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What Are The Dangers of Sunexposure After Laser Without Sunscreen?

Hello,i heve taken 2 q switched nd yag laser sessions on some nevi to lighten them and 6 non ablative nd yag laser sesssions on post acne scars.during... READ MORE

Normal To Get Brown Spots on Face After Yag Laser? How Do I Get Rid of Them? (photo)

Twenty four hours ago, I had Ng:Yag laser treatment only on the brown spots on my face (all over) and my skin looks HORRIBLE. I look like I have the... READ MORE

Dark Spots After Yag Laser Treatment

I got dark spots after a Yag laser tightening treatment. I never had dark spots before. Now I have dark areas on my face. Why did this happen and what... READ MORE

Laser Treatment of Blue Veins Around Eyes Some Complications? (photo)

Hello, Laser used: Nd:YAG 1064 About a week ago I have had a laser treatment that should remove blue veins under my eyes. The veins are gone... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Recent Scars Caused by Blistering from Yag Laser Treatment? (photo)

I had my first Yag laser treatment for broken capillaries 3 weeks ago, and the dermatological laser surgeon focused greatly on the ones beside my... READ MORE

Burn After Laser Hair Removal ?!

Hello I had my second laser treatment on my face today side burns , chin , upper lip ! While there were no effects the first time today I left with... READ MORE

Post-op Care for Yag Laser

I had Yag laser treatment for removing a large sunspot on my face, plus some small ones. Didn't get any postcare instructions and... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries on Nose and Acne Scarring on Cheeks. Nothing is Working? (photo)

Ive had four treatments on nostrils for broekn capillaries, with an indi yag laser, then two treatments with ipl laser, nothing has worked one bit,... READ MORE

Nd Yag Laser for Broken Capillaries - Potential Scarring, Very Concerned?

2 days ago I had Nd yag laser for broken capillaries on each side of my nose. After the procedure I had two small hard blisters, filled with liquid.... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Nd Yag Laser on Light Skin Dark Hair? (photo)

I am from nepa. I have been facing with problems of facial hair growth as well as body hair.i have increased TSH levels ( upto double) and increase... READ MORE

Can Nd YAg 1064 Cause Folliculitis, Scarring and Veins to Look Worse? (photo)

I had the 1064 Yag laser done to zap some unwanted spider veins on my face 3 weeks ago. I am fair and have been told I have vascular rosacea. I have... READ MORE

How to treat laser burn? (Photo)

I got laser burn from Nd-YAG Laser treatment in skin type IV at 100 joules per square cm, on my neck. This is the 6th session and the first time I got... READ MORE

Numbing Cream Appropriate for AEROLASE LightPod Neo Yag 1064 Nm Laser?

I just received my first yag laser treatment for skin tightening and facial spider veins. It was not terribly uncomfortable, but some of the zaps were... READ MORE

Small capillaries around blue veins treated with nd:yag in periorbital area?

Last wk I had a laser on two blue veins under each eye with the nd:yag. Under my left eye there seems to be new tiny capillaries (very faint) that... READ MORE

Is post inflammatory hyperpigmention permanent?

Hi. I had ND:YAG laser done on my upper lip 6 weeks ago. I went to see a certified cosmetic surgeon who said I now have PIH. Is PIH permanent? And if... READ MORE

Presence of an Ingrown Hair DURING Laser Leading to Possible Burn? (photo)

~36 hours post-laser, brazilian, 3rd session & the 1st time with these results. The clinician switched from yag to alex because the yag wasn't... READ MORE

How Do I Make Redness from Erbium Laser Go Away?

I had an erbium laser treatment on a scar on my lower arm. Since the treatment, my skin has been red around my scar for the last 4 months. Would aloe... READ MORE

Dermapen for Indentation After Nd:yag Laser?

3 months ago I was burnt by an Nd:yag laser, was left with blisters - now have two indentations by the sides of my nose (right above the nose wings,... READ MORE

Still Red 10 Days After IPL and YAG - How Much Longer Will I Be Red?

IPL was done on small,raised scar on cheek.I have fair skin, red undertones, get red easily.Have a high tolerance for painful facial treatments &... READ MORE

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