Recommendations needed to prepare for Zoom Whitening treatment to eliminate zingers?

I'm excited about having this treatment next month but don't want to experience the excruciating pain associated with the procedure. I heard that using a desensitizing mouthwash and toothpaste beforehand works along with Motrin before the procedure. Is this true? Are there any other tips?

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Zoom® plus Professional Whitening Trays

Zoom® is our preferred in-office whitening system and can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades, depending on the patient.

In my experience, I would have to say that some patients have not been happy with the results, which is why I recommend Kör® Whitening or the Take-Home Day White® System following Zoom® chairside whitening. Both of these whitening treatments use whitening trays and a professional whitening gel that you take home following your in-office whitening treatment with Zoom®. The whitening trays help keep your teeth white and bright

Zoom® is not painful, but you may have some sensitivity. I would recommend using fluoride toothpaste about 7 days before you have Zoom® as it might help ease any sensitivity that may occur. Motrin certainly wouldn’t hurt before your Zoom® procedure if you are concerned. Good luck with your procedure and your new Hollywood Smile!

Redondo Beach Dentist

Zoom whitening zingers

In my office we do a lot of Zoom whitening so I want to temper some of your concerns and your expectations . Zoom is not excruciating in any way, shape or form . There is some sensitivity that patients experience that can last 24 hours and that is about it . You can definitely take Motrin prior to the procedure and use some fluoride toothpaste 1 week prior that will also help decrease the sensitivity you may experience . Please understand that results may vary with zoom based on the color of your teeth and that based on my experiences patients normally  are disappointed with the results so I would recommnend whitening trays to be able to continue whitening at home . Good luck 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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