have low to no issues and are very happy with the dramatic change. I also direct patients with known sensitivity to brush with toothpaste for sensitive teeth for a week prior to the procedure.


Anna M. Berik, DMD
Newton Dentist
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Zoom Whitening Is Safe!

Zoom whitening has proven to be a very safe procedure providing whiter teeth by 2-7 shades in most patients.  That being said, most patients will experience some sensitivity for 8-12 hours following the procedure.  In a small number of cases the sensitivity can be intense.  We provide two Advil prior to the procedure to help reduce this sensitivity.  Hope this helps. 

Scott Young, DDS
Houston Dentist
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ZOOM! Whitening is Safe & Sensitivity can be Reduced

ZOOM! Whitening is a safe and effective procedure that we highly recommend in our office.  Since some patients report mild to moderate sensitivity, we automatically give our patients two over the counter Advil tablets as a precautionary measure right before we begin the procedure.  I have had ZOOM! Whitening as have my family, close friends and my patients.  I would highly recommend this type of whitening treatment because it is safe, effective and nothing quite works like this in-office whitening procedure.  Right now our office is having a ZOOM! promotion. 

Nick M. Mobilia, DDS
New York Dentist
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I have noticed that zoom is very great in achieving a whiter smile, but alot of sesnsitivity with it. If you already have sensitive teeth, ask your doctor for MI Paste or fluoride trays.

Zoom Whitening is Safe

It is a very safe procedure. some patients do experience mild-moderate tooth sensitivity for only a few hours after the procedure.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Sensitivity with Zoom

We have established a protocol of having patients use MI paste once or twice daily every day for at least a week before the Zoom appointment. This has eliminated sensitivity in all of our patients since we began this routine. Good luck with your new white and bright smile!


Bernice Szafarek, DMD
Hartford Dentist

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