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Vela shape for cellulite

For someone thinking about Vela Shape for cellulite on the does it work? READ MORE

VelaShape for Droopy Buttocks and Reducing Thigh Fat?

I have a small and droopy buttocks, and my front and inner upper thighs have a lot of fat. The fat has been there since adolescene. I'm now 52. There... READ MORE

I would like to know if Velashape III (or II) or Venus Freeze (or Legacy) would be the best option for me?

I am researching procedures to help with cellulite on my butt and thighs as well as some sagging skin in these areas. READ MORE

Does vela shape help after liposuction? Is it temporary?

I'm 35 years old female..i had liposuction for my thighs and doctor recommend vela for cellulite after 15 days of the operation...does it get... READ MORE

Will Vela Shape make your cellulite worse if you don't use it all the time?

For the past two summers I have had about 8-10 rounds of Vela Shape. When I am getting it done I love it, and I see about 75% improvement of my... READ MORE

Will I heal from severe swelling, welts, and indentations from Velashape? (photos)

I had very mild cellulite that I sought treatment for. I had Velashape once before and the procedure was relatively painless with some noticeable... READ MORE

Regarding Velashape - Will it Work?

Hello, I had plastic surgeries on my thighs, abdomen and arms. Now I'm thinking of doing vela shape on my outer thighs, upper abdomen, back and calves... READ MORE

Does VelaShape cause permanent cellulite?

I had VelaShape done on my inner and out thighs and noticed immediate cellulite where there was none the next day. One week later, there it is. The... READ MORE

After vela shape left me with less fat cells, can I get meat/fat/muscle back in my inner primary thigh?

This was a mistake! Done by some back alley nurse! I look like a gyro leg! I had thick legs! With weight training can the place where she carved out... READ MORE

I am LIVID. 1 treatment of VelaShape on thighs caused cellulite where I had absolutely none. How did this happen?

1 treatment of Velashape absolutely destroyed my thighs. I now have cellulite where before I didn't!! I has been just over a week and the back of my... READ MORE

I had full thick thighs. A non surgeon lady just said that this Velashape wouldn't slim me down

She said that I had cellulite." I do not.. I just have a little extra skin.. Not only do I have my original problem but she created ---WaVeY lInEs in... READ MORE

Velashape after BBL?

Hey there, I was wondering if I should get velashape on my thighs where I got lipo three weeks ago, to help firm up my results. I also want to know if... READ MORE

VASERshape Vs. Buying an Ultrasound Machine and Doing It Myself(maybe Supplementing with a Zeltiq Treatment)?

What are the benefits of getting VaserShape treatments when I could just by an ultrasound machine with the same specs at the cost of one treatment or... READ MORE

Affirm Laser or Velashape for Skin Tightening?

Which is better between Affirm Laser Rejuvenation and Velashape for skin tightening on the back of thighs? READ MORE

Spots on Calves After VelaShape

I have been receiving VelaShape on my stomach, thighs, and calves. On my calves, there are small dots (they look like freckles). I never had these... READ MORE

Why do I have spider veins after Velashape? (Photo)

I started doing Velashape on my thighs (leave 3 heat penetration that doesn't feel strong) and I noticed spider veins are appearing. I've been... READ MORE

Unfortunately I had a Velashape 3 machine used on my thighs. I am young. Any suggestions?

I do not want a thigh reduction. Velashape 3 - was given-one treatment - that took many inches of fat out of my thighs- plus loosing circumference... READ MORE

How many Velashape sessions are required?

How many for each of the following on someone who's a size small: - cellulite little bit around bikini behind, one big cellulite in front thigh, inner... READ MORE

Why did I experience a very hot burning sensation during my Velashape treatment?

I had my first treatment on my thighs and the hot burning sensation emitted during the session was unbearable. Everything I read states it painless.... READ MORE

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